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Turning Anger Into Love


What's The Danger of Anger Effects of Anger on Your Wellbeing ... Resentment/bitterness. How To Turn Anger Into Love. Dr Kem Thompson. www.successeminars.com ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Turning Anger Into Love

Turning Anger Into Love
  • Dr Kem Thompson
  • www.successeminars.comwww.success-seminars.org

Topics We Will Cover
  • What Is Anger?
  • Why Do We Get Angry?
  • Whats The Use of Anger?
  • Whats The Danger of Anger Effects of Anger on
    Your Wellbeing
  • How You Express Anger
  • Effects of Expressing Anger the Wrong Way
  • How To Deal With Anger
  • How To Deal With Anger A More Excellent Way
  • Benefits of Turning Anger Into Love
  • Whats Love Anyway?
  • Xtix of Empowering Love
  • How To Turn Anger Into Love Principles 10

Introduction What Is Anger?
  • A natural human response to perceived threats or
  • Its your interpretation of events that determine
    whether they trigger the anger response or
  • What makes you angry?
  • How do you respond when something makes you

Why Do We Get Angry?
  • In its crudest sense when we dont get our way,
    we feel angry towards the perceived obstacle.
  • When our efforts are frustrated
  • When we see injustice being done to some-one else
    or to ourselves

Whats The Use of Anger?
  • Protective.
  • Flight/fight hormones get released.
  • The purpose is to cause you to act in a way that
    protects you from getting hurt.
  • NOTE Its okay to feel angry. Anger is neither
    good nor bad. Its how we behave as a result,
    that makes the difference.
  • Useful because it causes you to seek a way to
    rectify the wrong situation. Problem comes if
    youve perceived the situation wrong, to start

Whats The Danger of Anger?
  • Anger can have negative effects on your physical
    and emotional wellbeing

Effects of Anger on Your Wellbeing
  • Physical
  • Immune system
  • Gastrointestinal system
  • Cardiovascular system
  • Musculoskeletal system
  • Emotional
  • Compulsive behaviour
  • Depression
  • Aggression
  • Anxiety
  • Insomnia
  • Resentment/bitterness

How You Express Anger
  • Yelling/shouting
  • Cursing/swearing
  • Passive aggressive (do nothing now, explode
  • Become more critical of others or yourself
  • Withdraw into yourself
  • Violence
  • How do you behave when youre angry?

Effects of Expressing Anger The Wrong Way
  • Low self-esteem
  • Decreased self-confidence
  • Increased feelings of insecurity
  • Destroyed relationships
  • Affects your functioning at work or home

How To Deal With Anger
  • Your response to anger (as to any emotion), is
    under your control. Its 100, your CHOICE.
  • Tell the other person how you are feeling
  • Take time out to look inwards and find out what
    exactly you are angry about
  • Take time out to go scream into a pillow (!)
  • A more excellent way

How To Deal With Anger A More Excellent Way
  • The most empowering way to deal with the
  • emotion of anger is by
  • Turning Anger Into Love.

Benefits of Turning Anger Into Love
  • An empowering experience puts you in control of
    the situation
  • Liberates you
  • Boosts your self-esteem
  • Boosts your self-confidence
  • Heals and enhances your relationships with others
  • Positions you to attract good into your life

What is love anyway?
  • Can be a feeling not what were talking about
  • In its most powerful form, love is a chosen
    response to something. Its a way of acting or
    responding to someone which does not depend on
    how you feel.
  • Anytime you choose to act in love towards
    someone, unconditionally, you elevate yourself to
    a higher plane of existence.

Characteristics of Empowering Love
  • Patience
  • Kindness
  • Not prideful or self-seeking
  • Hopes for the best
  • Think only good thoughts towards the person you
  • Not easily provoked
  • Happy when things go right for the person

How To Turn Anger Into Love
  • Reprogram yourself by choice
  • Nobody can make you angry without your
    permission. In other words, nobody can make you
    express your anger in a negative way. Its your
  • Letting someone make you angry (expressing your
    anger in a negative way) gives them power and
    control over you.

How To Turn Anger Into LovePrinciples
  • Choose to relate to the other person in a
    positive way regardless of how they treat you.
  • Acknowledge your anger. Accept it as a natural
    response. Never deny it.
  • Choose to love that person in spite of how their
    behaviour makes you feel.
  • Realize that you cannot change the other persons
    behaviour trying to do so will only lead to
    more frustration for you.

How To Turn Anger Into Love10 Strategies
  • Acknowledge that you feel angry yet decide to
    stay in control of the situation and choose your
    behavioural response to this feeling of anger.
  • Choose to love unconditionally (not expecting
    anything back from the person). Making this
    decision takes only an instant. Say I choose to
    love ___________. I love __________. Fill in
    the blanks with his/her name.

How To Turn Anger Into Love10 Strategies
  • Choose to forgive and release the person. Just
    let it go. Say I forgive __________ and I
    release him from all ill feelings. Then follow
    up with your love affirmation above.
  • Refuse to revenge or act out in a negative way

How To Turn Anger Into Love10 Strategies
  • Refuse to think evil of the person. Smile when
    you think of him.
  • Do good to the person if he is hungry, feed
    him if hes thirsty, give him a drink
  • Bless the person say I bless ___________ (fill
    in the blank with his name)

How To Turn Anger Into Love10 Strategies
  • Give if he asks of you. Dont with-hold stuff
    from him just to hurt him back.
  • Pray for that person.
  • Pray for yourself. You need all the help you can
    get! Ask God to help you forgive and love the

  • Anger is a natural human emotional response to a
    perceived threat or pain
  • If allowed to fester, it can adversely affect you
    physically and emotionally
  • Negative behavioural responses to anger damage
    your self esteem, lower your self confidence and
    can hurt intimate relationships.

  • A more excellent way to behave in response to
    anger, is to respond in love.
  • Love is a choice of thoughts, words and actions
    towards a person.
  • Turning anger into love puts you in control of
    the situation, boosts your self-esteem and self
    confidence and improves your communication and
    relationships with others.

Closing Thoughts
  • Do not let the sun go down with you still angry.
  • Deal with it swiftly before it gets a foothold on
  • you and causes you physical or emotional damage.

Thank You
  • Any Questions?
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