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George Washington


George Washington. Foreign & Domestic Disputes during the first Administration ... Washington doesn't believe the country is strong enough to get involved in ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: George Washington

George Washington
  • Foreign Domestic Disputes during the first

Initial Issues for the General
  • Sets up the Executive Branch into departments
  • Forms the first cabinet
  • Congress sets up the Federal Court System
  • Financial Program for the country
  • Debt
  • Tariffs and excise taxes
  • National Bank
  • Controversy over necessary and proper clause
    that Federalists use to justify creation of the

Foreign Affairs
  • The French Revolution
  • U.S. alliance with France still in place, but had
    been with the French monarchy
  • Most Americans supported the idea of a French
    republic, but many dismayed by the mob violence
    of the Reign of Terror
  • Thomas Jefferson argues for U.S. support of the
  • Especially since Britain had been seizing
    American ships bound for France
  • Whats a president to do?

  • Proclamation of Neutrality (1793)
  • Washington doesnt believe the country is strong
    enough to get involved in European conflicts
  • Thomas Jefferson resigns as Secretary of State
  • French Ambassador Citizen Edmund Genet appeals
    directly to American people
  • Washington outraged, requests French govt remove
    him, even Jefferson agrees
  • Genet stays and eventually becomes U.S. citizen

  • The Jay Treaty
  • Chief Justice John Jay goes to Britain to try and
    stop seizing of U.S. ships, impressing sailors
  • Jay gone for a year, comes back with treaty
  • British agree to evacuate western frontier ports
  • No agreement on seizure of ships
  • Extremely unpopular, angers France supporters,
    only narrowly approved by Senate
  • But, NEUTRALITY preserved

The Pinckney Treaty
  • Spain sees Jay Treaty as sign that U.S. might be
    getting closer to its foe, Britain
  • Ambassador Pinckney negotiates treaty opening
    lower Mississippi and New Orleans to U.S. trade
  • U.S. no longer has to pay duties to Spain for
    transferring cargo in N.O.
  • Boundary of Florida set at the 31st parallel

Pinckney Treaty
Louisiana (Spain)
Spanish Florida
Domestic Concerns
  • Native Americans
  • American settlers moving farther west,
    encroaching on Indian lands
  • British had been supplying some of the tribes
    with arms to attack new settlers
  • 1794--Battle of Fallen Timbers
  • U.S. Army led by General Anthony Wayne defeats
    Shawnee, Wyandot, Delaware and others in Ohio
  • 1795--Treaty of Greenville
  • Tribal chiefs surrender claims to Ohio

Treaty of Greenville
The Whiskey Rebellion
  • Farmers in western Pennsylvania refuse to pay the
    federal excise tax on whiskey
  • couldnt afford to pay the tax on whiskey they
    made from their excess corn
  • Defended their liberties, defied the federal
    government by attacking revenue collectors
  • HUGE test for Washington

Was the new federal government strong enough to
deal with a rebellion against its own laws?
The Whiskey Rebellion
  • Washington responds to the crisis by federalizing
    15,000 state militia
  • Placed under the command of Alexander Hamilton,
    with GW at his side
  • Show of force is successful Rebellion collapses
    without any bloodshed on either side

Many Americans applaud Washington, say its better
than the helpless govt during Shays Rebellion
Westerners resent Washington, say action was
unwarranted force against common people Thomas
Jefferson emerges as the champion of the western
Western Lands
  • The 13 states surrendered their western land
    claims to the federal government
  • Congress encourages the rapid settlement of land
    by passing the Public Land Act in 1796
  • Orderly sale at reasonable prices
  • During Washington administration, three new
    states added
  • Vermont (1791)
  • Kentucky(1792)
  • Tennessee (1796)

Washingtons Farewell
  • In his farewell address, Washington warns
    Americans NOT to
  • get involved in Europe
  • make permanent alliances
  • form political parties
  • put their section before the good of the country
  • But, parties had already been forming, and
    sectional interests continue to be a key feature
    of American politics
  • Wasington sets precedent of only serving two
    terms, even though there is no constitutional