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King Arthur


In the earliest records of Arthur, written during the 9th century, he is spoken ... crimes such as slugging an archbishop, stealing sheep, and robbing his neighbors. ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: King Arthur

King Arthur
  • History and Legend

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King Arthur in the Movies
  • What movies can you name that are about King
  • What characters can you remember?
  • What was the relationship between Arthur and each

King Arthur Man or Myth?
  • No one really knows who the real King Arthur was.
  • In the earliest records of Arthur, written during
    the 9th century, he is spoken of as a soldier,
    more like a chieftain than a king, who lived a
    simple life and led twelve victorious battles
    against the Saxons ( a Germanic tribe who invaded
    and settled in Britain).

Will the real King Arthur Please Stand Up!
  • Arthur, it seems, is claimed as the King of
    nearly every Celtic Kingdom known. The 6th
    century certainly saw many men named Arthur born
    into the Celtic Royal families of Britain but,
    despite attempts to identify the great man
    himself amongst them, there can be little doubt
    that most of these people were only named in his

Arturus, Dux BellorumArthur, Leader of Battles
  • The Arthur story originated in England.
  • It was later carried over to France but was
    brought back to England with William the
    Conqueror in 1066.

Sir Thomas Malory
  • The Arthur stories went through various versions
    until about 1475 when it was finally written down
    by Sir Thomas Malory.
  • Malorys version is considered the classic
    story and is the version we will be reading.

Background of Sir Thomas Malory
  • Sir Thomas Malory spent most of his time in
    prison for crimes such as slugging an archbishop,
    stealing sheep, and robbing his neighbors.
  • It was in prison that Malory wrote the story of
    King Arthur

Why Should We Read This?
  • The Arthur stories are GREAT stories!
  • You cannot help but want to know how they will
    turn out.
  • Will Arthur win his kingdom?
  • Why is Launcelot doomed to failure?
  • Will Arthurs kingdom survive the hatred of
    Mordred and the love affair of Launcelot and
  • Read the stories to find out these answers!

Arthur Stories Stories of Truth
  • Along with all the magic and knights and maidens
    and impossible adventures, these stories have
    something else that has appealed to people in all
    times truth.
  • These stories tell the truth- about the rise and
    fall of empires and nations, love and hate, and
    about human ideals.
  • Readers of all time periods can relate to these
    universal truths.

Genealogy Activity
  • Genealogy- A record or table of the descent of a
    person, family, or group from an ancestor or
    ancestors a family tree.
  • You are going to be creating a genealogy chart of
    Arthurs family.
  • Use the information given to plot the
    relationship between each person by using lines.
  • Hint- Start with Arthurs parents first and then
    work from there.

Genealogy of Arthur According to Malory
  • Igraine was Arthurs mother
  • Uther Pendragon was Arthurs father
  • Igraine was first married to the Duke of Tintagel
  • Igraine and the Duke had three daughters Morgan
    le Fay, Elayne and Morgause.
  • Igraines second husband was Uther Pendragon
  • Arthur married Guenever
  • Guenever and Arthur had no children
  • Arthur was the father of Mordred
  • Morgause was married to Lot, King of Orkney
  • Morgause and Lot had four children Gawain,
    Gaheris, Gareth, and Agravaine
  • Morgause was the mother of Mordred

Example of Genealogy Chart
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