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Colegio Nacional Buenos Aires


Welcome... Colegio Nacional Buenos Aires. Colegio Boston College. Colegio Champagnat ... Buenos Aires - New York. When: Preliminary Local Contest: May 2009 ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Colegio Nacional Buenos Aires

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  • Colegio Nacional Buenos Aires
  • Colegio Boston College
  • Colegio Champagnat
  • Colegio Sara Chamberlain de Eccleston
  • Colegio Euskal Echea
  • Escuela Normal Superior N 1 "Roque Sáenz Peña"
  • Escuela Normal Superior N 2 Mariano Acosta
  • Colegio Rainbow
  • Colegio San Martín de Tours

Spelling Bee
  • What it is
  • A Spelling Contest
  • Where
  • Buenos Aires - New York
  • When
  • Preliminary Local Contest May 2009
  • Final International Contest August 2009

Brief History of the Bees
  • School Bees
  • State Bees
  • Regional Bees
  • National Bees
  • International Bees

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TESOL 2009TESOLs 44th Annual Convention
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  • Interest Sections

Argentina TESOL, with the assistance of
Franklin, will be responsible for coordinating
local preliminary rounds
  • Local rounds will consist of a single elimination
    spelling competition until 2 Students remain.

In the event either of the 2 winners cannot
attend the finals in New York, a 3rd and 4th
place finisher will be determined and used as an
alternate representative if necessary.
  • Local preliminary rounds will be conducted
    entirely in English
  • Argentina TESOL will provide
  • One person designated as the Pronouncer who will
    also serve as a judge.
  • One person fluent in English who will serve as
    the Host for the event.

Local preliminary rounds should be limited to a
maximum of 48 participants broken into 8 groups
of 6 students
  • May 2009 Local Preliminary Rounds
  • Each group will compete only against students
    within their own group until a single winner for
    each group is determined.
  • The 8 group winners will compete against each
    other until a clear 1st through 4th place winner
    is determined.
  • Depending on the number of participants, ARTESOL
    will determine the proper number of groups should
    less than 48 students
  • participate

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  • a) A Participant must not have reached his or her
    15th birthday as of December 31, 2008, i.e.
    he/she must not have been born before January 1,
  • b) A Participant must not be a native speaker of
  • c) A Participant must not have any parent who is
    a native speaker of English.
  • d) A Participant must not be a citizen or
    dual-citizen of any English-speaking country.
  • e) A Participant must not have attended school in
    any English-speaking country for more than one
    academic semester
  • f) Before the local event, the Participant must
    submit a participation form (supplied by
    Franklin) signed by a parent or guardian and an
    official of the Participants school that affirms
    the Participant is eligible to participate.

  • To participate in the final event in the U.S., a
  • a)     must be a 1st or 2nd place finisher at a
    local event, or in the event one or both of these
    cannot attend, a 3rd or 4th place finisher
  • b)   must have submitted to Franklin a properly
    executed consent and release form not later than
    30 days before the final event and
  • c)  must obtain the necessary documents for
    travel to the U.S., such as valid passport and
    visa (if required).

Spelling Rules
  • The Pronouncer will say the word.
  • The student must repeat the word correctly back
    to the Pronouncer to ensure that they understand
    the word.
  • The student may ask for the following
  • 1.- Any alternate pronunciations of the
  • 2.- The Definition - as found in the
    Merriam Websters Advanced
  • Learners Dictionary
  • 3.- To have the word used in an sentence.
  • Once a student begins to spell a word they may
  • Stop and start over or ask for more time or
    further information.

Spelling Rules
  • After the student has spelled the word
  • The Judges will determine whether the word was
    spelled correctly.
  • If the word was spelled correctly they will only
    need to inform them of this.
  • If the word was spelled incorrectly they will
    need to inform them of the misspelling and
    provide them the correct spelling.

Spelling Rules
  • Suggestions
  • Hold rehearsal Spelling Competitions to acclimate
    the Students
  • and Teachers with how the competition will
  • 2. Begin building awareness early and often.
  • 3. Remind the Students often that travel to the
    U.S. will be
  • required to participate in the final round.
  • 4. Videotape the competition as back up for any
  • spellings.

Franklin TESOL
  • Awards
  • Local winning students will receive
  • All expenses paid trip to U.S. to compete in the
    final Rounds.
  • All expenses paid trip for 1 parent or guardian
    per Student.
  • Franklin/Merriam Websters Electronic Collegiate
  • Eligible to win 10,000 scholarship (This is cash)

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Group Discussion
  • How can our students language development be
    enhanced by engaging them in Spelling Bee
  • What are some of the common practices that can
    help our students spell words correctly?
  • How can preparing for the Spelling Bee benefit
    our students other than in becoming better

Questions asked by Participating Schools
  • Colegio Rainbow (Mendoza)
  • Cuál sería la fecha de la sesión y cuántos días
    demandará la estadía en BA?
  • Conocen lugares que, por su ubicación y costos,
    resulten convenientes para alojar a nuestros
    alumnos y acompañantes?
  • Debido a que el material disponible es tan
    extenso, cómo manejarnos para realizar una
    práctica efectiva en el acotado tiempo disponible
    hasta la fecha de la instancia local?

  • Boston College
  • Cuántos alumnos del Colegio deberemos
    seleccionar como finalistas institucionales?
  • Qué nivel lingüístico deberían tener los alumnos
    participantes en función de la dificultad de las
    palabras que deberán deletrear? Nivel Intermedio?
  • Pueden dar ejemplos del tipo / registro de
    vocabulario que deberíamos incluir en nuestras
    sesiones de entrenamiento?
  • Qué consejos útiles podrían compartir para
    entrenar eficazmente a nuestros alumnos tanto en
    aspectos lingüísticos (cómo extender su léxico,
    mejorar su ortografía, etc.), técnicos (lograr
    deletrear mejor, estrategias, etc.) y emocionales
    cómo lograr un equilibrio entre la motivación /
    el disfrute por aprender y auto-superarse y los
    nervios / estrés que genera la competencia)?

Suggestions Boston College
  • Que ARTESOL centralice material útil para el
  • de alumnos para este concurso (videos / DVDs,
    listados de
  • palabras, bibliografía, listado de sitios web
    útiles, etc) que
  • aporten los Colegios participantes con el fin de
  • entre todos y así, por un lado, colaborar con los
    Colegios en la
  • etapa previa a la instancia local, y por otro,
    fomentar la
  • solidaridad y camaradería entre colegas.

  • Akeelah and the Bee. December 2, 2008
  • Debate on its content and orientation on how
    to use this movie.
  • Boston College Charcas 3949.
  • Invitation to share a Google Site
  • SpellEventhttp//

Additional Material Suggested to be used as guide
for spelling competitions
  • "Spellbound" (http//
  • "Wordplay"   (Video)
  • Bee Season (Movie)