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The Life and Times of Samuel, Saul, and David


'For whatever things were written before were written for our learning, that we ... commitment, rejoicing, weeping, tough/true love, serve each other, secrets, etc. ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: The Life and Times of Samuel, Saul, and David

The Life and Times of Samuel, Saul, and David
  • Lesson 9 Jonathan and David's Loyalty
  • I Sm. 20 - 2115
  • For whatever things were written before were
    written for our learning, that we through the
    patience and comfort of the Scriptures might have
    hope. (Romans 154)
  • Now all these things happened to them as
    examples, and they were written for our
    admonition, upon whom the ends of the ages have
    come. (I Corinthians 1011)

  • Jonathan was a proven faithful servant of God.
  • He was raised in a dysfunctional family.
  • He was a valiant warrior and sought God
  • He demonstrated his love for David in his respect
    and recognition of David and his gifts.
  • David and Jonathan were knit together by love
  • Jonathan and David establish a covenant to prove
    Sauls intent.
  • Jonathans deception by his father was confirmed.
  • Saul became furious and tried to kill Jonathan.
  • Saul determined to pursue and kill David.
  • Ahimelech, the priest, helped David and gave him
    holy bread and Goliaths sword.
  • David fled to Gath, the land of the Philistines
  • David resorted to insane behavior to stay alive.
  • David was one step away from death, but God was
    with him.

Discussion Questions
  • What was David seeking (I Sm. 201)?
  • Answers to questions like, What wrong he had
    done? Why do I deserve death? Why am I
    facing unjustified persecution?
  • Samuel had questions like, Who have I
    defrauded? Who have I oppressed? When did I
    take a bribe from? (123)
  • Why am I being persecuted, Lord? Light exposes
    darkness (Jh. 319-21).
  • If I am in sin, then kill me (208).
  • Lord is it I? (Mt. 2622) We must examine
    ourselves (II Co. 135).

Discussion Questions
  • What was Jonathan's reaction to his father's
    determination to kill David (I Sm. 202, 13)?
  • Jonathan assumes God was with his father (2013).
  • It cant be true because my father would tell me
  • Jonathan would report the danger if he knew, but
    he seemed to be deceived and or naïve.
  • He was committed to protect and defend David. He
    tried to assure David.
  • Punishment of Saul would be upon Jonathan, if he
    failed to meet his commitment to David.

Discussion Questions
  • What covenant was made between David and Jonathan
    (I Sm. 203-16)?
  • David knows Saul deceived Jonathan (203-4).
  • Monthly festive/sacrifice times occurred for
    families (Nu. 2811) and David was a part (206).
  • Davids plan was for Jonathan to discover the
    truth and report it to him (2012-13).
  • The covenant is made (2016).
  • Kindness continues, and enemies would punish
    David if he fails to keep the covenant

Discussion Questions
  • Lesson to Learn A covenant governs our
    relationship with God and man. (Mal. 210-16
    Ge. 121-3 Dt. 528-29 Joah. 2419-25 Jer.
    3131-34 Lk. 2219-20 II Co. 34-11 Hb.
    911-15 Jh. 1514 Pr. 61-3 1717 276-10
    1824 2224-26 Ps. 419)
  • Proverbs provides governing qualities of
    friendships such as humility, watching words,
    being friendly, love always even during
    adversity, trust, respect, etc.
  • Make no friends with an angry person. Why? (I
    Co. 1433).
  • Gods covenant with mankind is to save us, if we
    trust, love, and obey. Covenants include
    Abraham, Joshua, etc.
  • The new covenant is established upon better
    promises through the shedding of Jesus own
  • Observing the Lords Supper reminds us of our
    eternal inheritance and the new covenant.

Discussion Questions
  • Describe the love between David and Jonathan (I
    Sm. 181-4 203, 17-18, 34, 41)?
  • Love is endures. The time came to show kindness
    to Jonathans son, Mephibosheth (II Sm. 93, 7).
  • They were knit together by love (181-4, 17).
  • They loved each other as their own soul.
  • Qualities demonstrated in the friendship include
    humility, respect, trust, honesty, gentle,
    commitment, rejoicing, weeping, tough/true love,
    serve each other, secrets, etc.
  • They missed being with each other and thought
    about each other often …you will be missed,
    because your seat will be empty (2018).

Discussion Questions
  • Lesson To Learn We are to love others as our
    own souls. (Ga. 61-5 Ep. 528-33 I Co.
    1212-31 Mt. 2531-46 Lk. 1025-37 Ro. 123,
    9-21 Ep. 415-16)
  • We are to bear one anothers burdens. Example
    include a brother in sin, saving others, etc.).
  • Husbands are to love their own wives as their
    own bodies.
  • Christians have a duty to serve one another by
    visiting the sick, prison, feed hungry, etc.
  • Members of the church function like a human body.
  • We are to speak the truth in love and show our
    concern by edifying others.
  • We are to show the same compassion as Jesus and
    the good Samaritan.

Discussion Questions
  • Lesson to Learn Loved ones are missed when they
    are not in their appointed place because of love,
    friendship, faith, encouragement, dependability,
    and help in time of need. (I Sm. 2018 Hb.
    1025 Ps. 1221 Pr. 1824 Ga. 62, 10 I Th.
    514-15 Tit. 31 Ro. 129-18)
  • We look forward to being with each other in
    worship, studying the Bible together, praying
    with each other, etc.
  • Show love and joy for spiritual things I was
    glad when they said to me, Lets go into the
    house of the Lord.
  • When we do not see people at worship, How do we
    show we care?
  • It is encouraging to see others to living right.
  • Lets follow Jesus example in serving one another
    (Jh. 13).

Discussion Questions
  • What was the communication plan regarding the
    oath (I Sm. 2018-23, 35-40)?
  • Hide at the stone of Ezel, and a lad goes to find
    them (2019).
  • Arrows (3) were the code of the field (2020-23).
    3 arrows shot at a side (safe) or beyond (harm).

Discussion Questions
  • Why was Saul furious at Jonathan (I Sm.
  • 1st day Saul thought David did something that
    made him unclean (Lev. 1124, 25, 27, 31-32).
  • 2nd day Saul inquired of Jonathan and he said
    David went to sacrifice and feast with his
  • Saul was furious (2030), not because of
    Jonathans message, but because he was aware of
    the friendship between Jonathan and David.
  • Out of anger, Saul falsely accused Jonathan of
    perversion and rebellion. He threw his spear at
    Jonathan (2030-33).
  • Jonathans response/questions caused Saul to
    attempt murdering his son. Saul tied to kill
    before (1444-45).
  • No one is blest by lies and deception (i.e.
    Abraham, David, Issac, etc.). Who is injured?

Discussion Questions
  • What caused David and Jonathan to weep (I Sm.
  • Confirmation of Sauls evil intent.
  • Jonathan had feelings of hurt and anger over the
    discovery, attempted murder and deception
  • David felt Jonathans pain. (2041-42)
  • If we expect to weep with those who weep and
    rejoice with those who rejoice then we must be
    able to know how others really feel.
  • I understand and feel your pain. Walk a mile
    in another persons shoes.

Discussion Questions
  • What all did David get from Ahimelech the priest
    (I Sm. 211-9 Mt. 121-8)?
  • Nob was a city of many priests and sacrifices
  • The priest gave David holy bread, and Goliaths
    sword (216, 9).
  • David makes a false statement (212).
  • It was not lawful for David to eat the holy
    bread, but under emergency conditions (Lev.
    245-9 Mt. 123-4).
  • Holy bread can only be eaten by clean people.
  • Why did David flee to Gath (I Sm. 2110)?
  • His fear of Saul was more than fear of the
    Philistine king.
  • Gath was the same city of Goliath.

Discussion Questions
  • Lesson To Learn We are to suffer as a
    Christian, not an evildoer. ( I Pt. 412-16 II
    Tm. 310-12 II Co. 1122-28 18-11 Jh.
  • Convicted criminals suffer punishment (i.e jail,
    prison, community service, execution, etc.)
    because of their own evil.
  • Godly living is determined by how we endure
  • FACT The godly will suffer persecution. Why?
    (Jh. 319-21).

Discussion Questions
  • Why did David display insane behavior (I Sm.
  • To divert attention away from his military
  • Davids tactic (2013) He pretended to be
    insane (deception), like a mad dog (i.e. frothed
    at the mouth, naked/scrabbled door posts). It
  • David deceived Saul, Achish and Ahimelech.
  • David did not inquire of God, nor is deception
    and lying approved by God.
  • The testing and failures of David would make him
    a better king (Jm. 12-4).

Discussion Questions Final Thoughts
  • Lesson To Learn We are all one-step away from
    death and judgment. Let us not deceive
    ourselves. (Hb. 927 Ga. 67-10 II Th. 13-12
    Jh. 528-29 Lk. 1619-31 Ac. 1730-31 Re.
    210 Ro. 412)
  • Dont be naïve and deceive yourself. Seek/Know
    the truth!
  • Jesus will come again and execute justice on
    those who do not obey God.
  • We will all face the resurrection of the just
    and the unjust.
  • Death (Hades) awaits all of us (Hb. 927). After
    death we will await final judgment in torment
    or paradise.
  • We must be faithful unto death (Walk in
  • Death and judgment are coming!!! Are you ready?