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ABM 2008 New Features


User passwords are now encrypted in ABMControl ... emails prior to sending so that the covering text can be edited before despatch. ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: ABM 2008 New Features

ABM 2008 New Features
Security Improvements
  • The number of user groups increased from 10 to 99
  • User passwords are now encrypted in ABMControl
  • Password has to be re-specified by an authorised
    person after five failed attempts to enter it.
  • Support people will have access to a special
    password which allows administrator log in to a
    specific company for one day only.
  • Users can now change their own passwords.
  • SQL Server users will have the option to move
    ABMControl into a SQL Server database to provide
    greater security.
  • A separate authorisation is added to control
    editing of standard costs.
  • Changing of customer/supplier/product/job groups
    can cause balancing issues where the control
    accounts differ. This is now controlled.

See More on Bigger Screens
  • The Viewer windows can now be resized to show
    much more information for users with bigger
    screen resolutions
  • Ledger Accounts and Sub-Account codes can be
    shown in transaction lists and batch listing.

Better Drill Downs
  • The sales and purchase drill downs open faster
    and have a Find button to locate any text in line

Locating Old Stock
  • New options allow users to locate stock which is
    older than a specified age and in specified

Keep your staff well informed
  • Product notes can now be made to popup
    automatically, at time of sale, to remind the
    operator of special conditions, warranties, etc.

Customers can own specified products
  • Products can now be reserved for a specified
    customer or groups or categories of customer.

Special Price Improvements
  • Branch special prices are now used first, if they
    exist, and head office special prices are used
    only if none is specified for the branch.
  • The customer viewer opens faster on databases
    with lots of special prices.
  • Customer and product special prices can be edited
    directly in the view screen. This avoids the need
    to open the tables and locate the prices.

Products link to Cost Centres
  • Job cost users can now pre-allocate products to
    cost centres to save data entry time and ensure
    accuracy in purchasing.

Jobs purchases now show in products
  • Product order and movement lists now include
    purchases of the product for use on jobs. Users
    can select the job code and title in the column

Warehousing Time Saver
  • A find button is now available in warehousing to
    allow users to quickly locate products by any
    part of their product code, title or lot number.

More efficient purchasing
  • Users now get an automatic warning when a
    supplier has increased a price after a
    requisition was created.

More efficient purchasing
  • When purchasing stock and figuring out where it
    should go to, users can now see the stock status
    of every location at a glance.

More efficient purchasing
  • Delivery dates can now be monitored on job cost

More efficient purchasing
  • Custom formulae are now available on purchases
    and work the same as on sales

Withholding Tax Rates
  • A default withholding tax rate can now be
    specified on each supplier group

Withholding Tax in Ireland
  • ABM is now aware of the annual payment ceiling
    above which withholding tax applies. This is now
    specified on the C2 certificate in Ireland.

Better text handling on documents
There is now an option in Tools\Options\Preference
s to display emails prior to sending so that the
covering text can be edited before
despatch. Text lines can now be imported in
sales orders. Within all documents, text
handling has been improved by
  • Now nothing gets truncated
  • The line length limit of 200 characters is
  • The limit of 25 lines in a text field is removed
  • Blank lines are blank no more dots.

Updated Documents
  • The Crystal sales and purchase documents have
    been improved and reference new fields in
    Tools/Options/Forms. These allow the placement of
    the users logo, conditions of sale and payment
    methods. Specify the logo path as NO LOGO if none
    is required.

Point of Sale Tracking Cash Sale Customers
  • Users who wish to track their cash sale customers
    can enter their names in the reference field and
    view and sort on that field later.

Point of Sale Deposits on Orders
  • Operators can now enter deposits paid when goods
    are placed on order for customers

Optional Journal Numbering
  • Journals can be sequentially numbered by ABM
    starting from the reference you specify in

A New Business Today Window
  • Subject to their authorisations, users can
    configure their Business Today window to show
    their current sales or gross profit status with
    end of month forecast and comparison with budget.
    All outstanding tasks and appointments in Outlook
    can also be displayed.

A New Business Today Window
  • The panels in the Business Today window are
    configured by clicking the View menu.
  • A choice of four information displays, each in
    three different shapes, can be dragged and
    dropped into the panels.

Easier Customisation
  • Buttons can be added to toolbars to start custom
    programs using the software sockets.
  • Each can have a user specified title and icon.

Better, Faster Banking
  • Bank reconciliation has been completely
    re-developed to let users take full advantage of
    Internet Banking.
  • Automatic matching of bank statements saves time
    and labour.
  • Cashbook data entry can be automated using
    downloads from your bank daily or whenever you

Better, Faster Banking
  • See, at a glance, the status of your bank, debit
    or credit card statements as far back as you

Better, Faster Banking
  • Open a statement to view the reconciliation
    screen. Use the transaction tools or right click
    the mouse to drill down into transactions or to
    void them

Better, Faster Banking
  • Transactions can be added on the fly with minimum
    effort on the part of the user. The Find button
    performs an instant scan of all columns to locate
    the text or number specified by the user.

Better, Faster Banking
  • When transactions have been downloaded from your
    bank they can be imported and automatically
    matched to transactions in ABM.

Better, Faster Banking
  • Transactions which fail to match can be manually
    matched by the user by mouse click or by dragging
    and dropping from the imported transaction window
    to the reconciliation window.

Better, Faster Banking
  • Transactions not yet entered into ABM can be
    quickly added using the details downloaded from
    the bank. The result is less manual data entry
    and fewer errors.
  • An Undo button and optional automatic
    offsetting is provided.

Project Invoicing Improvements
  • Project Invoicing has also been re-developed to
    give power job cost users greater flexibility

Project Invoicing Improvements
  • Users can specify an accumulating percentage of
    the job cost to be invoiced

Project Invoicing Improvements
  • Cost selections can be saved as templates so that
    they can be quickly reused later.

Project Invoicing Improvements
  • A higher level of layout flexibility is available
    and can also be saved for later re-use in the
    same template.

Project Invoicing Improvements
  • The invoice can be built, step by step, to ensure
    complete control of the items being invoiced and
    the way they are presented.
  • Automatic sub-totals can be added where required.
  • The cumulative percentage to be invoiced can be
    varied line by line.

Project Invoicing Improvements
  • Users can drill down on an invoice line to see
    the underlying job transactions and can exclude
    individual cost lines if required.

New Job Claims
  • Users can set up a job claim an agreed contract
    value which may not relate to costs incurred on
    the job.
  • There can be multiple claims for each job.

New Job Claims
  • When invoicing claims, you can link them to costs
    and charges which are to be written off
    automatically, or break down the total cost and
    charge manually for cost/profit analysis

Project Invoicing Improvements
  • Invoices and claims can still be printed as a
    draft (proforma) document which can be checked,
    edited, accepted and processed as a tax invoice.

Other Improvements
  • Recurring invoices now handle head office /
    branch office scenarios.
  • Company database upgrades have to be confirmed
    before they proceed.
  • Other users cant log on to a company while it is
    being upgraded.
  • If Outlook is not available then the registration
    file is now saved into the My Documents folder
    for manual emailing.
  • A detailed audit trail of foreign exchange
    movements is now provided in the table
  • Deposits paid on sales orders offset
    automatically against the first sales invoice.
  • The budget editor is easier to use.
  • Outlook and Legrand synchronisation now describe
    what they are about to do and require
    confirmation before proceeding

Other Improvements
  • When customers, suppliers, jobs and products are
    moved from group to group or if group control
    accounts are changed, journals now occur to
    maintain the correct balance between the control
    account and the sub-ledger.
  • The import menu at the company list now includes
    an import from QuickBooks which is to be released
  • ABM 2008 contains an option to move ABMControl
    from an Access database to a SQL Server database.
  • In new databases, the CashBook list shows the
    bank amount by default.
  • 3rd party products can now use a special
    connection library to log in using ABMs user
    accounts (required if authentication of the ABM
    password is used).
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