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Richmond Public Schools Staffing Study


Financial Impact of Austerity Cut (Loss of Class Size Reduction Funds) 26 ... An austerity reduction of 150 teachers would amount to $7,863,000. This figure ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Richmond Public Schools Staffing Study

Richmond Public Schools Staffing Study
  • Review of Report Findings and Key Recommendations

March 26, 2009
Presentation Agenda
  • Who We Are
  • Our Charge Overview of Project Objectives
  • Study Findings and Recommendations
  • Division Administration
  • Human Resources
  • School Administration
  • Instructional Personnel
  • School Health Staffing
  • Fiscal Summary
  • Questions

Who We Are
  • MGT of America, Inc.
  • Established in 1974
  • National Firm Specializing in Reviews of Public
    Sector Organizations. Major
  • Regional Offices in
  • Tallahassee, FL
  • Olympia, WA
  • Sacramento, CA
  • Austin, TX
  • National and International Experience
  • Current and past projects in 50 states and 5
  • Leading National Firm in Educational Consulting

Our Charge Study Objectives
  • Review Richmond Public Schools current
    organizational charts, job descriptions, job
    classifications, payroll information, and other
    pertinent data
  • Collected job descriptions, job classifications,
    and position data for all identified RPS employee
    groups (RPS upper management, HR and
    Budget/Finance administrators and support staff,
    school administrators, school clerical staff, and
    school nurses)
  • Prepared comparisons with peer divisions
    regionally and locally
  • Made recommendations based on comparisons

Our Charge Study Objectives
  • Consider all potential opportunities for position
    consolidation based upon actual job duties,
    workload, workflow, and skill sets while
    respecting the Virginia Department of Education
  • Reviewed staffing levels at all RPS schools for
    instructional, administrative, clerical and
    nursing personnel, and for RPS upper management,
    budget and finance, and human resources
  • Conducted individual and focus group interviews,
    conducted online surveys with all targeted
    employee groups
  • Made comparisons with local, regional school
    divisions, and Virginia Standards of Quality
    where appropriate

Our Charge Study Objectives
  • Examine each specified management position for
    the match between job description and the
    required skills set and education level
  • Reviewed position descriptions , focusing on the
    skills required and education level
  • Analyzed current work load and relationships to
    look for opportunities for added efficiencies
  • Provided recommendations for organizational

Our Charge Study Objectives
  • Review the divisions recruitment practices and
    compare with best practices
  • Reviewed current and historical data on
    recruitment activities and budgets
  • Reviewed recruitment activities for compliance
    with EEOC and other federal mandates
  • Reviewed all resources allocated to recruitment
  • Reviewed processes for job postings and position
    description updating
  • Provided comparisons with peer divisions

Our Charge Study Objectives
  • Provide peer comparisons of size, and
    organizational structure with local and regional
    school divisions
  • Obtained size, and organizational structure
    information from peer divisions (Newport News,
    Norfolk, Chesterfield, Henrico, Portsmouth)

Our Charge Study Objectives
  • Evaluate the RPS organizational structure to
    assess the RPS organizational structure
    efficiency as it pertains to supervisory span of
    control, dissemination of information, and lines
    of communication and authority.
  • Interviewed specific personnel and reviewed the
    organizational structure to determine
    opportunities for greater efficiency
  • Conducted individual interviews on the nature and
    structure of their current positions
  • Created proposed organizational charts based on
    analysis of interview data and peer comparisons

Our Charge Study Objectives
  • Conduct focus group and individual interviews of
    all upper management and school administrative
    personnel, and solicit their feedback and
  • Individual interviews conducted with RPS Upper
    Management, and key administrators in Budget and
    Finance, Human Resources, and Elementary and
    Secondary Curriculum Instruction
  • Captured interview data for correlation with
    other quantitative data

Our Charge Study Objectives
  • Conduct focus group interviews with identified
    stakeholder groups, and solicit feedback on
    clerical/support staff configuration
  • Focus groups conducted with the following
    personnel groups
  • Elementary Principals and Assistant Principals
  • Secondary Principals and Assistant Principals
  • HR Support Personnel (Staff and Clerical)
  • Budget and Finance Support Personnel (Staff and
  • School Clerical Personnel
  • School Nurses

No. of RPS Employees Surveyed/Interviewed
Our Charge Study Objectives
  • Conduct surveys to capture position
    classification, size, and wage concerns
  • Provided individual surveys to all focus group
    participants to discuss job concerns related to
    job responsibilities and wages
  • All RPS teachers were provided with an online
    survey to address these concerns

Study Findings RPS Upper Management
RPS Upper Management
  • Findings
  • Lack of board policy language regarding annual
    evaluation of staffing patterns and
    organizational structures
  • Overly broad span of control for the
    superintendents position
  • Lack of job description accuracy for some
  • No designated position for coordination of leave,
    identification/scheduling of training for central
    office staff

RPS Upper Management
  • Findings
  • High volume of email to RPS executive staff
    without an effective management system for
  • Lack of a strategic planning document
  • Vacancies in key division leadership positions
  • Grants management function is not consolidated
    within a single work unit in the school division
  • Ineffective system for the distribution of work
  • Lack of operations manual in human resources

RPS Upper Management Key Recommendations
  • Reduce span of control by top executives and
    clarify roles and responsibilities for specified
  • Fill key leadership vacancies
  • Create policy language to support the annual
    review and evaluation of system organizational
  • Review and revise selected job descriptions
  • Develop a strategic planning document
  • Develop an operational manual

RPS Org Chart (October 2008)
RPS School Board
Chief Auditor
Board Clerk
Deputy Superintendent Instruction
Accountability (Vacant)
Chief Operating Officer Finance
Operations (Vacant)
Assistant Superintendent Administrative Support
Director Information, Communications Technology
Director Human Resources
Director Instruction
Director Finance
Chief Safety Security
Director Prof. Dev.
Director Exceptional Education Student
Director Budget
Director Plant Services
Specialist Partnerships Volunteers
Exec. Director Elementary Ed.
ADA Compliance Officer
Hearing Officer
Manager Grants
Exec. Director Secondary Ed
Communications Officer
Proposed RPS Org Chart
RPS School Board
Chief Auditor
Board Clerk
Chief Instructional Officer (CIO) (Vacant)
Chief Operating Officer (COO) (Vacant)
Chief of Staff
Coordinator Communications, Partnerships,
Director Human Resources
Director Finance
Director Instruction
Exec. Director Elementary Ed.
Director Plant Services
Director Budget
Director Exceptional Education Student
Specialist Pupil Placement
Coordinator ADA Compliance
Exec. Director Secondary Ed
Chief Safety Security
Hearing Officer
Director Pupil Transportation Fleet Management
Supervisor School Nutrition Services
Manager Grants
Director Prof. Dev.
RPS Staffing
RPS Staffing
  • Findings
  • Current general and special education, and
    clerical staffing levels satisfy requirements of
    the Virginia SOQs
  • RPS provides 86 teachers-on-special-assignment to
    Title I schools
  • The division does not have an allocation formula
    for the assignment of special education teachers
  • The division is slightly understaffed in nursing

RPS Instructional Staffing
Five-Year Student Enrollment Patterns
Five-Year Teacher Staffing Patterns
RPS Elementary Teacher Staffing Levels
Financial Impact of Austerity Cut (Loss of Class
Size Reduction Funds)
An austerity reduction of 150 teachers would
amount to 7,863,000. This figure was derived
using the divisions base teacher salary of
39,712, plus 12,708 (32 percent benefit rate)
to obtain a per teacher salary of 52,420, times
150 teachers.
RPS Middle School Teacher Staffing Levels
RPS High School Teacher Staffing Levels
RPS SPED Teacher Staffing Levels
RPS Administrative Staffing Levels
RPS Administrative Staffing Levels
Factors in Administrative Staffing
  • Virginia SOQ identify minimum staffing levels and
    each school division may determine appropriate
    staffing levels based on local conditions
  • Local conditions/factors include
  • School size/physical layout
  • Academic program complexity
  • School safety/discipline
  • Availability of alternate funding sources for
    additional positions

Factors in Administrative Staffing Student
Factors in Administrative Staffing Student
Comparisons in Administrative Staffing
  • Richmond Public Schools and its peer divisions
    have factored in site conditions in their
    staffing decisions
  • In comparing the administrative staffing levels
    of peer divisions, MGT found the following
  • Except for Henrico, elementary schools have one
    full-time AP, regardless of school size
  • Middle schools have 2-3 assistant principals
  • High schools have 3-4 assistant principals
  • Some divisions also augment their secondary
    school administrative teams with student deans
    and/or administrative assistants

RPS Clerical Staffing Levels
RPS Elementary Clerical Staffing Levels
RPS Elementary Clerical Staffing Levels
RPS Secondary Clerical Staffing Levels
RPS Nurse Staffing Levels
RPS Nurse Staffing Levels
  • Staffing levels for nurses are within the 1750
    (nurse-student ratio) recommended SOQ Levels
  • Staffing levels at RPS high schools fall slightly
    below the SOQ standard

RPS Nurse Staffing Levels
RPS Staffing Key Recommendations
  • Monitor staffing levels to ensure continued
    compliance with Virginia SOQ standards
  • Continue to utilize teachers on special
    assignment to provide job-embedded professional
    development and instructional support
  • Develop a staffing allocation formula for special
    education personnel
  • Hire three additional school nurse assistants

RPS Recruitment Strategies
RPS Recruitment Strategies
  • Findings
  • The division does not have a written,
    comprehensive employee recruitment plan
  • The timelines for identifying position vacancies
    are not adequate for effective recruitment
  • The position control function does not currently
    reside in human resources
  • The absence of recruitment coordinators from the
    HR office creates a work flow vacuum during
    recruitment season

RPS Recruitment Strategies Key Recommendations
  • Create a comprehensive recruitment plan for all
    employee groups
  • Establish a recruitment and hiring schedule that
    allows for early identification of potential
  • Restore position control function to human
  • Create a principal on special assignment position
    to assume duties for special education staffing

RPS Staffing Study Fiscal Summary
Questions ?