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Blessed Sacrament Catholic Community Needs Assessment


Blessed Sacrament Catholic Community Needs Assessment – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Blessed Sacrament Catholic Community Needs Assessment

Blessed Sacrament Catholic CommunityNeeds
Assessment Master PlanPresentationJanuary 9,
2008 Architects Orcutt Winslow
  • The Planning Process
  • Needs Assessment
  • Site Building Conditions
  • Space Program
  • Program Summary
  • Master Plan
  • Plan Overview
  • Master Site Plan
  • Phased Cost Projection

The Planning Process
  • Needs Assessment
  • Site and Building Reviews
  • CAD Drawing Preparation
  • Staff Tours and Interviews
  • Maintenance Plan Review
  • Special Site Issues
  • Scottsdale Site Pre-App Meeting
  • FSL Adult Day Care Site Selection
  • Space Needs Program
  • Interview Pastoral Council
  • Review Vision Plan priorities
  • Interview all Church Ministry groups
  • Prepare and review Area Summaries
  • Master Plan
  • Preliminary plan drawings and costs
  • Review Plan and Cost Projections

Needs Assessment
  • Site Area 11.2 Acres
  • 9.6 Acre Main Site is in Phoenix
  • 1.6 Acre North Site is in Scottsdale
  • Rectory and Vacant Lot
  • Zoning R1-35
  • Parking
  • 348 Spaces with 16 Accessible
  • Major Elements to Preserve
  • Courtyard is the Heart of the Church
  • Pleasing views from 64th street
  • All drainage to SE Retention Area
  • Challenges and Needs
  • North site development requires City of
    Scottsdale approvals
  • FSL Adult Day Care at SW Corner
  • Parking insufficient for major events
  • More Accessible for aging members
  • Major building development requires major
    electrical service upgrade
  • Off-site potential widening of 64th Street

Site Conditions
Needs Assessment
  • Existing Buildings
  • 1976
  • Main Church 10,300 sf
  • Social Hall 9,100 sf
  • Rectory/Office 4,900 sf
  • Education Building 3,100 sf
  • 1987
  • Classroom Building 3,100 sf
  • 1997
  • Chapel Addition 1,900 sf
  • Classroom Addition 7,000 sf
  • All Buildings 38,400 sf
  • Rectory Residence 2,500 sf

Building Conditions
Needs Assessment
  • 1976 Main Church
  • Add Brides Room Cry Room
  • Increase Sacristy Areas
  • Improve Interior Lighting
  • Refinish/Recover Pews
  • Complete AV System to Courtyard and Social Hall
  • Perform Maintenance Plan Work
  • HVAC system replacement
  • Replace flooring
  • Repaint interior walls
  • 1976 Courtyard
  • Preserve Enhance Courtyard as the major
    organizing campus element
  • Replace tile walking surfaces
  • Replace Landscaping
  • 1997 Chapel Addition
  • Improve visibility to Main Altar
  • Provide for potential 24/7 adoration
  • Improve exterior lighting for security after

Building Conditions
Needs Assessment
  • 1976 Social Hall Kitchen
  • Replace Increase Club Storage
  • Remove Storage Niches
  • Remove Storage from Major Electrical Service
  • Relocate Stage Platform for Services and
  • Convert Stage area to another use
  • Remodel Kitchen to add storage
  • Relocate Art Environment to Church Sacristy
  • Remove storage from Electrical Service area
  • Complete Main Church AV System Extension to
    Social Hall Courtyard
  • Perform Maintenance Plan Work
  • HVAC system replacement
  • Repaint interior walls
  • Replace ceilings and carpet

Building Conditions
Needs Assessment
  • 1976 Rectory/Main Office Building
  • Converted two-story residential building does not
    work for offices
  • Offices undersized and in need of upgrades
  • Restrooms undersized and not accessible
  • Meetings must occur in separate building
  • Inadequate room for systems and storage
  • Garage and small Office inadequate for
    Maintenance operations
  • Need new office, shop and storage areas
  • 1976 Classroom/Office Building
  • Functional Issues
  • Religious Ed offices away from Main Office
  • Restroom undersized and not accessible
  • Church Nursery space inadequate
  • Perform Maintenance Plan Work
  • HVAC and lighting replacement
  • Ceiling and flooring replacement
  • Repaint interior walls

Building Conditions
Needs Assessment
  • 1987 Kindergarten/Preschool Building
  • Existing FitzPatrick Center Building inadequate
    for program need
  • Interior learning areas and outdoor play areas
    undersized for future child care standards and
  • Facility to meet NAEYC standards
  • Existing capacity is 42 students on site at one
    time, but goal is 84 students.
  • New Multipurpose area needed
  • Outdoor play area needs to double
  • Reception, Staff and Library areas undersized
  • Restroom changes needed to meet Called to
    Protect requirements
  • Building is land-locked on site
  • Environmental upgrades needed to improve interior
    air quality and lighting in learning areas.
  • HVAC and lighting replacement
  • Ceiling and flooring replacement
  • Repaint interior walls

Building Conditions
Needs Assessment
  • 1997 Classroom Building
  • Existing building undersized for RE program
  • Youth classrooms (480 sf) too small - Need to be
    larger (700 sf)
  • Significant restroom changes needed for Called
    to Protect requirements
  • 4 additional Adult Education classrooms needed
  • Environmental upgrades needed to improve interior
    air quality and lighting in learning areas.
  • Lighting is poor and natural light needed
  • HVAC system needs to be upgraded
  • Complete Maintenance Plan Work
  • Ceiling and flooring replacement
  • Repaint interior walls
  • Breezeway between Social Hall and Classroom
    Building is a security issue

Building Conditions
Needs Assessment
  • North Scottsdale Properties
  • Existing Rectory
  • Residence with pool parking cover for use by
    Blessed Sacrament clergy
  • Remodel Scope
  • Guest Room and Garage Addition
  • Interior Enhancements
  • Vacant Property
  • Combined with Rectory property forms a 1.65 Acre
    lot with R1-35 Zoning
  • Development of property requires City of
    Scottsdale approval for
  • Church parking expansion
  • School building (Use Permit)

Space Program
Needs Assessment
  • Pre-School Kindergarten Needs
  • Replacement and/or enlargement of the existing
    facility is the highest priority of the Blessed
    Sacrament Vision Plan.
  • The existing 3,100 square foot facility serves 42
    children and meets Arizona State licensing
  • The program need is for a larger 9,800 square
    foot facility to serve 84 children that meets
    NAEYC (National Association for the Education of
    Young Children).
  • The school may be located on the site separately
    from all other church facilities, including the
    north Scottsdale vacant site.
  • Pre-School Kindergarten Space Needs Summary

Space Program
Needs Assessment
  • Parish Multipurpose Facilities Needs
  • Social Hall and Multipurpose
  • The Social Hall needs to serve as a secondary
    large worship and presentation space. Its
    current configuration, with its small stage at
    the east side, does not allow optimum visual
    access to the altar or presentation area.
  • Additional Multipurpose Space
  • Most Blessed Sacrament ministry groups have need
    for places to meet with direct access to the
    Kitchen. The Social Hall allows that to occur in
    only one space, so that scheduling is often a
    problem, so two additional Multipurpose spaces of
    approximately 1,500 square feet are needed.
    Ministries and groups that need to share those
    spaces include
  • Ministry for Social Action
  • Small Christian Communities
  • Eucharistic Action
  • Womens Club
  • Senior Friendship
  • Knights of Columbus
  • Marys Knights
  • St. Vincent de Paul
  • Pastoral Council

Space Program
Needs Assessment
  • Parish Multipurpose Facilities Needs
  • Social Hall and Multipurpose, continued
  • Storage for groups and ministries is limited to
    several closets at the north and south walls of
    the Social Hall. Additional storage areas are
    needed within or adjacent to all new multipurpose
  • The existing Kitchen needs to be enlarged to
    include additional storage.
  • Parish Multipurpose Facilities Space Needs

Space Program
Needs Assessment
  • Liturgy Needs
  • Main Church and Chapel
  • No Seating Expansion, but provide more access and
    visibility to Altar from Chapel.
  • Add Brides Room Cry Room with access to rest
  • Remodel and enlarge the Sacristy and include Arts
    and Environment area
  • Provide Interior Enhancements to main seating
  • Improve lighting
  • Replace flooring and repaint
  • Refinished and re-covered pews
  • Find space for Choir Practice
  • Liturgy Space Needs Summary

Space Program
Needs Assessment
  • Service Ministries Needs
  • Ministry for Social Action
  • Meeting and conference space for small groups
    (8-10) twice per month
  • Large Town Hall meeting space to seat up to 100
  • Information display areas at Church narthex/entry
    areas for notices, petitions, etc.
  • St. Vincent de Paul
  • November Food Drive requires entire Social Hall
  • Outreach Work/Storage areas After hours
    office within or visible from Church Office
  • Gift Shop
  • Enlarge existing Gift Shop from 300 to 550 square
  • Location is very good
  • Service Ministries Space Needs Summary

Space Program
Needs Assessment
  • Prayer Ministries Needs
  • Small Christian Communities
  • Large Group of Multipurpose meeting space for
    various groups from 8 to 120
  • Art Environment
  • Work and Storage Area needed within Main Church
  • Eucharistic Adoration
  • Goal is for 24/7 Adoration in a new small chapel
    with support areas
  • Legion of Mary
  • Prayer group is content with using a classroom
  • Prayer Ministries Space Needs Summary

Space Program
Needs Assessment
  • Hospitality Ministries Needs
  • Womens Club
  • Multipurpose area next to Kitchen for 10-20 doing
    crafts every 2nd Monday
  • Storage for crafts materials, completed items,
    signage, entertainment books, etc.
  • Need sales area at main Church entry for raffle
    tickets, entertainment books, scrip
  • Senior Friendship
  • Multipurpose area next to Kitchen for 20-40
    Mondays 1130-230pm
  • 8-10 tables for card and board games, reading,
  • Storage for silver servings, table cloths, coffee
    pot, white board portable sound system
  • Hospitality
  • New Hospitality Room in Church convenient to
    seating area
  • Room to contain collections safe, wheel chair,
    baskets, badges, etc.
  • Knights of Columbus
  • Multipurpose Area next to Kitchen for several
    events per month
  • 3rd Degree men 15-50 Monday evenings
  • 4th Degree men 10-25 Thursday evenings
  • Pancake Breakfasts one Sunday per month
  • Dinners Casino Nights once per month
  • Lenten Fish Fry - weekly Ash Wednesday to Easter

Space Program
Needs Assessment
  • Hospitality Ministries Needs, continued
  • 5. Marys Knights
  • Annual Rummage Sale uses entire Social Hall
  • Multipurpose Area for planning and temporary
    storage prior to sale
  • Hospitality Ministries Space Needs Summary

Space Program
Needs Assessment
  • Parish Administration, Rectory Maintenance
    Facilities Needs
  • New Office Building
  • Replace the existing two-story converted 1976
    Rectory building with a new and larger office
    building at the north side of the Courtyard.
  • Incorporate the RE offices, Storage/Workroom and
    Conference Room functions
  • Rectory Addition
  • Add a new guest room and garage, and remodel the
  • Maintenance Addition
  • Replace the existing Garage and Office building
    with a new and enlarged Garage, Shop and Storage
  • Parish Administration, Rectory Maintenance
    Space Needs Summary

Space Program
Needs Assessment
  • Religious Education Facilities Needs
  • Youth RE Classrooms
  • Provide 8 larger classrooms for weekly
    Elementary, 1-8 weekly Religious Education and
    Vacation Bible School
  • Provide storage rooms and individual restrooms
    to meet Called to Protect requirements.
  • Provide large Life Teen Evening activity room
    with storage and small kitchen
  • Adult RE Classrooms
  • Provide 4 large classrooms
  • Provide storage rooms for each classroom and
    conveniently located adult restrooms
  • Religious Education Space Needs Summary

Space Program
Needs Assessment
  • Overall Space Needs Summary
  • The projected program needs of the Blessed
    Sacrament Community can be met with 65,000 square
    feet of building space.
  • That program can be achieved through a
    combination of new construction, demolition and
    remodeling in a phased process.
  • The construction needs to be done in a manner
  • Preserves and enhances the Courtyard as the main
    organizing element
  • Allows the Church to operate safely as
    construction work progresses

Plan Overview
Blessed Sacrament Master Plan
  • The proposed Blessed Sacrament Master
    Plan has been designed to respond to the Site
    Conditions and Space Program information shown on
    the previous pages. The Plan features a three
    phased process of construction, demolition and
    remodeling. The construction in each phase
    should be performed in the order shown
  • Phase 1
  • A new Pre-School Kindergarten building on the
    north Scottsdale vacant site
  • Rectory Additions and Remodel
  • Main Church Additions and Enhancements
  • Social Hall and Kitchen Additions and Remodeling
  • Phase 2
  • A new Church Office building (two-story) to
    replace the existing building
  • A new Religious Education Classroom building
    (two-story) and Maintenance building
  • A Multipurpose Remodel of the 1997 Classroom
  • Phase 3
  • Site Parking Improvements concurrent with the FSL
  • FSL Adult Day Care Project and Basketball Court
  • Special Projects

Master Site Plan
Blessed Sacrament
  • Phase 1
  • New Pre-School Kindergarten at north site
  • Rectory Remodel and Addition at north site
  • Main Church Additions and Remodel
  • North side Sacristy, Art and Environment addition
  • South side Cry Room addition Brides Room
  • Social Hall Additions and Remodel
  • South side Performance Platform and Club Storage
  • West side Kitchen addition
  • East side Gift Shop and Womens Club Sunday Sales
    Room Remodel
  • Phase 2
  • New two-story Church Office Addition
  • New two-story Religious Education Addition
  • Multipurpose Remodel of 1997 CR Addition
  • Two Rooms with Kitchen access
  • South room for Choir Practice
  • Phase 3
  • Parking Lot Improvements
  • 32 Additional Spaces for 380 Total

Phased Cost Projection
Blessed Sacrament Master Plan
  • Projected Master Plan Costs
  • Phase 1 4,575,000
  • Phase 2 6,285,000
  • Phase 3 740,000
  • Total 11,600,000
  • Special Project 250,000
  • Costs Include as applicable
  • General Contractor Profit Overhead
  • 10 Design Contingency
  • 10 Escalation (2 years)
  • 5 Furnishings, Fixtures Equipment
  • 15 Fees, Permits Misc. Expenses

Phase 1 Cost Projection
Blessed Sacrament Master Plan
Phase 2 Cost Projection
Blessed Sacrament Master Plan
Phase 3 Cost Projection
Blessed Sacrament Master Plan