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Trillion Dollars Moms: Marketing to a New Generation of Mothers


Family oriented. Groups are greater! Hip, fun and cool. IM generation ... Seventy percent say they decide as a family where they go for fun ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Trillion Dollars Moms: Marketing to a New Generation of Mothers

Trillion Dollars Moms Marketing to a New
Generation of Mothers
  • Maria Bailey
  • CEO, BSM Media
  • Author

  • Farewell Soccer Moms
  • Hello Gen Xers and Millennial Moms!

Soccer MomsThe New Age of Boomers
  • 40 moms
  • Elevated sense of style
  • ShoppingFamily Hero
  • Nostalgic
  • Willing to pay more for the things she values
  • Recreating her memories for her child
  • Village approach to parenting
  • Status driven
  • Squeezing in quality time
  • Soldiers of the balance war
  • Not afraid of challenging or rewarding herself
  • Sequencing

My Way MomsCustomizing Gen X Moms
  • Age 39-25 years old
  • Entitled to flexibility
  • Higher standards of family life
  • Value
  • Feels responsible for making her child happy
  • Internet as a way of life
  • Results oriented
  • Immediate gratification
  • Latest and greatest
  • Greater number of single moms
  • Return to traditions
  • Customized and personalized

TechnoTraditionalistsThe Birth of Gen Y Moms
  • Second largest baby boom approaches
  • Style
  • Nostalgic
  • Anticipate being moms sooner with more children
  • Word of mouth intensified
  • Family oriented
  • Groups are greater!
  • Hip, fun and cool
  • IM generation
  • Manicures, Starbucks and Coach
  • Education as a tool
  • Philanthropic
  • High rate of celibacy as youths

Child Obesity
  • Institute of Medicine
  • American Advertising Federation
  • Its Time to Hear from Moms!
  • Methodology Online survey of 2063 moms
    across the US conducted November 20-December 20,
    2005. All women
  • had at least one child under 18 years of age
    living at home.

Do you believe there is an obesity epidemic in
the US today?
Do you feel the media focuses too much on the
eating habits of parents and children?
Do food ads directed at children greatly
influence their eating behaviors?
How important is it to establish good eating
habits with your child?
How do you most often seek nutritional
information for your family?
  • ( Rank according to frequency-7 being very
    frequently, 1 never use as resource)
  • Product Websites 3.72
  • Product boxes and labels 5.30
  • Magazines and books 4.39
  • My physician 4.40
  • Other moms 4.21
  • Watch for it on television 3.59

What Moms Want from Companies
  • Fifty-four percent of moms want companies to help
    them educate their child
  • Seventy percent of moms want companies to stop
    marketing unhealthy foods to their children
  • Seventy-six percent of moms want companies to
    only market healthy food to their children
  • Ninety-six percent of moms want companies to
    offer healthy selections on their menus

How Moms Shop
  • Ninety-two percent of Moms spend more on products
    that are healthier for their family.

How Moms Shop
  • Forty-six percent of Moms say price influences
    their decision most in purchasing foods for their
    family (cooked and uncooked for their

How Moms Feed Their Family
  • Forty-eight percent admit they have changed the
    way their family eats since the media attention
    on obesity
  • Seventy-one percent try to serve healthy foods on
    a regular basis
  • Seventy percent admit they dont always have time
    to feed their family the healthiest options
  • Only 33 of moms say that the new food pyramid
    has influenced their familys eating habits

How Moms Feed Their Family
  • Ninety-one percent of families eat fast food at
    least once per week.

How Moms Feed Their Family
  • Sixty-three percent of families eat fast food as
    often as they did before restaurants added
    healthy choices to their menus.

How Moms Feed Their Family
  • Sixty-eight percent of families make the decision
    together about which fast food restaurant their
    family visits.

How often do Moms purchase their children fast
food without purchasing for themselves?
How Moms Feed Their Family
  • Sixty-one percent are more likely to select a
    restaurant because they offer healthy choices on
    the menu

If you could add healthier choices to one meal a
day for your family?
Moms on Fruits and Vegetables
  • Sixty-seven percent of moms believe its
    EXTREMELY important to add fruits and vegetables
    to their childs diet

Moms on Fruits and Vegetables
  • Forty-one percent say availability is the
    greatest challenge to adding more fruits and

What do you consider the healthiest snack for
your child other than fruit and veggies?
Moms on Family Eating
  • Fifty-one percent say they dont introduce bad
    foods into their familys diet
  • Forty-nine percent say they just dont keep junk
    food in the house
  • Ninety-six percent of moms say they allow their
    family to any food in moderation
  • - Sixty three percent they set some
  • Seventy eight percent regularly teach their
    family members to make healthy choices
  • Eighty percent believe portion sizes are more
    important than food type

Moms on Advertising
  • You are very receptive to marketing messages
  • Reading a magazine 31Watching
    TV 29Listening to radio 21Online/Intern
    et 18
  • Sixty percent of moms claim they multi-task while
    viewing television
  • -Most common co-tasking online paying, paying
    bills, laundry and co-viewing with kids
    BSM Media research, October 2005

More Moms on Advertising
  • Eighty percent of moms say advertising aimed at
    kids get their attention too!
  • Eighty percent want to hear from an elevated peer
  • The average moms reads 3.1 magazines a month
  • How do you suggest companies speak to you?
  • Sixty percent say Internet followed by magazines,
    radio, dr. office
  • Top reasons for visiting websites (children under
    4yrs) Expert advice, Baby Development News, Tips
    and Ability to Understand my child
  • - Regular news on childs stage, tips and
    expert advice would motivate moms to become an
    active member of a club, community or website
  • BSM Media research, October 2005

Mom-Child Consumerism
  • The gatekeeper
  • Sixty percent of moms want help from companies
  • Peer acceptance
  • Influences grows with age
  • Spend the moneyPlay, watch, eat and wear it
  • Value does not equal price
  • Forty-three percent say quality is most important
    when shopping with her children vs. 40 for price
  • Style
  • Acceptable by mom, cool for kids

Take A Walk in Her Shoes!
Pumps, Flats and Sneakers
  • Eighty-two percent go online first for updates
  • Want fast ideas, tips and quick advice
  • Want to hear from a peer mom
  • Eighty-three percent of moms say they want to be
    inside the mind of their developing baby
  • Seventy-one percent admit seeing other moms
    pushing their children ahead
  • Only thirty percent say they do it!
  • Ninety-five percent identify a sense of humor as
    important to their childs development
  • Moms are more likely to call or email for help
  • Moms are more likely to remain loyal to a company
    that provides them with valuable/useful

Flip-flops, slippers and tennie-runners
  • Moms want help making decisions
  • Moms are knowledge seekers in parenting and
  • Mothers are in their cars 6 hours more than any
    other consumer group
  • Moms as consumers seek relationships
  • Moms value a company that can change with their
    life stages and roles
  • Moms are moved by emotion and an inherent sense
    of nurturing

Birkenstocks, Docksiders and Boots
  • Ninety percent of mothers remain loyal to a brand
    that meets their expectations
  • Moms want companies to share their goals
  • Convenience ranks high in moms hierarchy of
  • Location, location, location
  • Moms identify with marketing materials that
    feature women like themselves
  • Eighty-six percent use the same products at home
    and at the office
  • Seventy percent are more likely to purchase from
    a company that recognizes moms multiple roles

Sling-backs, cross-trainers and pedicures
  • Experience vs. chore
  • Eighty-six percent of moms say ads targeting
    their children get their attention too
  • Seventy percent say they decide as a family where
    they go for fun
  • Seventy-two percent of moms say their children
    bring them a product idea they ultimately buy

Connecting with Moms
  • Multi-uses for a multi-tasker
  • Serving up solutions
  • Her pal in parenting
  • Multi-minding with Mom
  • Her partner on the pathway
  • Drive her to sanity
  • Benefits vs. features
  • Customize to her lifestyle
  • Create experiences for her and her family

Multi-Messaging to Moms
  • Radio
  • Print
  • Magazines vs. newspapers
  • Advertorial vs. traditional ads
  • Online Learning and Sharing
  • Solution Oriented Content
  • Virtual Communities
  • Guerilla Mom Network
  • The Right Partnerships
  • Connect with the right moms for your product
  • E-Mail

Multi-Messaging to Moms
  • Lifestyle events and messaging
  • Speaking to mom in her language
  • Word of Mom Marketing
  • Mom Mavens
  • In-store Conversations
  • Unexpected delivery
  • Solution oriented promotions
  • Public Relations Tie-In

Leveraging Mavens in Word of Mom Marketing
  • The most effective Word of Mom initiatives are
    based on relationships
  • - Relationship between moms
  • - Relationship between mom and brand
  • The most effective Word of Mom relationships
  • Membership to a group that elevates her rank
    among peers
  • A brand she can attach to her resume
  • Simple ways for her to share messages that are
    impressive to her peers
  • Gives mom an exclusive nugget of information
  • Empowers her child in within his/her circles

Mom Maven Case Study
Recruited 250 Mom Mavens to serve as Advisory
Board 20,000 Mom
  • Advisory Team included among others
  • -125 Website Founders
  • - 75 Authors
  • - 225 Mom Group Leaders
  • -11 media producers/writers
  • Distribution of 1 million promotional pieces
  • Entry into local events
  • Access to 24/7 research pool
  • Lots of Talking
  • 47 mentioned the BRAND to 20-30 other mothers
  • 26 mentioned the BRAND to over 50 mothers
  • Online Exposure
  • Over 7 million impressions online
  • 32 posted something on a Website
  • 12 blogged about BRAND
  • 11 chatted in a chat room about BRAND

Mom Mavens
  • Moms who have earned the respect of peers
  • The Go-To mom for answers and information
  • Mom Maven Matrix
  • Manages some formal or informal network of
  • Established access to media
  • Involved in some form of education
  • More than one child
  • Parents a special needs child
  • Owns a business/author
  • Maintains at least one leadership role in her
  • Demonstrated passion for some cause
  • Has survived a challenged/crisis

Opportunities in the Aisle
  • Ensure the safety, health and happiness of her
  • Bundle products
  • Deliver messages in unexpected places
  • Be intuitive
  • Suggestive sell with her best intentions in mind
  • - Create party idea
  • - Brown Bag Birthdays
  • - Save a step servings!
  • - Customize the eating experience

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What does Mom really do with your products?
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  • Recipes on the run?
  • Creating events and experiences with her child?
  • Supplying the classroom with top product?
  • Searching for new ways to use product she is
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