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Family Presentation


Family Needs Presentation March 16th, 2006. Cost of Living Overview. Graduate Student ... Balancing work and family is difficult for parents; this is even more ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Family Presentation

Family Presentation
  • Family Subcommittee Participants
  • Shay Artzi
  • Andréa Schmidt
  • Pam Smalley
  • Kelly Smith
  • Kim Smith
  • Administrative Support
  • Jennifer Recklet

Family Needs Presentation
  • An assessment of the current situation and needs
    of graduate students with families at MIT
  • Family Statistics
  • Cost of Living Overview
  • Housing
  • Child Care
  • Health Care
  • Administrative Support/Advocacy
  • Discrimination
  • Recommendations Summary

Family Statistics
  • 38 of MIT graduate students are married/partnered
  • Occupation of
  • spouses/partners

Family Statistics (cont)
  • Occupation of spouses/partners of graduate
    student parents
  • 7 of MIT grad students have children, with an
    average of 1.6 children per family
  • There are about 660-700 children of MIT grad
  • Only 14 of graduate student parents are mothers
    (28 of graduate students are women)

Family Statistics (cont)
Cost of Living Overview
Family Housing
  • Benefits of Family Housing
  • Affordable housing in proximity of work, day
    care, medical care, athletics
  • Support networks betweenfamilies (e.g. shared
  • Balancing work and family is difficult for
    parents this is even more challenging for
    off-campus students with long commutes

Family Housing
  • Discrepancy in the availability of housing for
    single students and families
  • Available Apartments vs. Demand
  • Total of family apartments on campus
  • 413 (19 of on-campus total)
  • 203 in Eastgate, 210 in Westgate
  • Source Housing Office
  • Total of married/partnered students at MIT
  • 2388 (38 of all students)
  • Source DSL Survey, Provosts Office
  • New single students are guaranteed housing new
    family students are not

Housing Recommendations
  • What makes building new family housing difficult?
  • Building regulations for buildings occupied by
  • Difficult to recover cost of building through
    rents (e.g. Eastgate 2-bedroom is 1367/month,
    Edgerton 2-bedroom is 852 per person
  • Eastgate and Westgate level rents could not pay
    for a new building!

Housing Recommendations
  • Solution
  • Build new family housing for couples with no
    children only (entirely 1-bedrooms)
  • Market as newer, nicer housing for couples who
    would prefer something more in the style of
    Edgerton but still affordable
  • Edgerton 1-bedrooms are currently 1269/month and
    585 square feet a little bigger, much nicer,
    and only 123 more than Eastgate corners (the
    most popular type of family apartment)

Housing Recommendations
  • Benefits
  • Families without children are more likely to
    want/afford more expensive apartments
  • This would free up space in Eastgate/Westgate,
    which may become occupied primarily by couples
    with children
  • Possibility of guaranteeing housing to new family
  • It would also diversify the family housing market
    so that incoming families have options

Housing Recommendations
  • Renovate part/all of Tang as Family Housing
  • Resources (like the playground) can be shared
    between Tang and Westgate
  • Allow Couples in Some Singles Housing
  • 1-bedrooms and efficiencies in singles housing
    could accommodate couples
  • Anonymous inside source says there are about 25
    illegal couples in S P and 15 in Warehouse

MIT Child Care Overview
  • 121 full-time slots allotted for infants,
    toddlers, and preschoolers in Eastgate and the
    Stata Center
  • These are shared between the children of faculty,
    staff, postdocs, and students
  • A faculty committee determined in 1999 that in
    order for MIT to be competitive, we needed to 150
    additional slots Stata only added 75!
  • Tuition 1274-1795/month for full time
  • 15,300-21,540 per year
  • Scholarship available for about 12 students
  • eligible families are expected to pay 25 of
    their income per child and all scholarship money
    is taxable! Scholarships can only be used at TCC.

MIT Child Care - Capacity
Value of MIT Child Care
  • Improves the happiness and productivity of
    faculty, staff, postdocs, and grad students
  • Makes MIT more attractive to female grad students
    and faculty who have/want families

Figures in this column based on 13 responses
Source Faculty Survey, 2001
Value of MIT Child Care
  • Why dont parents look for off-campus child care?
  • Dropping kids off at MIT saves time!
  • Breast-feeding mothers can visit on-campus child
    care during the day to nurse
  • Parents can have confidence that it is a well-run
    center (because of its affiliation with MIT)
  • Scholarship is currently only useable at TCC

Child Care Recommendations
  • Increase Capacity!!!!!
  • Build new centers
  • Buy up slots in local child care centers
    reserved for MIT parents
  • Consider collaborations with local companies
    (e.g. Novartis)
  • Expand scholarship program
  • Some schools have scholarship programs that can
    be used to pay for any legal form of child care

MIT Child CareWestgate Co-op
  • The Westgate co-op opened in Fall 2005!
  • Pilot program is toddlers only, with capacity of
  • Thank you to the many people who worked on the
  • We hope that MIT continues to support part-time
    and cooperative child care arrangements

Health Care
  • For the last several years, family health
    insurance premiums have decreased
  • We appreciate these decreases very much they
    help mitigate the financial difficulties faced by
    most families

Non-discrimination Policy
  • Last year, we recommended that the MIT
    non-discrimination policy be amended to include
    married, partnered, or parental status.
    Although the idea was well received, the change
    was never implemented
  • Discrimination continues to affect the lives of
    students with families at MIT
  • We continue to urge you to implement these
    changes so that students, faculty, and staff know
    that this discrimination is against MIT policy.

Administrative Support/Advocacy
  • Most graduate dorms have housemasters and those
    that do not had a residential life representative
    (Gabrielle Abelard) until recently
  • Responsibilities include community activities
    programming, emergency management, and general
  • Representing three graduate dorms is too
    difficult for a single person to manage
  • Recommendation Hire a full-time residential life
    representative for Westgate and Eastgate, who can
    advocate for graduate student families

Recommendations Summary
  • Housing
  • Build newer/nicer couples-only housing to free up
    spots in Eastgate/Westgate
  • Allow couples to live in some singles apartments
  • Renovate part/all of Tang as family housing
  • Child Care
  • Increase Capacity!!!
  • Expand scholarship beyond TCC
  • Health Care
  • Keep up the Good Work!
  • Discrimination
  • Reconsider the proposed changes to the
    non-discrimination clause
  • Administrative support/advocacy
  • We need stronger representation for dorms without