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Immigration, Population and the Environment: Homage to Louise Monroe Wood


... U.S. Senators Hillary Clinton, John McCain, and Barack Obama - voted for SB 2611. ... SOME KEY FACTS... red = Senate Bill 2611. 500,200,000 by 2050 ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Immigration, Population and the Environment: Homage to Louise Monroe Wood

Immigration, Population and the Environment
Homage to Louise Monroe Wood
  • Stuart H. Hurlbert
  • Department of Biology
  • and Center for Inland Waters
  • San Diego State University
  • Californians for Population Stabilization

Should you feel guilty about Tokyo swimming pools
  • Welcome to breathtaking Tokyo Water Park where
    you can wash away the pressure and stress of the
    overcrowded city and relax with your friends in
    the soothing enjoyment of sun, fun, and

Talk outline
  • Two questions Louise, pools
  • Salton Sea collides with population growth
  • Columbia River salmon collide with popn growth
  • Babies versus immigrants
  • Charity begins at home vs. Globalism
  • Isnt overconsumption the problem?
  • The immigrants dilemma
  • Congressional environmental voting records
  • Challenge to Mexico
  • A Perfect Storm

The Salton Sea jewel of the western desert
Where did the Colorado River go?
Proposed Salton Sea restoration plan
  • 70 km long dike - 50 km of berms - 182 sq km
    lake - 251 sq km wetlands - 69 sq km brine
    pools - 429 sq km of exposed
  • lakebed
  • Construction 8.9 billion
  • Maintenance 142 million/year
  • AND no guaranteed long-term water supply..

Putting the Salton Seas problems in context...
  • U.S. population growth
  • (family planning, immigration control, education)
  • ?
  • Water availability
  • (needed legislation wastewater inflows to the
    Salton Sea
  • constitute a beneficial use and must be
  • ?
  • Lake management
  • (water supply, watershed management, wastewater
  • treatment, engineeering projects, salt disposal,
    fish harvesting)
  • 1. Salinity reduction stabilization
  • 2. Lake level stabilization management
  • 3. Eutrophication reversal
  • 4. Control of dust and sulfide
  • ?
  • Secondary problems
  • Selenium, arsenic, pathogens, mosquitos,

A non-PC Preface gets axed by the Thought Police,
part I
  • Proceedings of the
  • 2005 Salton Sea Centennial Symposium
  • S. Hurlbert, Guest Editor
  • To be published in Lake and Reservoir Management
  • Preface Excerpts
  • If Congress succeeds in doubling the U.S. rate
    of population growth, California and much of the
    rest of the U.S. would be well on the road to
    achieving a degree of environmental degradation
    like that already typifying most of the settled
    parts of the Old World
  • All three of the current U.S. presidential
    candidates - U.S. Senators Hillary Clinton, John
    McCain, and Barack Obama - voted for SB 2611.
    During their current campaigns each has promised
    to champion such legislation once again if
    elected. Both of Californias Senators also voted
    for this bill.
    engineers comfortably funded for their studies of
    environmental degradation and ways to achieve
    short-term fixes?
  • Our brothers and sisters in the Pacific
    Northwest are ahead of us at the moment, but not
    by too much 7 of the 8 U.S. Senators from
    Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Montana also voted
    for SB2611.
  • Scientists must avoid becoming compliant,
    politically correct technocrats and passive
    contributors to population-driven environmental

A non-PC Preface gets axed by the Thought Police,
part II
  • Proceedings of the
  • 2005 Salton Sea Centennial Symposium
  • S. Hurlbert, Guest Editor
  • To be published in Lake and Reservoir Management
  • Sequelae (June 2008)
  • Journal Editor Wow, Stu, pretty tough! But it
    got some very positive reviews, so add a
    disclaimer and well publish.
  • Executive Committee Whoa, boys! Those lines -
    and another four dozen - have to go. Absolutely.
    Very unprofessional.
  • Journal Editor Submits resignation effective in
  • Guest Editor Withdraws entire 13 page, single
    spaced preface. Submits a 3 paragraph pablum
    preface so volume can go to press. Asks that his
    name be removed from the title page.
  • Writes an account (Axing Truth) of this
    censorship, with summary statements from very
    enthusiastic reviews.
  • Prepares to distribute original preface plus
    Axing Truth to 10,000 scientists and
    environmentalists around the world…..

The Columbia River Basin
Where have all the salmon gone?
  • - Three species essentially gone (chum, pink,
  • Chinook steelhead returns low and mostly
  • Overfishing and habitat destruction by
    agriculture, logging, mining, urbanization, dam
  • Access to 38 of watershed blocked by dams
  • Future looks dim, given combined effects of
    climate change and rapid human population growth
    both in and outside of the region

Salmon and the Columbia River A tale of lost
  • Human Population Impacts on Columbia River Basin
    Fish and Wildlife
  • A report by the
  • Columbia River Basin
  • Independent Scientific Advisory Board,
  • June 2007
  • Regional population is increasing, settling the
    landscape in new patterns, and converting land to
    new economic uses. These trends have …. direct
    implications for fish and wildlife conservation,
    mitigation, and recovery.
  • This report addresses the issue of human
    population and its impact on fish and wildlife
    restoration in the Columbia River Basin.

Salmon and the Columbia River suppression of
inconvenient truths
  • red Senate Bill 2611
  • 500,200,000 by 2050
  • 7 of 8 senators from Pacific Northwest (OR, WA,
    ID, MN) voted for SB2611
  • blue stabilizn within a few decades, if
    immigrn emigration
  • Déjà vu…. Remove name!

Salmon and the Columbia River a ray of hope -
Salmon 2100 The Future of Wild Pacific
Salmon R. Lackey, D. Lach, S. Duncan, editors,
Am. Fish. Soc., 2007, 39 It is debatable
whether feasible policy options for restoring
wild salmon exist in the overlap between what is
ecologically possible and what is desired by
society. …. Should society control western
North Americas rate of human population growth,
which is driven almost entirely by immigration
from outside the United States and Canada? It
is likely that society will continue to chase the
illusion that wild salmon runs can be restored
without massive changes in the number …of human
occupants of the western United States and
Salmon technocracy, Salton Sea technocracy, Trembl
ing servants of The aristocracy? Are scientists
and engineers willing to speak truth to power?
Or are they going to just ride the
environmental degradation gravy train that
provides their jobs, grants and contracts? Can
they, realistically, afford to speak truth to
power? Should issues of population and
immigration be raised in the context of these and
other large scale environmental issues? Should
the U.S. develop an explicit population policy?
A poem, five questions - and a break!
Go back, Hurlbert, its a break…
How weve grown, 1900-2000
  • Straight line exponential growth constant
    growth rate
  • U.S. 1.3 per year
  • Riverside Co. 4.6 per year
  • Greatest recent decrease in growth rate Los
    Angeles Co.
  • Represents one route to stabilization
    overcrowding, social dysfunction, and middle
    class flight
  • You should see the curves for Nevada, Oregon,

Average Completed Family Size
  • Peaked in 50s 60s
  • 2.1 by 1970s favorable to stabilization
  • Low in 80s due to smaller family sizes of natives
  • Post-1970 increase due to larger family size of
  • Now at approximately 2.l again still rising

Numbers of Immigrants
  • Legals increasing by average of 9 per year since
  • Comprehensive immigration reform is a dishonest
    euphemism for massive increases in immigration
  • Illegal immigration high since 2004 election
    campaigns when both Bush and Kerry promised
    extensive amnesties, as Obama and McCain do now.
  • Perhaps ca. 1 million illegals per year now,
    including visa-overstayers

If, in 1970, we had set immigration
But, noooo, Congress is so smart…
  • Senate voted May 25, 2006 to increase the red
    slope greatly
  • Easily 500 million by 2050
  • No concern for environmental consequences to U.S.
  • No discussion of need for population
  • No concern for people in the bottom 50 of the
    population economically (who dont have nannies,
    gardeners, or two nights at a restaurant every


A Premise of Wood Environmental Action Begins at
It is often easier to arouse sentiment, awaken
sympathy and enlist help for some far off cause,
when mans inhumanity to man makes countless
thousands weep, even when the very distance
renders it next to impossible for us to
thoroughly understand the ins and outs of the
question. But when there is some great and crying
wrong right at our doors, we often fail to
interest ourselves in it or attempt to right
- excerpt from The Injury to Agriculture by the
Destruction of Our Birds, a talk presented by
Louise Monroe Wood to the Thought Club, Hyde
Park, Massachusetts, 1897
A Premise of Dubos Think globally, act locally
  • Coined by Rene Dubos, 1972, advisor to the United
    Nations Conference on the Human Environment.
  • Ecological consciousness should begin at home.
  • Issues involving the environment must be dealt
    with in their unique physical, climatic, and
    cultural contexts.
  • No credit given to Louise!

Premises of Hardin - no global population problem!
  • Never globalize a problem if it can possibly be
    solved locally. …
  • We will make no progress with population
    problems, which are a root cause of both hunger
    and poverty, until we deglobalize them.
    Populations, like potholes, are produced
  • We are not faced with a single global population
    problem but, rather, with about 180 separate
    national population problems.

Garret Hardin, UCSB Professor of Biology There
Is No Global Population Problem, The Humanist,
July/August 1989
More Hardin Premises
  • All population controls must be applied locally
    local governments are the agents best prepared to
    choose local means.
  • Means must fit local traditions. For one nation
    to attempt to impose its ethical principles on
    another is to violate national sovereignty and
    endanger international peace.
  • The only legitimate demand that nations can make
    on one another is this "Don't try to solve your
    population problem by exporting your excess
    people to us.

The Globalist Copout S.Hurlbert, The Social
Contract, Spring 2000
  • The Globalist Copout states that Since
    overpopulation is a global problem, the ways of
    dealing with it must be primarily global in
    nature. It is ok for individual nations to
    attempt to control their own birth rates. But
    they should not control or reduce their
    immigration rates, even if immigration is the
    major cause of their population growth. It
    would be "unfair" if one country were able to
    stabilize its population well ahead of other
    countries. The U.S., for example, should deal
    with its population problem by ameliorating the
    social, political, and economic problems in the
    rest of the world that cause so many to attempt
    to come here. Then, in some later decade,
    century or millennium, they will prefer to stay
  • So goes the reasoning.
  • It is the antithesis of Think Globally, Act

Sierra Club version of the globalist copout
  • The Sierra Club therefore welcomes non-coercive,
    culturally sensitive policies that will help
    lower birth rates, stabilize global population,
    and make a smaller population a realistic
  • We encourage wider opportunity for women as well
    as men, particularly education. …
  • We advocate stronger policies and support
    increased domestic and international funding to
    meet these goals…
  • The Sierra Club takes no position on immigration
    levels or on policies governing immigration into
    the United States.
  • We address the root causes of migration by
    promoting over the whole globe environmentally
    sustainable development strategies that keep
    families and environments healthy, as well as
    improved maternal and child health care, improved
    labor and environmental standards in all trade
    agreements, and the education and empowerment of

Excerpts from policy statement adopted by the
Board of Directors, November 17, 2007
Should you feel guilty about Tokyo swimming
pools? Or Mexico Citys? Or Beijings?
  • Welcome to breathtaking Tokyo Water Park where
    you can wash away the pressure and stress of the
    overcrowded city and relax with your friends in
    the soothing enjoyment of sun, fun, and

Need for stabilization and reduced immigration
Opinions of some leaders
  • Our country and state have a special obligation
    to work toward the stabilization of our own
    population so as to credibly lead other parts of
    the world towards population stabilization.  
    California Governor Ronald Reagan, Hearings
    before Subcommittee on Census and Population,
  • It is both a right and a responsibility of a
    democratic society to manage immigration so that
    it serves the national interest. - U.S.
    Commission on Immigration Reform, Barbara Jordan,
    Chair, 1994.
  • No sensible reason has ever been given for having
    more than 135 million people in the United
    States. - Paul Anne Ehrlich, The Most
    Overpopulated Nation, 1992.

Need for stabilization and reduced immigration
More Opinions
  • This is a sensitive issue, but reducing
    immigration levels is a necessary part of
    population stabilization and the drive toward
  • - President
    Clintons Council on Sustainable
  • Development,
    Population and Consumption, 1996
  • Forging and maintaining a sustainable society is
    THE challenge for this and all generations to
    come. … Achieving that goal will require that we
    move vigorously to stabilize our population. That
    of necessity requires that we address the
    immigration rate and the fertility rate, and that
    we significantly reduce both.

  • - Gaylord Nelson, Founder of Earth Day

The Immigrants Dilemma the heart vs the head
  • The Heart
  • Conditions in U.S. better than in old country,
    and will be so even if U.S. goes downhill a lot
    environmental issues usually very secondary to
    personal economic ones
  • Emotional attachment to old country, friends and
    relatives there may want some to come over also
  • Strong allegiance to U.S. sometimes takes a few
  • The Head
  • Continued massive immigration into the U.S. will
    negatively impact - environmentally,
    economically, socially - immigrants already here
    and their descendants just as much as, and often
    more than, they do the native population.

Overpopulation and Overconsumption Where Should
We Focus? M.G. Hanauer, NPG Forum, March 1998
  • Most 3d world per capita consumption levels are
    0.5 to 5 of those in U.S.
  • This is not because these people recycle, use
    little plastic or dont drive a turbo-charged car
    - it is because they have no car, no central
    heat, no refrigerator, and maybe no house at
  • Reasonable levels of consumption are not morally
    wrong, in fact most of us believe they are
  • Population size matters most to the big picture
    and over the long term.

An example Lets cut back per capita consumption
by 10 …
  • ALL resources - water, fossil fuel, land, food,
    minerals, wood, manufactured products, etc.
  • In interests of social justice, we exempt poorer
    folks, the rest of us taking up the slack
  • California population continues to grow at 1.3
    per year per capita consumption stays down by 10
  • After 8.1 years, total consumption back to
    original level - has been zero net gain, zero
    reduction in resource use
  • Next step? Require another 10 cut in resource
  • Or….become true greens and stabilize the
    population ??

nother break
  • Questions? Then for you….
  • Should one objective of U.S. immigration policy
    be population stabilization within a few decades?
  • Is there any conflict between working for global
    population stabilization and U.S. population
    stabilization at the same time?
  • Which groups present the biggest obstacle to
    moving toward population stabilization?

Congressional environmental voting records
California delegation, 2004
  • Polarization par excellence!
  • Consvn. Score fr League of Conservation Voters
  • Popn. Score fr Americans for Better Immigration
  • Both scores should count….
  • Strong negative correlation reflecting extreme
    partisan split
  • Note poor, lonely G.W.Bush…
  • Upper right quadrant empty home for the
    Environmental Saints - a null set

Full report available at http//
Congressional environmental voting records whole
U.S. delegation, 2006
  • Polarization par excellence again!
  • Obama LCV57, ABI26
  • McCain LCV47, ABI24
  • Both are near or in lower left quadrant
  • Are most Americans in upper right quadrant?

Full report available at http//
An Overall Environmental Score
  • OE (2ABI 1LCV)/3
  • Long- vs short-term considerations
  • Popn growth single greatest threat to environment
  • 71 is highest score bad!
  • Republicans average better than Democrats!
  • But less polarization than with single scores
  • Boxer Feinstein (S) ahead of most Democrats in
    H. Repres.
  • Note Sierra Club endorsements ( v) Is SC more
    pro-Democrat than pro-environment ??

Battles in the 49/50th Congr. Districts
  • Contest in 2006
  • Brian Bilbray (R) vs. Francine Busby (D)
  • No scores currently available for either, but
  • Bilbray opposes
  • Massive guestworker programs
  • Massive amnesty programs
  • Great increase in U.S. population density
  • Automatic citizenship for every baby born to an
    illegal alien
  • Busby favors all of these
  • (and guess who the Sierra Club has endorsed in

Contest in 2000 Brian Bilbray (R) vs.
Susan Davis (D) Bilbrays scores in
2000 ABI100, LCV71 OE 90 (highest OE score
ever recorded for a California congressman in
last 6 years) Daviss scores in 2006 ABI7,
LCV100 OE 38 (but guess who the Sierra Club
endorsed in 2000…)
Environmental Voting Records of Presidential
Candidates as Compared with 15 Top-Ranked U.S.
Congressmembers. Conservation (LCV), Population
(ABI) and Overall Environmental (OE) scores.
Externally, 80 of the problem comes from….
Mexico has become increasingly aggressive and
hostile to the United States and disrespectful of
our laws. ? It has demanded amnesty for all
Mexicans who enter the U.S. illegally. ? It
demands that the U.S. increase quotas for legal
immigration by? Mexicans so that Mexico can ship
its surplus population to the U.S. ? According
to a Pew Hispanic Center poll, 21 of Mexican
adults say they plan to come to the U.S. even if
they have to do so illegally. ? According to
the DHS, 70 of the illegal aliens now in the
U.S. are from Mexico ? No other country in the
world behaves towards the U.S. with such
insolence and arrogance. ? And within Mexico,
violence is more pervasive than ever.
So, if U.S. politicians wont listen and act…..
  • Boycott Mexico Now !
  • We urge that all Americans adhere to this boycott
    until the Mexican government meets the following
    demands. The Mexican government must?
  • 1. Cease all attempts to interfere with
    enforcement of U.S. immigration law.
  • 2. Cease all attempts to influence U.S.
    immigration legislation.
  • 3. Cease all financial support of individuals and
    organizations in the U.S. that protect, harbor,
    or provide services to illegal aliens in the U.S.
  • 4. Cease the issuance of matriculas consulares to
    Mexican citizens residing illegally in the U.S.
  • 5. Reimburse annually to the U.S. federal and
    state governments, 50 of the costs of
    incarceration of Mexican illegal aliens in U.S.
    prisons and jails.
  • 6. Cease encouraging Mexican citizens to enter
    the U.S. illegally and giving them advice as to
    how to escape detection once here.

Democratic Party, Republican Party, Green Party,
Libertarian Party, Obama, McCain, Bill Gates,
Sierra Club, Mexican Govt, ACLU, NCLR, LULAC,
MALDEF, MEChA, SPLC, U.S. Farm Bureau, Chamber of
Commerce, Building Industry, Catholic Church,
American Friends Service Committee, LA Times, NY
Times, SD Union-Tribune, Cornucopian Ponzi
Scammers, Media Matters, Milquetoast Technocrats,
ImmigrationWorks USA, etc.