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From Curious Prospect to Donor. Make sure they ... Persona


From Curious Prospect to Donor. Make sure they ... Personal search (geo location, login)1. Universal search2 ... To the prospect's blog, Facebook profile, etc. ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: From Curious Prospect to Donor. Make sure they ... Persona

  • Online Marketing 101
  • How to
  • Connect Prospects to our Mission
  • Turn Prospects into donors using online tools

Lets talk about online activities that influence
a prospect
From Curious Prospect to Donor
  • Make sure they can find you online (natural
  • Purchase names of like-minded people (paid
  • Make it easy for them to sign up (conversion to
  • Convince them to Give (conversion to donor)
  • Strategically communicate with them
  • Engage them in your story (social media)
  • Make it easy for them to spread the word

Which Tools to Use at What Stage
Natural Acquisition
  • Being Found Online Search Engine Ranking 101

Overview of Search Engines
  • Why do we care about Search?
  • 91 of internet users use a search engine1
  • 87 of people click on the natural results (vs.
  • The Big Players
  • Google, Yahoo!, and
  • Google has 70 of the search marketing share,
    accounting for 70.77 of all US searches.2
  • Each has computer algorithm to rank your pages in
    the search results.

How Search Engines Work
  • Google, Yahoo!, and Live create their listings
    automatically. They use spiders or bots to
    "crawl" links to web pages1 and add those web
    pages to their index.
  • When a human visitor to the engine puts in a
    keyword phrase, the search engine is focused on
    serving relevant, fresh content that the engines
    think is matched to the searchers intent.

Keyword Phrases
  • Its not about the keywords You want to be found
  • Its about the keywords the searcher uses to find

How people search
  • 87 of people click on natural search results
  • Only 48 even see paid ads
  • Most people search for information, smaller for
  • People click on the word in results that matches
    their query word1
  • 58 of all queries are three or more words

How People Search
  • The Long Tail of Search
  • 3 of Excites search traffic was 3 keywords
    97 of the rest was in the long tail
  • makes 57 of sales from keywords
    outside of the popular terms.

How Does a Search Engine Read A Page?
  • Rememberits a computer algorithm

Its a Translation Problem
A search engine tries figure out what your web
page is about through its pieces.
The spider reads just text, not images or flash.
It also evaluates inbound links to determine
Search Engines are Computers
  • A Lost in Translation example
  • My Apple is a lemon
  • It could mean your page is about fruit
  • If the words computer also appears nearby, the
    spider determines that the phrase is about

Writing Spider Friendly Online Copy
  • Writing tips for online copy
  • Use contextual words in proximity to the keyword
  • Repeat the keyword phrase variations
  • Use Headers like a table of contents
  • Strategically link to the copy, and use the
    keyword phrase in the link text.1
  • Use alt tags for images, so that spiders can
    read the image

Every page matters
  • Search engines dont see home pages
  • Every page is an entry page for searcher
  • Conversions from landing pages for targeted
    keywords can be improved through testing

More Details about Googles Algorithm
How Googles Search Results Work
  • Algorithm has 200 factors, some weighted more
    than others. We know about 40 parts of the 200.
  • In 2007, the Google algorithm changed 9 times per
  • Only 2 web pages are listed for one company, so
    one company could rank for the first 152 slots,
    but will only show up in the 1 and 2 spot
  • Influenced by
  • Personal search (geo location, login)1
  • Universal search2
  • Behavioral search (previous browsing history,
    bookmarks, intent shopping vs. researching)3

What Impacts Your Search Rankings?
  • The changing search engines
  • Your changing competition
  • Your website constraints
  • Architecture/Links
  • Content
  • Site load speed
  • Code use
  • None of these are under your control

How do you Tackle the Challenge?
  • Keyword research
  • for each page
  • Competitive Analysis
  • of site and current online marketing efforts
  • Analyze your site
  • how each page ranks for each keyword
  • Repair/Enhance site
  • Submit non-indexed pages
  • Monitor rankings/Analyze reports
  • Fix/develop links Universal Content
  • Repeat

Questions about Natural Acquisition?
  • Search Engine Overview
  • Elements of SEO

Paid Acquisition
  • Paid online advertising
  • Email List buys

Paid Online Advertising
  • Two Models
  • 1. Pay per impression (like traditional media
    buying) for either a week or month (CPM)
  • Can place graphic banner, flash or video
  • Or could pay per name acquired (CPA) - though
    select networks
  • 2. Pay Per Click (PPC)
  • Used on search engines, and through Google
    network (blogs and other sites - NYT)
  • Pay per keyword
  • Placement based on bid as well as Quality
    Score1 which is tied to ad performance

Email List Buys
  • Three Types
  • Purchase of email addresses (ie
  • Negotiated with website owner
  • Pay flat rate per email, without deduping from
    your list
  • Sponsored Email
  • Negotiated with website owner
  • Pay flat rate per email, without deduping from
    your list
  • i.e. Amnesty sends a message to members about IRC
  • petitions
  • Price negotiated with
  • Supply them with petition text and follow up
    email text
  • You pay per names delivered

Questions _at_ Paid Acquisition?
  • Traditional media buying
  • Pay Per Click advertising
  • Email buying

Conversion to List
  • Landing Page Testing
  • Usability Testing
  • Web Analytics

Conversion to List
  • Goal
  • Make sure that no one who interacts with your
    landing pages, or website gets confused or
    distracted during the sign up process.

Conversion to List
  • Landing Page Testing
  • Consistent messaging from email or ad to landing
  • A/B or multivariate testing
  • Personalize landing page based on passed through
    personal data
  • Create header phrases based on best practices
  • Usability testing and eye tracking to enhance
    page conversions, effective content, navigation
  • Make conversion compelling clear
  • .

Conversion to List
  • Web usability testing
  • On the Web, usability is a necessary condition
    for survival. If a website is difficult to use,
    people leave. You can test the usability of your
  • American Heart Association increased their online
    donations by 60 in the first month after
    implementing improvements based on usability

Conversion to List - Web Analytics
  • Monitor how prospects navigate your site to
    improve conversions
  • Traffic source (email, natural, paid, links from
    other content?)1
  • What do they do when they arrive?
  • Is there a drop off in traffic through funnel?2
  • Keep in mind that web analytics is a trending
    process, part science/part art

Web Analytics Terms 101
  • Unique visitors, not hits
  • Hits Measures every element that loads when a
    visitor request a page (images, javascript, the
    html itself).
  • A visitor requesting a page with 30 elements
    would register as 30 hits! This is an inflated
    you shouldnt measure.
  • Bounce rate Measured in two ways
  • of visitors who see just one page on your site,
  • visitors who stay on the site for a small
    amount of time (usually five seconds or less).
  • Your homepage bounce rate should be 30 or less
  • Conversions the of visitors that did what you
    wanted them to do when they were on your website
  • For example donate, download a .pdf, sign up for
    a newsletter
  • Industry standard conversion rate is 8-10

Questions _at_ Conversion to List?
  • Landing Page testing
  • Usability Testing
  • Improving web site conversions

Conversion to Donor
  • Email welcome series
  • Calendar of email communications
  • Social Media offline integration

Starting a Conversation that Makes Prospects Want
to Donate
Conversion to Donor - Email
  • Converting new names to supporters requires
    welcome series email
  • Best Practice for Welcome Series
  • Action email first, not generic welcome message
    or ask
  • Match action email to the prospects sign on
  • Ask for donation within the first week
  • Segment these names for at least 2 weeks before
    adding to generic messaging
  • Test message elements to increase conversions
    (from line, subject, copy, headers, link text,
    signer, P.S.)
  • Test landing pages to increase conversions

Conversion to Donor - Email
  • Personalize the Message
  • Segment list
  • Ask for preferences in issue, frequency of
  • Send them messaging based on preference
  • Personalize based on donors info/web activity

Calendar of Email Communications
  • Create messaging so that its a building
  • Test individual messages
  • From line, subject line, body content, links,
    headers, call to action, signer, P.S.
  • Measure success based on
  • Rates for delivers, opens, CTR, and landing page
  • Overall Cost per acquisition/email. Donation
    average per acquisition/email. Overall number and
    type of touch point per donor/activist

Email Mobile challenges
  • Unique Challenges with Mobile users
  • Emails and web pages need to be designed for
    mobile use, otherwise renders weird.
  • Mobile traffic is not caught through traditional
    web analytic programs because JavaScript is not
  • Additional mobile analytic programs or add-ons
    are required

Conversion to Donor Social Media
Monologues are over, no more Ill publish and
put it out there and youll consume and you
better not complain!. It is now a dialog. -
Avinash Kaushik, Occams Razor
Conversion to Donor Social Media
  • Engage Them in Your Story
  • Social media/web 2.0 Web pages created by all
    users without central control
  • Good for
  • Listening to better understand supporters (focus
  • Spreading the message about missing
  • Building attachment to mission
  • Building closer grassroots relationship among
  • Having donors help define national issue focus

Conversion to Donor Social Media
  • Enable them to Spread the Word
  • Ask them to forward email
  • Post online content that is easily shareable
  • To the prospects blog, Facebook profile, etc.
  • Ask them to invite others (to social profile, to
    petition, etc)

Social Media Tracking Testing
  • Testing Improving Social Medias role in
  • Calls to action (eye tracking), frequency of use
    of platform tools (posts, sent emails, etc) cross
  • Track keyword activity cross social media
    platform (online reputation monitoring)
  • Track visitors/subscribers, stickiness, of
    comments, and conversion based on platform,
    increased traffic to your website.

Conversion to Donor Integrated
  • Higher Donation Rates Long Term Donor Value
    with Campaigns that integrate online, DM, TM and
    face-to-face engagement

Questions _at_ Conversion to Donor?
  • Email welcome series
  • Calendar of email communications
  • Social Media offline integration

  • Natural or Paid Acquisition
  • Focus on words, analytics and testing
  • Ease of Sign up
  • Use best practices, consistent messaging, and
    test for usability
  • Getting them to Give
  • Personalize messaging based on prospects
  • Coordinated multichannel works best
  • Email, social media, DM, TM and face-to-face for
    donor conversion and evangelism

  • More info
  • Additional Learning Resources

More about Google
  • Googles aggressive Spam filter is committed to
    delivering quality results matched to the
    searchers intent.
  • Filters out pages with
  • Redirects
  • More garbage vs. good content
  • Deceptive coding (this is always changing)
  • Non-unique pages
  • Sites that only contain inbound links
  • Same/similar colored text and background
  • If found to be Spam not listed

Some of the factors we know about
Additional Tools
  • Analyzing your competition
  • SEO for Firefox
  • SeoMozs Tools
  • Picking keywords
  • SEO Books Keyword Tool
  • Understanding how the Engines see yrou site
  • Google Webmaster Tools
  • Yahoo Site Explorer
  • Live Search Webmaster Central

Learn More Search Marketing
  • My blog Search Marketing for Nonprofits Blog
  • http//
  • How Search Engines work
  • http//
  • The expert on linking strategies
  • http//
  • SEOMoz
  • http//
  • Bruce Clays blog
  • http//
  • Search Engine Optimization An Hour a Day (book)
  • http//

Learn More Web Analytics
  • How web analytics is like using Evite for a
    holiday party
  • Occams Razor by Avinash Kaushik
  • Web Analytics Demystified (book)
  • http//
  • Google Analytics 2.0 (book)
  • Web Analytics An Hour A Day (book)

Learn More Social Media
  • Social Media Today
  • http//
  • The Original Signal Web 2.0 blog
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  • Social Media 101
  • http//
  • Groundswell (book)
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