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Developed Tranche module templates to setup various milestones per Tranche and ... Tranche Redemption Module. Functionality. Type. 2006 Enhancements ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: SCOPA


23 August 2006
Purpose and structure of the presentation
  • Purpose to inform the meeting of the progress
    that has been made with enhancing the systems,
    procedures and investigations in the matters
    raised as irregularities on the HSS.
  • Structure of the presentation
  • Progress on matters raised by the AG Report -
    National Department of Housing
  • Additional matters raised by SCOPA
  • Provincial progress reports.

Matters raised by the Auditor Generals Report
  • Subsidy approvals to government employees earning
    salaries in excess of the housing subsidy
  • Subsidy approvals after the applicants date of
  • Approval of more than one housing subsidy for a
    specific applicant or spouse
  • Subsidy approvals to applicants under the age of
  • Subsidies awarded to individuals receiving
    monthly payments from the Government Employee
    Pension Fund
  • Subsidy approvals to applicants with invalid ID
  • Duplicate subsidy approvals for a specific
  • The administration of subsidy application forms
  • Manual overrides of the Housing Subsidy System in
    the approval of housing subsidies
  • Approved housing subsidies not listed on the
    National Housing Subsidy Database

Subsidy approvals to government employees earning
salaries in excess of the housing subsidy
  • System
  • Extended search process against UIF and PERSAL
  • Principle approval to search against SARS
  • Data
  • Obtain latest UIF dataset on 2 August, completed
    process and imported records (141 million) on
    NHADB Gateway
  • Obtained latest PERSAL dataset on 11 August, and
    import the 1.2 million records on NHADB Gateway
  • Testing as enhance HSS is rolled out in August
  • Submit ID numbers for search against UIF and
    PERSAL datasets
  • Verify search results
  • Based on outcome of search results implement
  • Live Link
  • August 2006

Accompanying actions …
  • Draft checking list to be provided to PHD's to
    verify applications forms for correctness and
  • Copies of application forms for various
  • Identify additional requirements
  • System
  • Message on HSS Income screen requesting data
    capturer to confirm that income details captured
    is the same as the information provided on
    application form
  • With next release of HSS November 2006
  • Have met with SARS to get agreement to also
    search against their data in process to finalise
    the MOU and letter.

Subsidy approvals after the applicants date of
  • System
  • Confirm the interpretation of error message
    received from Population register on the HSS
  • Will be confirmed during testing of extended
    search process (rolled out in August 2006)

Approval of more than one housing subsidy for a
specific applicant or spouse
  • Process
  • Change the weekly upload process of approved
    application to the NHSDB to daily.
  • Uploads are done on a daily basis
  • Finalise with PHD's additional measures that can
    be built in to the HSS e.g. certain overwrites
    require confirmation from two role players on a
    PHD level,
  • and certain overwrites can only be approved by an
    identified role player
  • At next HSS Quarterly Steering Committee Meeting
  • Based on recommendations from PHDs the HSS will
    be enhanced
  • Planned release November 2006
  • System
  • Remove the functionality on the HSS that enable
    PHD's to manually changes the status of an
  • PHD will not be able to changes status of
    applicant manually
  • Enhanced HSS to be rolled out from 4 August 2006

Subsidy approvals to applicants under the age of
  • Policy
  • Clarify issue to all provinces re- approval of
    applicants under 21 yrs of age
  • Inputs from Programme Management
  • Action List 11 July 2006
  • Clarify and validate calculation of age on HSS
    rounding up or down
  • The HSS was enhanced to calculate the age of an
    applicant taking in account the birth month as
    well. This functionality will be available in the
    next roll out that is taking place from 4 August

Subsidies awarded to individuals receiving
monthly payments from the Government Employee
Pension Fund
  • System
  • Extended Search programme was developed and in
    process of being rolled out
  • Engaged with GEPF and authorization was obtained
  • Provided GEPF with data requirement
  • In process to confirm data exchange process
  • Release with next release of HSS November 2006

Subsidy approvals to applicants with invalid ID
  • Verify that the import filter do not allow
    Invalid id's to be imported
  • In process to redevelop import and export
  • Taking in account that information from older
    version cannot be imported
  • Development to be completed by September 2006
  • System
  • Perform tests to ensure that the various capture
    modules used in the operational environment to
    capture applications does not allow invalid ID's
  • In process to verify capture module
  • Taking in account that older version of capture
    module and capture modules developed by various
    role players is still utilized
  • Verification to be completed by September 2006

Duplicate subsidy approvals for a specific
  • System
  • Ensure that HSS does not allow duplicate stand
    numbers per project
  • HSS was enhanced and the new release will not
    allow duplicate stand numbers within a project.
    Roll out commence on 4 August 2006
  • Process
  • Quarterly HSS Steering Committee Meeting agree
    on process to ensure that the correct stand
    numbers is assigned to a specific property.
  • Closure of projects to confirm that all transfers
    have taken place and that no duplicate stands
    were allocated
  • Identify projects that can be closed off, report
    available on HSS Online
  • Deeds report available to assist with process

The administration of subsidy application forms
  • Process
  • Investigate a filing system for application forms
    - scanning of application forms, linkage to
    corresponding record on HSS, retrieval of
    application form for verification
  • Met with a few provinces to do an assessment of
    the current situation
  • Developed a questionnaire for provinces to
  • Questionnaire has been mailed to the address list
    of the people attended the last JSC
  • First draft of a proposed system to be submitted
    during September 2006 JSC.

Manual overrides of the Housing Subsidy System in
the approval of housing subsidies
  • Process
  • Centralized the registration and updating of HSS
    User rights and profiles
  • Process to establish a Virtual Private network
  • To be implemented by November 2006
  • Revisit existing application form for access and
    rights on the HSS.
  • Redevelop existing form and distributed to PHDs
  • Submit information on current users and their
    profiles to PHDs for verification
  • Quarterly revision of User profiles
  • NDoH to ensure continuous analysis of reports
    relating to the use of this functionality and
    monitor its usage
  • Various indicators were developed and will be run
    against the provincial HSS Databases on a
    quarterly basis
  • Reports to be distributed to PHDs
  • First release August 2006
  • Automate the exception report currently available
    to ensure that role players identified by PHD's
    receive the report via email
  • Exception report available on HSS Online
  • Automate report to be mailed August 2006
  • PHDs to identify person to receive report

Approved housing subsidies not listed on the
National Housing
  • Process
  • Ensured that the identified cases are uploaded to
    the NHSDB and we are in the process to determine
    any shortcomings by
  • Upload of approved beneficiaries from the HSS to
    NHSDB now done daily and
  • Monitor records declined during upload process
  • Use the enhanced HSS as from August 2006 to
    provide reports monthly
  • System
  • NHADB Gateway (implemented August 2006) will
    provide the functionality to monitor the number
    of approved beneficiaries uploaded to the NHSDB
    as well as reasons for declining
  • Develop Upload functionality
  • Reports on records uploaded and declined
  • November 2006

Additional matters raised by SCOPA
  • The status of availability of skills and capacity
    in the National and provincial departments of
    housing especially with regard to the functions
  • Capacity to setup proper systems and procedure
    within provinces to operate better?
  • Training / Capacity Building conducted by the
    National Department with regard to
  • DORA funding for capacity building
  • Improvement on National Policy implementation
  • To render better support and alignment to
  • Loopholes in the subsidy administration and
    payment processes
  • Systems and means provided to the provinces to
    operate properly?
  • Monitoring systems deployed by National
    Department of Housing in order to monitor
    expenditure, delivery (performance) patterns
  • Progress through the JSC

Discussion and challenges …
  • The foundation for policy implementation remains
    the National Housing Code and the Department is
    enhancing the Code with guidelines and
    interpretation notes
  • Provinces remain the decision-making authority
    regarding National Housing Programmes
  • The HSS has been designed to provide warning
    signals when policy rules are not followed and
  • now is building on required fields to be captured
    before payment is made in accordance to the
    alignment between the HSS and BAS
  • DORA required the HSS as a compulsory system from
    2003, after the first audit by PWC and Gabodo on
    the systems and onwards
  • A system that accommodated all provincial
    requirements inline with policy
  • The HSS must accommodate flexibility for all
    different instruments and policies
  • There are procedures for a controlled and
    auditable overriding authority

continue …
  • Capacity
  • Provinces have own teams of approximately 350
    users for beneficiary, claims and payment,
    project and budget management, trained systems
  • National provide support to the provinces in
    terms usage of the system
  • (2 dedicated and trained resources to assist
    users with the usage of the systems and to
    provide data quality services (alignment of HSS
    and BAS), updating of project progress
  • additionally the department has a service level
    agreement with SITA to provide the services of
  • 4 system developers,
  • 1 mainframe programmer,
  • 2 database administrators,
  • 3 report developers,
  • a business process specialist,
  • systems engineer,
  • a scheduled training programme makes provision
    of 10 days HSS related training per month
    coordinated nationally with the option that
    provinces can request specific training on the
    basis of provincial need
  • Continuous and complete uploading of provincial
    data and assistance with data capture
  • Data audit in 2005 and implemented a quarterly
    technical and data assessment
  • The HSS was initially only designed as a
    verification instrument to determine if a
    applicant qualifies for a housing subsidy, later
    developed into an administrative system to
    support the housing subsidy scheme through the
    management of subsidies, reporting system and now
    enhanced with monitoring capabilities
  • The JSC meet on a monthly basis and set targets
    for finalising the process of investigation

Assessment of the HSS Environment
HUiMS, - business information reporting…
Exception reports
Pre 2006 Enhancements on the HSS
Pre 2006 Enhancements on the HSS
2006 Enhancements
2006 Enhancements
2006 / 07 and planned…
Policy Interpretations on…
Under aged beneficiaries
  • The qualification criteria for participation to
    the Housing Subsidy Scheme are not based on age.
    However, it requires a person to be competent to
    contract. Generally, 21 years of age and having
    a sound mind is regarded as the only criteria in
    order to be competent to contract.
  • However, a person younger than 21 years of age
    and is of sound mind, becomes competent to
    contract should he or she marry. This competency
    will remain valid even if such a person should
    divorce his or her partner before reaching the
    age of 21 years. A court of law may also declare
    a person competent to contract.

Applicants who have previously benefited
  • The qualification criteria for participation to
    the Housing Subsidy Scheme determines that
    neither the applicant nor his or spouse may have
    previously benefited from the subsidy scheme. As
    a result, a person who have benefited in the
    past, divorced his or partner and remarried a
    partner who has not previously benefited, both
    the parties of the second marriage will be
  • It is noted a persons eligibility to participate
    for a second time to the subsidy scheme in the
    case of a divorce, subject to the terms of the
    divorce order. In such a case the person would
    not have derived any benefits from the
    termination of the marriage in respect of the
    residential property.

Administration of subsidy applications after an
applicant had died
  • The determining factor will be the date of death
    in relation with the date on which the subsidy is
    approved. Should an applicant (not the spouse)
    passes away after the property has been
    transferred the property will form part of the
    deceased persons estate and must be administered
    in terms of the relevant legislation.
  • Should an applicant (not the spouse) pass away
    before the property has been transferred, the
    status of the applicants household will be the
    determining factor. If the spouse has a
    financial dependant, the qualification criterion
    will still be met and the subsidy should be made
    available to the spouse. This will not apply in
    the case of disabled persons. However, if there
    is no spouse/financial dependants, the subsidy
    approval must be withdrawn.

Transfer of ownership
  • The transfer of ownership registration obligation
    has been moved from completion of engineering
    services to the time of occupation of the house.
    At this stage subsidy application details, not
    older than three months, will be obligatory.

Deregistration of missing beneficiaries
  • The attached guidelines have been developed to
    provide for a scenario were government housing
    subsidy beneficiaries are missing, or are unable
    to take physical occupation, and the properties
    need to be deregistered in the Office of the
    Chief Registrar of Deeds. The guidelines are
    applicable from 1 July 2005

Disparity between date of capture date of
  • Clarification is required on what date must be
    used to fail the applicant in relation to the
    searches e.g. date application form was signed,
    date received by PHD, date capture on HSS or date
    of searches.
  • Also the time frame that is acceptable from the
    search to approval status e.g. if the search
    results is older that 3 months must the applicant
    be sent for a search again before approval or not
  • If the applicant is approved and the first
    payment claimed against the applicant is 6 month
    or more what rules must be applied

Review of application form last pay slip etc
  • In the feedback to SCOPA the department indicated
    that the pay slip attached to the application
    form must not be older than 3 months, but in many
    cases this will not be relevant as the
    applications can be submitted 3 months later to
    the PHD.
  • Thus a time lag of 6 months is promoted in
    respect of the need to clarify on the acceptable
    time lag on pay slip attached to application form
    and any of the other dates e.g. signed
    application form, submitted to PHD, Capture on
    HSS, Search and Approval date

Progress … based on Provincial Reports
In summary…
  • 48 744 cases identified by provinces
  • 32 344 cases under investigation
  • 3 523 cases found to comply
  • 4 910 cases found to be irregular
  • 3 604 of files missing
  • 610 dockets opened by SAPS
  • 3 753 cases to be classified
  • Target end December 2006

Status of Provincial Investigations
Eastern Cape
  • 2004 Total number of cases
  • 32 Cases found to comply
  • 610 Cases found to be irregular
  • 816 Files missing
  • 784 Cases under investigation
  • 610 Dockets opened by SAPS

Free State
  • 1 218 cases identified by province
  • 81 cases found to comply
  • 620 cases found to be irregular
  • Unknown files missing
  • 187 cases under investigation

  • 3 411 cases identified by province
  • Unknown cases found to comply
  • Unknown cases found to be irregular
  • Unknown files missing
  • 3 411 cases under investigation

Kwa ZuluNatal
  • 23 392 cases identified by province
  • 296 cases found to comply
  • 241 cases found to be irregular
  • 93 files missing
  • 22 714 cases under investigation

  • 4 746 cases identified by province
  • 24 cases found to comply
  • 325 cases found to be irregular
  • 1 358 files missing
  • 3 121 cases under investigation

  • 1 028 cases identified by province
  • 143 cases found to comply
  • 231 cases found to be irregular
  • 316 files missing
  • 259 cases under investigation

Northern Cape
  • 4 113 cases identified by province
  • 141 cases found to comply
  • 107 cases found to be irregular
  • 39 files missing
  • 623 cases under investigation

North West
  • 2 849 cases identified by province
  • 271 cases found to comply
  • 1 971 cases found to be irregular
  • 16 files missing
  • 26 cases under investigation

Western Cape
  • 5 983 cases identified by province
  • 2 535 cases found to comply
  • 805 cases found to be irregular
  • 966 files missing
  • 1 219 cases under investigation

Questions and clarifications…