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Tuesday 22nd September


Access to a wide range of information about your studies and University life: ... students must take this 5-credit supernumerary module (hence the 125 credits in ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Tuesday 22nd September

Level 1 Introductory Meeting
  • Tuesday 22nd September

  • Welcome and Introductions
  • Registration and Module Enrolment
  • Modules and Timetable
  • Communication
  • Year 1 Programme
  • Personal Tutoring
  • Student Liaison Officer
  • Examinations Officer
  • Instituto Cervantes
  • Instituto Camões
  • Institut Ramon Llull
  • SLAPSoc
  • Skills_at_Library
  • Questions?

Portal (http//myuni.leeds.ac.uk)
  • Your homepage at the University. Log in from any
    internet connection using your University
    username password.
  • Access to a wide range of information about your
    studies and University life
  • Student Services including registration, module
    enrolment other administrative processes
  • Module documentation
  • Timetable
  • University e-mail account
  • Virtual Learning Environment (VLE)
  • Library catalogue
  • And many others.

Online registration
  • Should already have received information about
    online registration by post.
  • You may already have registered online. If not
  • You need to do it this week
  • A helpdesk is available in Parkinson Court
  • Further guidance is availablevia the Portal

Module Enrolment
  • Each module is worth a certain number of credits.
    Language students normally take 125 credits in
    Level 1, and 120 credits per year after that.
  • Make absolutely sure you sign up for the correct
    number of credits ask if in doubt!
  • Three categories of modules. On most programmes
    youll do some of each.
  • Compulsory Most programmes have some modules
    taken by all students
  • Optional More specialised modules within your
    main subject area, allowing you to tailor your
    programme to suit your own interests
  • Elective Modules from outside your main subject
    area. Leeds offers a huge choice.

Module Enrolment
  • Must do 120 credits a year
  • Equal credit split between Semester 1 and
    Semester 2
  • For example, 60/60 or 70/50
  • Not allowed to do 80/40
  • Must pass all SPPO modules to proceed to level 2.

Module Enrolment
  • Compulsory modules
  • Have already been added to your record
  • The system should not allow you to delete these
  • If it does let you dont do it!

Module Enrolment
  • Optional modules
  • If there are any optional modules in the first
    year of your programme you should select them
    online via Student Services. The system will
    present you with a list of optional modules and
    tell you how many credits / modules you need to
  • only applies to SH Spanish and Hispanic and Latin
    American Studies.
  • To find out what is involved in your programme
    then look at the Programme Catalogue
  • http//webprod1.leeds.ac.uk/banner/programmesearch

Module Enrolment
  • Elective modules
  • If your programme entitles you to take elective
  • Information about each available module can be
    found in the Electives Handbook
  • You may already have enrolled on line. If you
    need any further advice, go along to the Module
    Fair in the Great Hall, Tuesday 22nd and
    Wednesday 23rd September.

  • You can access and print out your personal
    timetable via the Student Services in the Portal
  • Check your timetable regularly during Intro Week
    and the first couple of weeks of term
  • classes/lectures sometimes have to change
  • Make sure that you look at the timetable for both
  • some lectures may only run for one semester or
    may run at a different time or in a different
    location in the second semester.

Language Group Clashes
  • If you have a clash with any of your language
    classes (both Spanish and Portuguese)
  • take your full and complete (printed) timetable
    to the General Office
  • bring your Student Card with you if possible
  • you cannot choose which group you go into it
    depends on the space available
  • all changes because of clashes must be done by
    Monday 28th September (where possible).

General Office
  • If you need help or advice then go to the General
  • located in Room 219, Michael Sadler Building
  • we are open Monday to Friday from 9.00am to 5pm.
  • During term time academic members of staff should
    be contacted in their Office Hours or via email.
  • members of staff will endeavour to reply to
    emails within a reasonable time period, normally
    3 days
  • an immediate response should not be expected.

  • Portal will be used for a lot of administrative
    communication. You should check it every day
  • e-mail we will only e-mail your University
    e-mail address. You should check it every day
    (through the Portal)
  • personalise your University e-mail account so
    that your full name appears on any e-mail you
    send, otherwise youll only appear to us as
    ml07xyz, making it difficult to identify you
  • in Webmail system click on Options
  • then Click on Personal Information
  • then Edit your Identities
  • make the appropriate changes enter your full
  • announcements in the VLE specifically relating
    to modules you are studying
  • notice boards.

Year 1 Programme
  • Dr Stuart Green
  • Director of Undergraduate Studies
  • Email s.n.s.j.green_at_leeds.ac.uk

Leeds for Life what it is

An entitlement for all students which helps them
integrate their academic and wider university
experience and prepare for their future.

Phase 2 website
  • Single log-in via the Portal
  • Interactive website with tailored information for
    students on opportunities and skills
  • Web-based templates for personal tutorials
    focusing on academic development,
    non-academic/well-being and professional
  • Leeds for Life Foundation grants

Personal tutoring
  • Each student is allocated a personal tutor in
    line with the University Learning Teaching
    Partnership Agreement
  • Meet one-to-one at least once per semester (Level
    1 students meet twice in Semester 1)
  • Your personal tutors name can be found via the
    Portal on the Student Services tab.

Level 1 Modules - Spanish
  • SPPO1010 Practical Language Skills in Spanish 1
  • Module Co-ordinator Bettina Hermoso
  • One lecture and two classes per week
  • plus Club de Conversación and other autonomous
    learning activities.
  • Aula 4 (Internacional) available from LUU
  • SPPO1170 Approaches to Spanish and Spanish
    American Studies
  • Module Co-ordinator Dr Richard Cleminson
  • One lecture per week Wednesday 11-12.

Level 1 Modules - Spanish
  • SPPO1042 The Historical Development of Spain and
    Spanish America
  • Module Co-ordinator Dr Gregorio Alonso
  • Two lectures/seminars per week (Semester 1 only)
  • Only open to SH Spanish/HLAS students.
  • SPPO1160 Introduction to the Cultural Production
    of Spain and Spanish America
  • Module Co-ordinator Dr Milagros López-Peláez
  • Two lectures/seminars per week (Semester 2 only)
  • Only open to SH Spanish/HLAS students.

Level 1 Modules - Portuguese
  • SPPO1080/SPPO1081 Portuguese Language for
  • Module Co-ordinator Stephanie Dennison
  • Two 2-hour classes per week.
  • SPPO1083 Intermediate Portuguese
  • Module Co-ordinator Sofia Martinho
  • Classes timetabled in conjunction with students
    own timetables.
  • Meeting for all level one students of Portuguese
    (including elective students and intermediate)
    this Friday 1pm in Michael Sadler Building LG15

Level 1 Electives
  • SPPO1140 Elementary Catalan Language
  • Module Co-ordinator Kristina Plà
  • MODL1030 and MODL1040 Introduction to World
  • Module Tutor Tiago De Luca

MODL1010 IT for Language Students
  • All level 1 languages students must take this
    5-credit supernumerary module (hence the 125
    credits in Level 1, rather than the usual 120
  • The module is designed to provide training in the
    IT and associated skills required by UG students
    of modern languages
  • Taught entirely online, there will be no classes
    to attend
  • You will receive an email with instructions on
    how to proceed
  • Drop-in session each week if you need help.

Student Liaison Officer
  • Staff-Student Committee
  • Chair Duncan Wheeler (d.wheeler_at_leeds.ac.uk)
  • make your voice heard about any aspect (positive
    or negative) of your studies in the Department
  • matters discussed in meetings are resolved
    straight away or raised in Departmental meetings
  • essential for the success of the Department and a
    good opportunity to acquire skills useful after
  • five student representatives are required for
    each year
  • 2 x Single Honours 2 x Joint Honours 1 x

Examinations Officer
  • Dr Gregorio Alonso
  • Email g.alonso_at_leeds.ac.uk
  • Plagiarism
  • http//www.ldu.leeds.ac.uk/lt/plagiarism.htm
  • Plagiarism is defined as presenting someone
    elses work as your own.

Examinations Officer
  • Mitigating Circumstances
  • Procedure for informing the department
  • all mitigating circumstances to be informed using
    the relevant form, which will be available on the
    VLE and from the General Office
  • forms to be submitted to Mercedes Watson within 7
    days of the event to which it corresponds
  • last date for submission is the Monday after the
    last semester 2 exams (Monday 7th June 2010).

Instituto Cervantes
  • Antonio Martínez Arboleda
  • Departmental Liaison Officer with the Instituto
  • Email a.martinez-arboleda_at_leeds.ac.uk
  • The Instituto Cervantes is located at 169
    Woodhouse Lane.
  • The cultural events of the Instituto Cervantes
    can form part of your Autonomous Learning
  • look out for the programme.
  • The Library of the Instituto Cervantes is open to

Instituto Camões
  • Dr David Frier
  • Liaison Officer with the Instituto Camões
  • Email d.g.frier_at_leeds.ac.uk
  • Sofia Martinho
  • Director of the Camões Centre for Portuguese
  • Email s.martinho_at_leeds.ac.uk

Institut Ramon Llull
  • Kristina Plà
  • Lectora of the Institut Ramon Llull
  • Email k.plafernandez_at_leeds.ac.uk

SLAPSocSpanish, Latin American and Portuguese
  • Siobhan Quinn

  • Anna Seabourne

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