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Lake restoration cooperation between inhabitants, city and state examples from Northern Finland


Lake restoration -co-operation between inhabitants, city and state ... net 90 metal wire traps, local professional fishermen (0,5 /kg) seine net ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Lake restoration cooperation between inhabitants, city and state examples from Northern Finland

Lake restoration -co-operation between
inhabitants, city and state -examples from
Northern Finland
Timo Yrjänä LAKEPROMO 25.-26.11.2006 Kuopio
  • Järvien kunnostaminen kansalaisten, kunnan ja
    valtion yhteistyönä -esimerkkejä

NOREC and lake restorationNORECNorthern
Ostrobothnia Regional Environment Centre
  • Priorisation of initiatives made by stake-holders
    use and nature values (I-III)
  • National/international planned and organised
  • by NOREC, inhabitants and city are partners
  • provincial stakeholders, city/and state operate
  • local stakeholders do, NOREC gives advices

Some priorisations in 2004
  • Pyöriäsuon turvetuotantoalueen muuttaminen
    lintualueeksi, Yli-Ii, 20.2.2004 III
  • Mustaputaan vedenvirtauksen edistäminen,
    Ylikiiminki, 20.2.2004 III
  • Iso-Orastinjärven kunnostus, Ii, 20.2.2004 III
  • Tikkakosken korjaaminen, Alavieska, 30.31004
  • Tulijärven tilan parantaminen, Muhos,
    30.3.2004 II
  • Lamujoen Alikosken kalataloudelliset
    kunnostukset, Piippola, 30.3.2004 III
  • Vuohtajärven Vattulahden kunnostus, Reisjärvi,
    30.3.2004 III
  • Iso-Olvasjärven parantaminen, Utajärvi,
    27.4.2004 II
  • Naisjärven kunnostus ja pohjapatojen
    rakentaminen, Pudasjärvi, 27.4.2004 III
  • Uuranputaan kunnostus, Pudasjärvi,
    27.4.2004 III
  • Oijärven kunnostaminen, Kuivaniemi, 15.6.2004

Planning and financing
  • Lake Torankijärvi
  • Consultant office (aeration), City and NOREC
    officers, project workers
  • City of KuusamoEVONOREC
  • EVOEnergy and water co-operative
  • Lake Saunajärvi project worker, consultant
  • ERDF, City of Pudasjärvi, local people
  • Lake Pirttijärvi
  • Master Thesis, consultant office
  • Cottage owners (50)City of Muhos, NOREC
  • Regulated lakes in Kalajoki watershed

Lake Torankijärvi (A226 ha, shallow)
  • Load waste waters of Kuusamo city
  • directly to the lake 1940s-1950s
  • Sedimentation ponds in 1960s
  • 1973 biosorption pond
  • Modern waste water treatment plant 1982
  • Internal load, Algal blooms, no fishing (bad
    quality of fishes
  • NATURA 2000 resting place for birds
  • Park area for the city

First restoration plan in 1985
-Aeration 1985 Planox EVO, compensation from
waste waters -Dredging of shallow vegetation
areas (NOREC, City) Aim to improve lake
scenery Results park like bank line without
aquatic plants increasing phosporus
content algal blooming, reduction in the bird
New restoration measures
  • Bad reputation no swimming, no fishing
  • Conflict heavy restoration measuresgtltNatura 2000
    (bird habitats)
  • Torankijärvi council
  • City, water and land owners, bird watchers, NOREC
    (waste waterbirdrestoration officers, EVO
  • yksimielisyys, sitoutuminen
  • New restoration measures fot the period before
    final solution where to lead the waste waters

Measures in 2000s
  • To reduce internal load
  • Aeration
  • Biomanipulation
  • To improve recreational value of the lake
  • Cutting of trees and bushes from coastal area
  • Building of bird watching tower

Aeration 2002-
  • One old Planox O2-content in late winter 2,5-4
    mg/l, nutrient lead from sediment, fish kills
  • leasing of 2 new Mixox (MC750), all around the
    year 1 AireO2 in winter (5,5 kW)
  • Minimum O2-content in late winter 1,7 mg/l from
    year 2002, amount of nutrients in lake water in
    summer variable, declining direction?,

  • 3 project workers 1 fyke net90 metal wire
    traps, local professional fishermen (0,5 /kg)
    seine net
  • 2001 36 kg/ha, 2002 39 kg/ha, 2003 42 kg/ha,
    2004 ?
  • 2003 professionals 5100project workers 4400 kg
  • Both are needed

Relation of total phosphorus and chlorophyll
contents in summer in Lake Torankijärvi
Lake Saunajärvi (A80ha, shallow)
  • Forest lake (80 from catcment area), some summer
    cottages and a camping resort, originally clear
    water, rarely stratified, O2 depletions, algal
    blooms, decreased recreational use
  • External load 19 kg/ total P in year forestry
    operations most important source, internal load
    - estimated to be remarkable

(No Transcript)
Phosphorus load to the Lake Saunajärvi
Restoration measures
  • Fish removal during 15 years
  • first local fishery organisation
  • 2001 ERDF-project, local fishermer participate
  • Financial support for waste water treatment
    systems of summer cottages

Fish removal
(No Transcript)
Effects of restoration measures to phosphorus
content inlake Saunajärvi
Lake Pirttijärvi (A36 ha)
  • Shallow lake, mean depth 1,55 m, 2 m soft
    sediment on the bottom (max. 5 m)
  • Eutrophicated (a-chlorophyll 56-89ug/l,tot-N
    815ug)l, tot-P 45 ug/l)
  • Algal blooms, earlier forestry operations,
    summer cottges
  • Cottage owners pay half of the cost, which are 54

Pirttijärvi-temporary drying
  • 800 m of natural outlet has been dredged during
    this autumn
  • Sedimentation pond
  • Regulation dam have been constructed
  • Water will be led out during next winter
  • People can reconsrtact they own strand areas
  • Lake will be filled again using spring flood in

Effects of temporary drying
  • Sediment becomes more tight/solid
  • It will get hard surface layer
  • Increase in water volume
  • Wind will not mixe the bottom sediment (as much
    as before)
  • Total fish removal, regulation dam is a migration
    barrier gt possible to control fish population in

Pipe-aeration apparatus
Principle Propeller circulate oxygen rich
surface water to the depth of 5 meter Amount
of circulated water 400l/s
Pipe aeration apparatus mix water layers and
equalize oxygen content, Regulated lake
Vuohtojärvi, winter 1995-1996
NOREC has aerasted regulated laks in Kalajoki
watershed during ten yers
Lakes which most often have needed
aeration Hautaperä Reservoir, Lake Vuohtojärvi,
Lake Kiljanjärvi and Lake Kuonanjärvi
Brush aeration apparatus in Lake Kuonanjärvi 2001
Beacaue of aeration oxygen content was moderate
in late winter despite of remarkable reduce in
water level.