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Fight the Bite


It was first detected in the western hemisphere in 1999 and ... Russel, Sabin. ' Rare form of West Nile worries California athlete.' 25 Aug. 2004. ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Fight the Bite

Fight the Bite
West Nile Virus
  • By Tiffany Bartley
  • Danny Colapietro

What is the West Nile Virus?
  • The West Nile Virus is a disease that affects the
    nervous system.
  • It was first detected in the western hemisphere
    in 1999 and since then 46 states have been
    affected and over 9,800 people have been
  • West Nile is transmitted to humans through
    mosquito bites but is not contagious.

Where does it come from?
  • In 1937 the disease was first found in Africa,
    West Asia, and the Middle East(U.S Department of
  • The disease is spread by different types of
    species of mosquitoes, birds, and even in one
    case a horse.

The Mosquito
  • This common flying insect can be found throughout
    the world. There are many different kinds of
  • Females drink blood and the nectar of plants
    while the males only drink the nectar.
  • When bitten by a female mosquito, she injects a
    anti-clotting chemical into her prey. She finds
    her victims by sight, smell, and heat. But not
    all types bite humans.

Body of Mosquito
Mosquitos --
  • Most people who are infected by the virus
    experience no symptoms or mild flu-like symptoms.
  • People who are at high risk are elderly and those
    with lowered immune systems.
  • The symptoms appear within 2-14 days after the
    bite of the mosquito.

More Symptoms
High fever
Muscle weakness
Neck stiffness
Skin rash
Head and body aches
Less than 1 develop meningitis or encephalitis
How are the symptoms treated?
  • There is no specific treatment for the virus or
    vaccine to prevent it. But to treat the symptoms
    they use these treatmentshttp//westnilemaps.usg

Severe sickness could result in being hospitalized
Drinking lots of fluids
Respiratory support
Prevention of infection
Good nursing care
To Reduce the Risk
  • Avoid being outdoors while mosquitoes are out.
  • Make sure doors and windows have tight fitting
  • Wear socks, shoes, long pants, and long sleeve
    shirts while outdoors.
  • Avoid wetlands where mosquitoes thrive.
  • Use insect repellant while outdoors.

Pinning the Blame
  • According to Corbin-Mark, the spread of
    mosquito borne illness, West Nile Virus, and the
    northern migration of insects borne tropical
    diseases are caused by increased global warming.
  • Because our global climate is getting hotter
    and our communities are getting hotter, there is
    not opportunity for things to die off the way
    they normally do in nature, Corbin-Mark.

West Nile Vs. The Crucible
In the play, The Crucible, the cause of
everyones problems seems to lead to one person,
one mosquito. Abigail is causing riots and chaos
by accusing all the innocent people around her.
People, such as Mary Warren, dont dare to
disagree with her because she knows the
consequences. No one wants to be near Abigail
because she is the infected one. She is the one
that has all the power to either bite you or let
you go free.
Abagail Witch or Mosquito?
  • Abagail is the mosquito. When she strikes, she
    injects her victim with dishonesty and fear. The
    girls that follow Abigail have been infected with
    these simple traits that keep this virus thriving
    at its highest peak.

At a lake in Colorado last summer, 47-year-old
Pleasanton water skier Richelle Matli was in such
good shape that she knew she had a shot at the
national championships, only two weeks away in
Texas. She was bitten by a mosquito and then it
all went downhill from there. Instead of taking
a trip to Houston, she had to be hospitialized
for a mysterious virus.She was diagnosed for the
West Nile Virus. Matli appeared to have come down
with a rare form of the disease which they now
call acute flaccid paralysis, or West Nile
poliomyelitis. This type of virus tends to affect
healthy people.
West Nile virus affected 3,000 residents and
killed 67. Nationwide, the outbreak killed
264 (Russell).
Victims of West Nile Virus
Richelle Matli
  • "I went into the hospital under my own power and
    came out in a wheelchair, '' said Matli.She
    returned to work in April and, remarkably, has
    returned to the water as well. Now 48, she skied
    in a tournament on July 22 for the first time
    since her illness, drawing cheers from fans on
    shore as she left the dock.

West Nile Virus
Executed Giles Corey was pressed to his
death. Bridget Bishop hanged June 2, 1692 The
Rev. George Burroughs hanged August 19, 1692
Martha Carrier hanged August 19, 1692 Martha
Corey hanged September 22, 1692 Giles Corey
pressed to death September 19, 1692 Mary Easty
hanged September 22, 1692 Sarah Good hanged
June 19, 1692 Elizabeth Howe hanged June 19,
1692 George Jacobs, Sr. hanged August 19, 1692
Susannah Martin hanged June 19, 1692 Rebecca
Nurse hanged June 19, 1692 Alice Parker
hanged September 22, 1692 Mary Parker hanged
September 22, 1692 John Proctor hanged August
19, 1692 Ann Pudeator hanged September 22,
1692 Wilmott Redd hanged September 22, 1692
Margaret Scott hanged September 22, 1692
Samuel Wardwell hanged September 22, 1692
Sarah Wildes hanged June 19, 1692 John Willard
Died in jail Sarah Osborne "Dr." Roger Toothaker
Ann Foster Lydia Dustin Jonathan Anthony
VS. The Salem Witch Trials
  • When the West Nile Virus was first detected,
    people didnt know what to do. They feared what
    would happen to them and how to prevent the virus
    from spreading

After the scare was under control they took
precautions and became more aware of their
In the Crucible, the characters all feared what
was happening to their quiet little town. Any
person mentioned would immediately be either
condemned or they would be able to find a way out
by pushing out the blame.
John Proctor and a few innocent others died as a
result of this fear taking over the town. They
died because no one was willing to take a stand
up against Abagail and fight.
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