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Creative Writing Portfolio 20062007 Forest Park


In this portfolio you will view a collection of different works from a variety ... The sound causes a ripple effect and the whole neighborhood starts to awake ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Creative Writing Portfolio 20062007 Forest Park

Creative Writing Portfolio 2006-2007Forest Park
  • Victoria Carroll
  • 11th Grade
  • Mrs. Dowling
  • Period 7

Click here to view my portfolio
  • Greetings! Im Victoria. Thank you for for
    taking time out of your busy schedules to view my
    portfolio. In this portfolio you will view a
    collection of different works from a variety
    styles I have learned about this year. I am
    extremely proud of all of these pieces, but I am
    especially proud of The Journey to Discovery. I
    have been revising it for a awhile using all of
    the new ideas Ive learned. I think I finally
    have it the way I want it. Hope you enjoy reading
    my work!

Table of Contents
Table of Contents
  • Portfolio 1
  • Empathy
  • The Surprising Generation
  • What Bothers Me
  • The Bustle of The Morning
  • A New Perspective
  • The Decision
  • Poetry
  • The Journey to Discovery
  • Reflections
  • Portfolio 2
  • I Believe
  • Attention Span
  • Three Wishes
  • I Write
  • Through A Cat's Eyes
  • It's so Hard to Make a Choice
  • The Greek Theatre
  • The Bargain
  • Reflections
  • Portfolio 3
  • Complex
  • Floating
  • From My Window
  • The World
  • Geese
  • Motion of the Wind
  • I Don't Understand
  • Tanka
  • Just Because...
  • Youth
  • Monologue
  • Fear
  • Reflections

So sensitive that Im in tune to everyones
emotions Able to identify the feelings of another
and relate by looking at them Can never tell if
what I am feeling is me or the feelings of
another Where do their emotions end and mine
begin? If one is sad, their feelings pass on to
me and become my own The whirl of emotions
confuses My own feelings and emotions are pushed
down deep to make room They form that bottled up
area of emotions that cannot break out The new
feelings take over even though they are not my
own I become tied to that one by their emotions I
feel what they feel I experience what they
experience By the transference of energy the
feelings become part of me Helping relieve the
burden of the carrier Have a compelling need to
reach out and comfort To solve the issue to free
one and myself When one is solved and I am free,
another surfaces Once more I am trapped with the
feelings of another going through the same
The Surprising Generation
People try to put us down just because we get
around. Said Pete Townsend. This can be said to
be true of every generation in history. With the
emergence of a new generation they tend to lean
towards the things that the previous generation
considered unhealthy behavior. The same applies
for our up and coming generation today, which I
am a part of. I must say I cannot speak about our
generation with much authority for I know only so
much. (It is a shame really.) My generation is
more open about the way we express ourselves. Our
speech now includes things that the previous
generation would think were improper to discuss
so casually. We are more accepting of things that
are different and previously hidden in
society. Many people criticize us with Kids
today Well kids today may be more open, but
most of us are extremely hard workers trying to
secure a future after our school life. We are
ensuring that we will be intelligent enough when
it is our turn to take over control of this
country and improve it by learning from past
mistakes. My generation may take many things
that we have for granted, but deep down we know
of their importance even if we dont show it.
(Its a teenager thing.) The older generations
tend to classify us by the small minority of our
group that will try and hold us back. They think
because they have witnessed a few like that that
all of us are exactly the same. That is so far
from the truth that it is almost insulting. Im
not saying that we dont have those few who will
hold us back and make a mockery of all that we
plan to achieve, but that the majority of us that
to care about our futures will overcome them. I
believe we will take this nation by storm.
Everyones in for a big surprise!
What Bothers Me
You know what bothers me? The fact that this year
I planned to go easy on myself this year, but I
seem to have more things to do instead. I have no
time. All I do is go to school or go to work
(school, work, school, work,) so I never have any
time for anything else. I dont have any time to
just hang out or relax and listen to music or
read a book. I especially dont have any time to
spend with all of my friends. I mean if its not
school it is work or vice versa. If I keep
working at this rate I will eventually overload.
I think I need to slow down all of this all work
and no play is making me crazy. I dont even have
time to sleep with all the stuff I do. I
basically am running on nothing by the end of the
week. My lack of sleep is affecting my moods,
level of focus, and my performance in many areas.
Bosses and teachers seem to forget that teenagers
have a lot of responsibilities, even though
school and a job are important we have to juggle
both of them along with other activities and
responsibilities that are on our plates. Ive
been researching and studies show that teens
spend 4 times as much time at jobs as doing
homework, which leaves no time for themselves and
that can lead to a lot of stress, which can put
teens at risk for health problems. Im probably
not the only student that has advanced classes, a
demanding job, volunteering to do, college
preparations, and a bunch of family
responsibilities to juggle, but I think that
something needs to be done. If we keep going at
this rate our performance in life will drop
The Bustle of the Morning
The sun slowly creeps up from its slumber
starting a new day. Silence hangs over the rows
and rows of houses, As the inhabitants are
enjoying their dreams unaware that the morning
hours are approaching on them. The first birds
chirp breaks the silence The sound causes a
ripple effect and the whole neighborhood starts
to awake The incessant barking of the hounds
fills the air letting their owners know it is
time for the morning outing The murmur of the
houses amplify as the families start to prepare
for the day The sounds of the kids shouting bye
as they head out and wait for the bus, mix with
the sounds of the running automobiles as their
parents head off to a long day at work. Standing
on the corner waiting for the bus gives kids the
time to observe their surroundings They notice
all of the neighbors out and about walking dogs,
jogging, riding bikes, or heading off to
work. The world seems to pass by as they just
stand there waiting for the big yellow gas
guzzler to come down the street and carry them
off to school.
A New Perspective
The Pen I am said to be one of the most
essential things people need everyday. I come in
handy at a minutes notice. I lay there next to
all of the other writing utensils closed up in a
protective case, all night in their backpack.
Its a little crowded with the tiny amount of
space I have, and it is pitch black shoved
between all of those books. I know its day when
I suddenly start to get jostled around when the
bag is picked up to head out and start the day.
Finally, the jostling stops and I see light as my
case is pulled out. The hand reaches in, wraps
around me, and pulls me out so I can get to work.
I am put into position that helps me mold to the
comfort of the hand. The hand pushes me along
against the paper and starts to write, the
fingertips send the formations through me to
reach the paper. I am guided along to make the
curved and straight lines to develop words and
sentences. The formations come so naturally to my
design and flow through me to create and express
feelings and emotions, that produce the end
product of with I am proud to help create.
The Decision
Genevieve has been attending Julliard for a
year now. Its the beginning of a new year, and
she is now a sophomore. This year she can
finally begin the more intense stages of the
dance and choral program. Genevieve is really
excited about this opportunity. She has dreamed
of doing this all of her life. Saturday evening,
Genevieve arrived back on campus. She immediately
felt at home. It was like she never left. As she
walked through the halls heading for her dorm,
Genevieve was flooded with a sense of belonging.
She was really glad to be back at school and away
from home. Her family and she didnt quite see
eye to eye on her academic choices. Genevieve
noticed right away that nothing had changed. The
chatter all of the girls made still echoed
through the halls as usual. Everyone was so
excited to be back starting a new year. You could
feel that everyone was just itching to get back
to work. Reaching her dorm, Genevieve was greeted
by her roommate, Chloe. Oh my goodness!
screamed Chloe, I cant believe how good you
look! Thanks, you look great also. Said
Genevieve. Were going to have so much fun this
year! I dont think so! Were going to work
hard and focus this year. You can work and
focus all you want, but Im going to have fun and
party. If you want to keep your scholarship
and stay in the program I wouldnt recommend you
do that. Whatever, enough talk about school
Lets unpack while you tell me what you did over
the break.  
The next morning, they began class at 6 am
sharp. Madame Montenegro seemed to have gotten
more impatient over the break. As soon as we
arrived we got right to work on our semester
production like we never left. I hope you all
rehearsed and rehearsed over your break because
we arent going back over what you already
learned were going on so get in your lines.
Madame declared. All day they rehearsed. It was
9pm when Madame finally let them out. That was
the most atrocious display of movement Ive ever
seen in all my years. Madame shouted, I see
that no one practiced over the break which means
we have more work to do. If you keep this up we
will practice for as many hours as it takes until
I believe your performances are decent enough so
you better start taking this more seriously.
Youre dismissed. Im exhausted! said
Chloe. You can say that again, I cant believe
she kept us all day. Said Genevieve, I missed
my choral session which is going to put me so far
behind everyone else. Oh, Im sorry. I hope
Mr. Giraldi understands. Good luck with
that. Ill see you later, I have to go find my
director and explain. Alright, see you back at
the dorm. Genevieve found Mr. Giraldi in his
office doing paperwork. She knocked softly on his
door. Come in! MR. G shouted. Hey Mr. G.
Genevieve said. We missed you in sessions
today Ms. Delaney.
I know, Madame Montenegro kept us rehearsing all
day and we werent dismissed until about 10
minutes ago. This seems to be becoming a big
issue. We told you last year you could attempt
to do both programs until one starts to interfere
with the other and it looks like its
starting. I know, but Im sure it will never
happen again. Im sure it wont because you
have a decision to make. What do you mean? I
cant just take your word that you wont miss
anymore sessions because you have no control over
it, but both of the programs require all of your
time and dedication so its of the utmost
importance that you decide now, which you like
the most the choral or dance program and pick
that one to continue doing. I dont
understand. Before the semester is out you must
choose between singing or dance or one will be
chosen for you because the absence of one member
in either program holds back the rest of the
group and we dont have time for setbacks. I
cant believe this. I know its not fair to
you, but it must be done for everyones
benefit. I guess youre right. Good, let me
know when you have made your decision. The walk
back to her dorm felt like the march of death to
Genevieve. What am I going to do? Genevieve
sighed, How can I possibly choose.
The next few weeks were emotionally stressful for
Genevieve. NO matter how hard she tried to focus
she would go back to her conversation with Mr. G.
Even when they got a break and Chloe would
desperately try to cheer her up the decision
Genevieve would eventually have to make lingered
in the back of her mind. Every waking moment,
Genevieve mulled over her two choices. She knew
it was impossible for her to choose one over the
other. Her decision was weighing down heavily on
Genevieves shoulders. It was so terrible that
she couldnt sleep and she could barely eat. It
started to affect her performance in the two
areas that she was trying to choose from. Madame
Montenegro had no sympathy for her because she
couldnt understand why it was such a hard
decision to begin with. She believed that dance
was the only natural choice. Madame still worked
Genevieve to the bone and kept her until all
hours of the evening rehearsing regardless if
Genevieve had a choral practice, session, or
performance. Mr.G understood until it became a
pattern that Genevieve would attend sessions only
once a week and missed all of the performances.
Genevieve we need to talk. said Mr.G. I
already know what youre going to say. Said
Genevieve. Good, it will save a lot of time on
my part. Sure. Have you given anymore thought
to your decision because as Im sure you can see
this is getting worse and I can tell that its
also adding more than the fair amount of stress
on you. Is it that obvious?
I mean no disrespect but have you looked in the
mirror, you look like you havent slept or eaten
in days. I havent because Im trying to decide
between these two majors while still juggling
both of them, which doesnt leave time for much
else. Thats why the choice must be made. I
know, but how do you possibly expect me to do
that? Listen, you just need to
relax. Relax! Let me finish. Sorry. Dont
think of it as getting rid of one dream, think of
it as going ahead with one dream and just
postponing the other for the moment. You know,
Ive havent looked at it that way before. It
will make the choice much easier for you so you
just have to choose and let me know. Thanks,
Mr.G this helps a lot. Im glad to help. He
said, Now go get some sleep. The next morning,
Genevieve felt really refreshed. She got her
first goodnights sleep since this whole thing
started. Without even dwelling on it, Genevieve
knew what her choice would be. After her classes
she went and found Mr.G and Madame together in
the department lounge. Ive made my decision.
Said Genevieve. Well lets here it. Said Madame.
Ive decided to postpone dance and continue with
the choral program for now. The room was silent.
The awkward silence made Genevieve very
uncomfortable. All of a sudden without a word,
Madame got up and swept out of the room slamming
the door behind her. Did I make the wrong
choice? Genevieve asked. No. said Mr.G,
Madame will be fine, its just that shes not
used to her program coming second. Oh. Yea,
but dont worry about it you can always continue
dance later. Um, I dont plan to continue
dance. Said Genevieve, Singing has always been
more important to me even tough I didnt show
it. Well Im glad you plan to continue singing
because you do have the talent. It wouldve
been a shame to have to take you out of the
program. Thank you. Well, now that thats
settled, I want you to take the weekend off and
rest your voice because we have a lot of work to
do. Okay, I will and thanks again,
Mr.G. Anytime, see you next week.  
The Yellow Rose
Born from the soil as one of Mother Natures
gifts to fill the earth with beauty
  The yellow rose is a beautifully represented
flower This flower is a representation of Beauty
and Love   Yellow is just one of the many lovely
shades of this magnificent blossoming
plant   Yellow is a color for light And arose
represents love and adoration The display
depicts a view of the rose once the morning dew
has settled on to its soft, delicate petals.
  An intricate design of over lapping layers
called petals that are soft and delicate to the
touch The flower may not survive long, but the
meaning lasts long after time is done
The end of the day is nearing Signals for all
the world to cease and rest while a kind of
silent peace settles over the sky lulling
everyone into deep slumber The sun slowly sinks
down to take some rest from illuminating the sky
and providing warmth all the day making space for
another to take dominion of the atmosphere The
swirls of the clouds with orange, yellow, and
pink melt together letting the moon know that it
is its to rule the sky The moon slowly creeps
up and takes the suns place until the morning
hours when the sun will once again rule.
The Journey to Discovery
She asks to walk alone She needs to get away No
one will wonder why No one will notice her
leave Do they even care? I have built walls to
block the pain She was walking with her head
turned to the sky In a trance, deep in
thought She walked along the sand for
comfort. She loved the way it would move over her
toes and make her troubles sink beneath it. I
envied it for it could move from place to
place. She stepped onto the crisp, green, and
freshly cut grass. It would tickle her feet as
she passed through And suddenly she was filled
with joy But, at the same time I would pity the
grass for it has been trampled on without concern
for its feelings She has always admired the sun
because it was towering over the world, not bound
by gravity or anything that weighs us down. I am
one in the bright light. She envies the
birds They can fly away from their troubles and
sail far into the sky. She gazed and watched them
take flight. She greatly desired to be a bird. I
would like to spread my wings and soar into the
There would be nothing to fear or hold me
back. I will believe anything is possible My
heart would finally be free But wait, she sheds a
tear for she knows if she leaves life would still
go on It would make no difference if she left to
find a new place. No one would notice I would
fade like the silent night. All her life she has
blended into a place where she didnt
fit. Invisible to all around her, even those
closest seemed to look right through So on and on
I go. Dreaming of a place Nowhere in
particular Searching for somewhere to belong
Where no judgments are made And the future is
bright and clear I am looking for that place, to
find one within who can understand She is
constantly reaching for the stars to discover a
destiny To fulfill for her own sake in a
place Saving me, from wandering for eternity
always alone.
  • All of the assignments were a challenge, but I
    think my conflict story was the biggest because
    Im not used to doing a story that is less than
    20 pages so it was interesting, I had to keep
    re-working my topic so I could make it short, but
    still have it so that people could easily follow
  • I cant say that I am more proud of one piece
    than another, but in a new perspective I got to
    see how much I knew about using imagery to show
    instead of tell and how well I could apply it my
  • I chose not to put my character sketch in this
    portfolio. It was a good piece that I wrote
    because I have become very experienced in being
    descriptive and my character sketch was a good
    example of this, but it didnt seem to fit with
    the image that I wanted to portray in this
    section of the portfolio.
  • I would say description is a strength in theses
    works. You can get a vivid image of what each
    selection is talking about. A weakness I think is
    organization. The way the phrases are connected
    could be put together a little better to increase
    the way that the sentences flow.
  • Id feel comfortable making my conflict story
    into a longer assignment like a novel of sorts. I
    feel that it ended abruptly and I could have
    elaborated on the conflict a little more
    extensively, it probably would be better suited
    as a novel than a short story because I think you
    need some more information to follow the

  • I think that The Journey to Discovery could me
    adapted from a poem to a short story because the
    poem is already telling a story by itself. Its
    explaining how a girl goes away from a place
    where she doesnt quiet fit in and continues on a
    journey to find somewhere to belong. It also
    talks about some of the things she encounters
    which could become life like. It wouldnt be much
    of a change, I would just have to put it in the
    correct story format and elaborate.
  • I think empathy reflects my personality the
    most. My personality is what inspired me to write
    it. I just wanted to be able to express how I am
    as a person, one that can relate to everyones
    emotions in some way, through writing and I hope
    I accomplished that. I recognize traits such as
    caring, sympathetic, and a willingness to help.
  • I havent really received many comments. Most who
    have read my writing have complimented me on my
    vivid description so I tried to be consistent
    with it through out.

She is constantly reaching for the stars to
discover a destiny ,To fulfill, for her own sake
in a place. Saving me, from wandering for
eternity always alone. is the best line in my
poem The Journey to Discovery. Its toward the
end, but it kind of sums up the poem taking about
how you want to hurry and find somewhere that you
belong because you dont want be alone for your
whole life.
Can never tell if what I am feeling is me or the
feelings of another, Where do their emotions end
and mine begin? is the best line in my poem
empathy. It tells you how people who are really
sensitive to emotion can get entangled into other
peoples feelings which can cause them to get
their own emotions mixed up.
Creative Writing Portfolio Part 2
I Believe
I believe that music is a universal language.
It acts as a bridge to other cultures. It helps
us understand and appreciate different ways of
life. Music unites the world, for it is the one
thing that we all have in common. I believe that
music is a beneficial art form. Its an outlet
for expression. Some things come out better
expressed in song instead of words. I believe
that music is a valuable means of communication.
It can have a lasting impression on you whether
good or bad. I believe that music takes time and
creativity. It is an amazing thing to express
feelings by blending lyrics with original rhythms
and adding your own touch to make them come to
life. I believe that anyone can like any type of
music. No one genre is designed for one person,
or group. Different personalities match more than
one style of music.
  • Continued
  • I believe that music in general relates to
    everyone in one form or another. I believe that
    music can influence the world. I believe the
    power of music is strong. I believe that
    everyone can be a part of music. I believe music
    is good for the soul. I believe that music is a
    healthy form of expression. I believe music has
    the power to bring people together. I believe
    that music shows us that deep down were all the
    same, but with special things to set us apart and
    make us unique. I believe that music is a
    universal language.

Attention Span
Sitting there, Incessantly tapping my fingers
against the smooth wooden surface of my confined
sitting space. I glance up at the clock Tick. A
few second goes by. It seems the longer I stare,
the slower time seems to move. Tick. A few more
seconds go by and a few more. The light tapping
of my fingers, turns to nervous drumming as I
start to get restless. My eyelids begin to
descend, blocking out the artificial light.
  • My head is buzzing as I drift in and out of my
  • My eyelids finally make contact, and
  • Time just melts away, as my mind wanders.
  • So many thoughts locked up in this space, just
    aching to get out.
  • Deeper and deeper I sink until I reach the
    abandoned part of my mind. I search, unlocking
    lost memories and ideas to carry back to the free
    space above along the way.
  • Theres a space I cannot reach, I try and..
  • Beep. The sound of freedom
  • Slowly, I crawl back to the surface as my eyes
    open to reveal the light of the real world.
  • Time sure does fly.

Three Wishes
  • A wish,
  • Another, and another.
  • What do I desire?
  • What will I choose?
  • Fame, fortune, glamour.
  • No!
  • None of the material.
  • One opportunity, This is the
  • One chance to make an impact, and
  • One big difference on this journey called life.
  • What do I desire?
  • What will I choose?
  • First equal opportunity
  • Second the chance to make it
  • Last ability to follow ones dreams
  • Thats what I desire and that is what I choose.
  • The improvement of lives just with an
    opportunity, a chance, and a dream.
  • That is what I wish,
  • With one wish, another, and another.

Why I Write
  • I write because.
  • I write because it is a way to unwind and get
    away from everyday drama. I love letting my
    imagination run wild and envisioning my next
    piece. I can disappear to my own little escape in
    my mind where my ideas float freely. Its the
    space far from reality where I hold the wheel and
    control what becomes of everything.My head is an
    ocean of thoughts constantly fitting together
    into potential works of art.
  • I write because it is a form of expression. I
    write because I feel it. My writing may at times
    be simple, but there is always a deeper meaning
    hidden between the lines. Writing helps get
    messages across in an interesting and creative
    fashion. The way the words flood from my mind
    onto the paper is a great outlet for releasing
    those inner emotions we often keep bottled up.
  • I write because I read. I love books and I am
    fascinated by the creativity of many authors. The
    way they interpret situations and feelings into
    captivating stories inspires me to want to be a
    part of that creative community. Not all who
    read, write and vice versa, but for me I use the
    books and poems that I read as inspiration in the
    hopes that what I write might inspire some one to
    pick a pen and see what they can do.

Through a Cats Eyes
  • Walking down the crowded streets of Chicago, I
    weaved gracefully in and out from under herds of
    feet to avoid being trampled. My fur and feet
    were damp from all of the wet pools on the
    ground. I was searching for one of the flesh
    things who would be a suitable owner. I sopped at
    a large space full of big mountains of ground.
    The flesh things were putting up all of these
    shiny and colorful looking shapes. I sat there in
    awe licking my paws clean. Just watching and
    observing. I heard a noise and got ready to flee,
    but I saw that it was a young flesh thing who
    seemed as mesmerized by the site as I was. I
    scampered over and turned on my charm. Purring, I
    rubbed against her leg. She looked down and
    smiled. She reached for me, and I let her scoop
    me up. I laid in her arms and we continued to
    watch the wonders in front of us.

Its so Hard to Make a Choice
Emotions flare Keep busy to distract the
feelings. Cant stop and cant think so I cant
feel. So hard to make the choice. Should I
deal? Wheres my will? Constantly occupy the time
so I dont dwell. Always put on the happy face so
they cant see through to the mess
inside. Surround myself with others problems to
hide my own. Seek fulfillment and satisfaction by
helping others. For a time I achieve my goal, but
when all is said and done, something is still out
of place in my own space. Its so hard to make
the choice.
A familiar place, The confines of my room Where,
my emotions break free, plunging me into the
abyss. Tons of suppressed emotion comes rushing
over me, strangling me. I fight in its grasp, but
Im in too deep. Can I find a way to make the
choice? Will I ever deal and quit this
charade? No, not as long as there are still
spaces to fill. A big abyss of wild emotion and
unresolved issues, Will I get rid of the mask and
face my demons? Its so hard to make the
choice. Keep drowning in the abyss Being pushed
down, deeper and deeper by my emotions. The
longer I wait, the deeper I get. Its so hard to
make the choice, but I must so I can deal and
fill in these spaces and not be afraid to finally
The Greek Theatre
The Greek Theatre
Across the vast sea, All the way in Italy
Stands a priceless masterpiece.   Built early in
history, but now in ruin With traces left of
stands once filled, Just yearning to be filled
again Quiet, but for the echo of the never ending
sounds that still linger in the Surrounding
air   A breath-taking view, A place full of
mystery and hidden secrets Leaving us wondering
what took place those many years before our
Much more than it appears After all these
years Much still lingers and much has since
faded Renovation has begun, but the original is
still visible within  A peaceful spot to think
about the past A gateway into ancient times long
ago, Where more than we shall ever know has
occurred  Not written on paper, but never
forgotten As long as the theatre still
stands  Soon to be whole again, But for now,
still in ruin Staying as amazing as if it were
never touched.
The Bargain
  • Having landed safely in the field, I began to
    scope out my surroundings looking for a place to
    hide. As I looked around all seemed lost. This
    wont do at all, I cant be out in the open for
    to long or theyll find me. I thought to myself.
    I adjusted my vision to see if there was anything
    worth running to in the distance. I caught a
    glimpse of some woods across the grassland.
    Further behind it I could see smoke rising from
    the top of what seemed to be a stone structure. I
    think I can make it. There was a rustling sound
    behind me. Quickly, I glanced back and saw that a
    few yards away the grass was moving at an
    alarming pace. I swore underneath my breath.
    Could they have already found out that I escaped?

By them I meant the Hulikines. They were servants
of Lord Damfur, if you can even call them that.
Theyre not very bright, but if you tell them to
do something they will get it done by any means
necessary and believe me I mean any means. I
really dont even know why theyre chasing me I
mean what could they want with a girl like me.
They keep talking about how I have to hold up our
side of the bargain, whatever that means, but Im
not going to hang around to see.
  • All of this happened on one foggy afternoon, when
    I was walking back to my boathouse (my mom and I
    like to travel so we didnt want to be tied down
    by a house, and with a boat our house travels
    anywhere with us). I heard muffled footsteps
    behind me and realized I was being followed. I
    tried to run, but they were so fast that I didnt
    see them until it was too late. These things came
    up behind me and pulled me into an alley. I was
    trying so hard to scream, but I was so scared
    that nothing came out. I tried to fight, but they
    were like giants and I was no match for them.
    Being so foggy out, no one would

ever have noticed me get nabbed or even that I
was walking on the peer at all. Somehow after
that I ended up here, wherever here is. Snapping
out of my memories, I heard the rustling getting
closer. Knowing that I didnt have much time, I
made a run for it. I ran and ran as fast as I
could and never looked back even when I heard
shouts behind me. Once I reached the edge of the
woods, I noticed that it wasnt a small wood, but
a gigantic and ominous forest. I remember
overhearing Lord Damfur mention this forest. It
supposedly has many perils and enchantments that
he himself put in place. That building I saw must
be in this dark place somewhere. As I got closer
a fog rolled in and blocked out the light. The
shouting seemed to be coming closer. I have to
move now! They cant find me. Well here goes
nothing, I hope! As soon as I took my first steps
the shouting seemed to die down. What gives?
  • They couldnt have given up already. I turned
    back around to go look, but it seems like the
    forest closed up once I stepped in. How peculiar!
    I better keep going. I began my journey to
    discover this secret place. For a while I walked
    and couldnt for the life of me figure out why
    this place was supposed to be so dangerous, but I
    had an odd feeling that I was being watched. I
    seemed to be getting close to the heart because
    with each step it became darker, and thats when
    I saw it, a humongous thing straight out of the
    stories that I like to write. It was as tall as
    the trees, covered in what looked like pale blue
    scales and hair as black as the sky. There were
    gigantic talons on each hand and foot, but what
    frightened me the most was its top half. It had
    the head of a large serpent. It was long and
    scaly, with two bright orange eyes that pierced
    through the night, a mouth full of long sharp
    fangs and an extremely long flickering tongue. It
    was amazing! Quickly, I took shelter behind the
    closest tree hoping it didnt see me.

Taking a moment to catch my breath, I swore
knowing that it was too easy entering this place
and realizing the real trick is trying to leave.
I peered around the side of the tree to get
another look, but the creature was gone. How
could it have moved that fast? A cold shiver went
down my spine. Please dont be stalking me! I
swallowed the urge to break down and cry
remembering in all the stories and movies that
the monster always disappears and is somewhere
near its victim. Why did I have to become part of
one of my own stories? Against the warning in my
heart I stepped out from behind the tree and
continued forward not really knowing where I am
going. Through the trees, I could make out the
stone structure.
  • As I continued to approach I heard a loud,
    slithering growl. Stopping dead in my tracks I
    looked around. Among the trees I could make out a
    pair of large glowing orange eyes filled with
    hunger. I ran towards the structure with all my
    might, but the creature seemed only to taunt me
    following me under the cover of the trees. Once I
    reached the structure I frantically searched for
    an entrance of some sort. The creature just stood
    within the tress like a statue just following me
    with its eyes. Watching the creature instead of
    what I was doing, I tripped over a huge boulder
    and went sprawling down a tunnel in the ground.
    As I fell, I could hear the mournful slithering
    growl of the creature as his meal got away. Why
    didnt it attack me? It had so many
    opportunities, not that Im complaining or
    anything. With a thud, I landed at the end of the
    tunnel. I took a moment to dust off then looked

The tunnel branched out all around me forever.
Having nothing else to lose, I picked the
passageway at the end that was the only one that
seemed to have some sort of light. I walked
slowly at first letting my eyes adjust and as I
looked closer at the walls, I could see that they
only appeared like rock, but they were actually
covered in a smooth and glossy type of material I
couldnt identify. When I was done admiring the
walls I began to pick up the pace. After what
seemed like hours and I was finally feeling the
fatigue, the cave opened up into a kind if
sunroom. It was very peculiar. There were shelves
of books and papers on so many different subjects
everywhere and a fireplace and a chair. What
the I trailed off.
  • I know this room! I realized once I took a better
  • Im pleased you remembered so quickly. An all
    too familiar voice said.
  • I looked in the direction of the chair across the
    room. It was facing away from me, but I knew who
    was sitting there. Slowly, the figure turned in
    the chair. It was none other than Lord Damfur
  • Welcome back, my dear, weve all been worried
    sick about you. He purred, We thought you tried
    to run away, but youve returned!
  • Uh oh! I attempted to turn and run, but my legs
    wouldnt move. Come on, move! They wouldnt
    budge. I was stuck and it struck me. He has
    paralyzed me.
  • Let me go! I screamed.
  • Lord Damfur began to chuckle.

  • I cannot imagine what made you think that your
    escape would go unnoticed, He said. I even knew
    how you were going to try and slip away before
    you did, so I thought this would be as good a
    time as any to teach you a lesson.
  • You mean you knew and you didnt stop me?
  • Of course! Youre clever, but not that clever.
  • That explains a lot.
  • You mean how you overheard so much, how you even
    got out of my sight, and why it was so easy for
    you to go through the forest? Naturally all
    planned. Apparently, my dear you still have a lot
    to learn about your place and how much patience I
    actually have. He said through his icy cold
  • With a snap of his fingers, two Hulkines
  • Take Miss Pyliana back to her quarters. We are
    done for now and he must be exhausted from her
    little excursion today. Lord Damfur ordered.
  • You cant keep me here! I will find away to
    return home! I swear it! I screamed over my
    shoulder as I was dragged away.

  • All the way down the corridors, I could hear
    Damfurs laughter echo after me in response. Once
    we reached my chambers, the Hulikines warned me
    about trying to escape again because they would
    be watching me like a hawk. They dumped me in the
    chambers to let what they said marinate. I stood
    staring at the door not knowing what to do.
    Slowly, I turned around and did an assessment of
    my quarters. The room was covered in a royal
    purple (my favorite color), with intricate
    designs around the border there were shelves and
    shelves of reading material everywhere, many cozy
    chairs, and a fireplace. This room seemed like it
    was custom-made for me, but something seemed off.
    Wait, there isnt any air coming from the windows
    and theyre open. I walked over and put my hand
    on the window. It was real and I could close it,
    but my hand wouldnt go out of it. It seemed to
    hit an invisible barrier each time.

  • You guys sure think of everything, dont you! I
    said aloud.
  • We just want to ensure your safety and make sure
    you no happen to leave your room through the
    window again, answered Lord Damfur.
  • Where did that come from? I spun around, but I
    was alone. Maybe, Im hearing things.
  • Youre not hearing things, my dear. Lord Damfur
    explained, We are connected so I can hear your
    thoughts and you can also hear mine when I allow
    you too and send thoughts back and forth.
  • Get out of my head! I screamed covering my
    ears.Thats not an option Im afraid, but Im
    glad the rooms are to your liking.
  • Why? I asked. No response. Why? but the voice
    was gone.
  • Im not even safe in my own head. With him
    always lurking around in my thoughts its useless
    to think that Ill ever escape. I said aloud.
  • I lay down on the bed and began to cry. Not
    realizing it I eventually cried myself to sleep.
    My dreams were very chaotic. There was so much
    fog and bright flashing blue lights. I saw a boy
    about my age speaking to me and he sounded
    urgent, but I couldnt hear him over a loud
    humming of strange words. All of a sudden, Lord
    Damfur and his minions appeared from a black
    whirlwind of smoke and grabbed the boy! I tried
    to grab his hand, but mine went right through his.

  • You cant help him this way. Said a small voice
    declared behind me.
  • I turned and saw a young girl staring at me.
  • Are you talking to me? I asked.
  • Do you see anyone else of course I am talking
    to you. Youre the only one who can help us.
  • Help you? Whats happening?
  • Youll find out soon enough, but you should wake
  • Wait, I dont understand. What do you mean wake
  • You will just wake up!
  • There was a flash of light and I awoke sitting
    straight up on the canopy bed in the purple
  • So this really is real. I sighed wiping the
    sweat from my forehead.
  • I threw off the covers and went over to the
    shelves of books to try and take my mind off of
    that scary dream. I took one of the books off of
    the shelf and just sat down to read when there
    was a knock at the door. I got up and opened the
    chamber door. There stood a boy about my age,
    maybe a little older. He looked very familiar,
    but for some reason I couldnt put my finger on

  • Yes? I asked.
  • He just stood there looking at me.
  • Would you like to come in? I tried again.
  • He continued to stare.
  • Hello? Anybody there?
  • Oh. he said, My name is Shan Channing
    McGregory I was sent by Lord Damfur to be your
    guide, if you will, while youre here.
  • You mean youre his spy.
  • No, and I believe this is the part were you tell
    me your name.
  • Whatever, Im Pyliana Jameson.
  • How do you do, Pyliana?
  • I would be better if I could get out of here.
  • What do you mean?
  • What do you think I mean, I am here against my
    will for what reason I have no clue, I dont
    belong here, and I just want to leave!

  • Oh, Im sorry that youre unhappy, but it passes
    after awhile.
  • That comment got me fuming. What does he know
    about my problems?
  • Unhappy, you think Im unhappy? It will pass! It
    will pass!
  • Yeah.
  • Let me tell you, Shan, or whatever your name is.
    I am beyond unhappy and the only way it will pass
    is if I get out of here. Dont act like you know
    me or what Im going through. I think you can
    leave now! I screamed.
  • I just got here and we have a lot to get
  • Well, Im sorry to have to cancel your plans,
    but I think Ive had enough of your guidance for
    one day.
  • Lord Damfur wont approve of this.
  • I really dont care I believe you can see
    yourself out goodnight.
  • Fine, goodnight then.
  • Shan turned to leave, but stopped when he reached
    the door. Why wont he leave? Shan just started
    to chuckle. Apparently, I failed to see whats so
  • Is there something stopping you from leaving?
  • No, its just that youre exactly like they said
    youd be word for word.
  • Fascinating, but could you laugh about it and
    walk at the same time?
  • You dont want to know what they said?
  • No, because nothing you people say is going to
    be anything that I havent already heard before.

  • You really are different. Its so refreshing.
    Well, Ill let you get some rest. It was really
    nice to meet you, really.
  • Shan turned and left the chamber. When he was
    gone, I sat down on the bed and tried to think of
    why I thought Shan was familiar. I sat and
    pondered for what felt like hours. Finally, the
    light bulb went off.
  • I remember! Shan was the boy in trouble in my
    dream. I knew I saw him before, but something was
    blocking it out. I wonder what this means?
  • Having made my discovery, I attempted to get some
    sleep, but my mind kept buzzing about Shan. He
    seems to have too much freedom to be a prisoner,
    but he seemed out of place in this puzzle. I will
    have to do some investigating because his puzzle
    piece doesnt fit. I should probably get Shan to
    open up the next time he visits and apologize for
    being awfully rude. That should break the ice.
    After I planned out what to say I picked up the
    book I pulled off the shelf and started to read
    again. Somewhere in the middle of chapter one, I
    drifted off into a dreamless sleep.

  • The next morning I woke with a jolt. Some one had
    poured freezing, cold water on my face. I was
    half asleep, soaked, and mad as heck. I waited a
    minute for my eyes to adjust to the light. As
    everything started coming into view, I saw Shan
    standing by the bedside staring down at me. He
    looked completely different than he did last
    night. He looked exhausted and there was fear in
    his eyes. He looked terrified and was shaking
    uncontrollably. I touched him on the shoulder and
    he jumped like a scared mouse. He seemed really
    paranoid. All of a sudden, he began babbling so
    fast that I could not make out a single word.
  • Shan, slow down. Whats wrong? I asked
  • He just collapsed on the floor. I was so
    frightened that I jumped back and backed away
    slowly. Shan started to have some sort of fit on
    the floor. When he finally lay still, I got up
    the courage to run over to him, but I stopped
    dead in my tracks a few feet away.

  • . I looked closely and saw that he had all of
    these cuts and bruises all over him and there was
    blood on the floor. He looked a mess. I bent down
    and tried to help him to the bed, but he grabbed
    my wrist and started babbling again and I still
    couldnt understand. He stopped and gasped for
    air, as if it was painful to breathe. I helped
    him up and laid him on the bed so he could rest.
    I went into the washroom to find something to
    clean him up with. When I returned, Shan had
  • While I was straightening up, there was a knock
    at the door. Two Hulikines entered and informed
    me that I was to get dressed and meet Lord Damfur
    in his study. Once I was dressed, they escorted
    me down to the study. When we reached the study I
    could hear a murmur of voices from inside. I
    could make out Damfurs voice, but then I heard
    Shans voice also. Whats Shan doing in there? I
    thought he ran away. The murmur of the voices
    seemed to be getting louder. I grabbed hold of
    the doors handle and pushed.

  • It opened to a terrifying sight. On one end of
    the room Shan was hunched over in the corner in a
    fetal position and Damfur was standing in the
    center of the room staring at Shan in deep
  • Whats going on here? I gasped.
  • Startled, Damfur turned to see who had spoken.
    When he saw that it was me he smiled.
  • Oh, its only you, my dear. I wasnt expecting
    you so soon. He said glaring at the Hulkines
    behind me.
  • I can see that! What on earth have you done to
    him? I accused running over to check on Shan.
  • Oh right, you two have been introduced already.
    No need to worry, hell recover soon enough. He
    knows what the consequences of using his
    abilities are. Ill be finished with him in a
    minute if you could just step outside.
  • I will do no such thing and let you hurt him
  • That was not a request. You have no authority
    here to say what can and will be done! Outside,
    if you dont want the same fate as your friend
  • I tried to get Shan to stand, but he didnt seem
    to understand but his eyes were pleading and he
    was mumbling incoherently.

  • The Hulkines came over and dragged me out of the
    room, while Shans pleading eyes followed me out.
    Once outside, I could hear much crashing and
    thumping. I heard Shan groaning with each blast
    and after about five minutes there was silence. I
    shrugged away from the Hulikines grasp and threw
    open the door. I ignored Danfur and swept through
    the room over to Shan. I could hardly bare to
    look at him. He was slumped in the corner all
    battered, bruised, and bleeding like the previous
    evening, but this time his eyes were as blank as
    paper. I pulled him up and half carried him
    towards the door. Damfur seemed baffled at my
    actions because he just stood in the center of
    the room with a glare on his face and watched me
    leave with Shan. When we arrived at my chambers,
    I laid Shan down on the bed. He started to
    resist, but a wave of exhaustion seemed to come
    over him and he calmed down and lay still. I got
    a cloth and some warm water. I sat on the edge of
    the bed and started cleaning Shans wounds. Every
    now and then he would start to shake violently. I
    was patient and waited until he calmed down.

  • I started singing softly to help Shan sleep.
    Quietly, I slipped off of the bed and sat down in
    one of the chairs and thought about what we
    should do because Damfur will probably come for
    us soon. While lost in thought I heard yelling.
    Snapped back to the present, I looked up and saw
    Shan yelling for me. I jumped up and ran over to
    him. When he saw me he grabbed my hand so tight
    and wouldnt let go.
  • Pyliana! he screamed.
  • Shh, Im right here. I whispered.
  • I woke up and you were gone I thought maybe he
    took you.
  • No, I was just over there thinking.
  • Please, dont leave. I dont want anything to
    happen to you.
  • Nothings going to happen to me, but Ill sit
    with you if it will make you feel better. I wont
    go anywhere. I promise.
  • I sat back down on the bed and let Shan lean
    against me to show him Im here. I sang him back
    to sleep once again. I began to doze off myself.
    All of a sudden, my eyes flew open like shutters.
    Shan was standing over me looking terribly
  • We have to get you home, now. He said urgently.

  • Whats going on? Shouldnt we discuss a plan
    first or something? I asked.
  • No time, while you were asleep I snuck into
    Damfurs chambers and found a way to a portal,
    but I also found out that Damfur plans to get rid
    of us both for defying him. He was going to marry
    you, thats what your side of the bargain was,
    but hes jealous that you have been helping me
    and he considers you and I a threat together so
    we must be destroyed.
  • Wait! Marry him, me? Is he crazy? Hes old
    enough to be my father. This is too much! So
    since hes jealous of you and me, we have to be
  • Im afraid so and we need to go now because the
    Hulikines are coming!
  • Pulling me to my feet, Shan ran towards the door
    and we ran straight down the corridor to the
    balcony at the other end. Shan climbed down first
    to show me how its done. When it was my turn, I
    hesitated, but the shouts from behind me made my
    decision. Once on the ground, we ran to the edge
    of the dark forest. There was a small burnt patch
    of grass near the forest.
  • This is it! said Shan.

  • What do we..? I started, but Shan was already
    sprinkling some kind of powder on the ground
    around the burnt grass. After a while of nothing,
    a swirling vortex of blue and white light
    appeared in front of us. It showed the alley
    where I was taken. I walked up and put my finger
    on the vortex and felt a tingling sensation as my
    fingers went through. I tried to pull my hand
    out, but a strange force seemed to be pulling me
    through. I started to scream for Shan. When I
    stopped screaming I realized I was on the other
    side of the vortex back in the alley on the pier.
    I looked back at the vortex and saw Shan
    hesitating to come through.
  • Shan, come on, you need to hurry the Hulikines
    are right behind you? I shouted.
  • I dont think I can. I dont know what your
    world is like. This has been my only home, I
    dont think I can just leave. Shan replied.
  • Shan, if you stay there they will kill you! Look
    behind you, do you really think after what has
    happened theyre going to just forget that you
    helped me?
  • Silence.

  • Thats what I thought. I dont want to lose you.
    I think we have formed a good relationship and I
    want it to continue, so please, come on.
  • Silence.
  • Fine, if you want to stay and get killed be my
    guest. I said and turned my back to go home.
  • I was half way down the pier, when there was a
    tap on my shoulder. I turned and saw Shan
    standing behind me with a smile on his face.
  • You werent thinking about going on without me
    were you? he chuckled.
  • I was so shocked that I was speechless. I stood
    staring at him with tears of joy in my eyes. Shan
    stepped in closer and I could feel his breath on
    my cheek.
  • Are you happy Im here? He whispered.
  • Im speechless. I whispered back looking into
    his eyes.
  • The world around us seemed to disappear, as we
    looked deep into each others eyes. I leaned
    forward and Shan kissed me softly making my heart
  • When we pulled away, neither of us said a word.
    We joined hands and walked down the pier into the
    sunset ready to begin a new chapter of our lives

  • I think this semester I have started to tap into
    the serious, more creative writer inside of me. I
    have learned that many people can relate to the
    topics I talk about and that I shouldnt be
    afraid to put some of myself in my writings.
  • I can apply the ideas of showing and not telling
    to English and surprisingly my music classes. I
    can apply the concept of not explaining every
    little thing and letting the reader figure some
    things out to all of my classes.
  • I put a lot of the poems that I love and am
    really proud of into this portfolio, but I have
    to say that Its so Hard to Make the Choice is
    my best because its really raw, not much needed
    to be done to it because the words just came out
    naturally onto the page. It was the piece that
    really captured what Im about and wasnt too
    obvious that the audience knew what I was saying
    right off the bat. It caused them to think about
    it for a minute to interpret it.
  • Well, Ive had a lot of writers block this
    semester so I just tried to relax and clear my
    mind. I listened to music and read to get the
    creative juices flowing, and I experimented with
    different times of day to write in to say what
    times worked better than others.
  • I think my strengths are expressing my thoughts
    in the way I wanted, there is no confusion about
    my meanings, I have improved immensely with using
    detail, and I think Im good at adapting new
    methods and styles of writing into my own style
    to improve.
  • I think I still need to work on being more
    comfortable with the talent that I have and work
    with it to keep on improving.

Creative Writing Portfolio Part 3
  • Many faces
  • What I choose to show you is all you will see
  • Suppressed
  • May seem together, but theres a mess hidden on
    the inside
  • Empathetic
  • Always calm and smiling, while screaming on the
  • Life is not so picture perfect
  • A different kind of family issues
  • Chameleon
  • Different groups with different attitudes
  • Unpredictable
  • May think you know my pattern, but then it

  • Floating high
  • Rising up into the sky,
  • Lifting away from my body on earth.
  • As I soar higher and higher all of my troubles
    slip away and fall back to the earth.
  • Far up in the clouds, the wind blocks out there
  • Flying high over the world, I watch as lives go
  • I pass over the ones I love and see them
    continuing on in their lives as I just float on
  • I see my body continuing on in the daily routine
    as if I had never risen up into the clouds.
  • All I can do is watch as my life goes on.
  • Now I can see myself as others do and watch as my
    life unfolds without actually experiencing
    anything myself.
  • The shell of myself wanders through the days with
    me as a guardian.
  • Always watching, but never interfering.
  • I wonder. Will I ever float down and rejoin my
    body or spend eternity just watching from a far.

From My Window
  • Early this morning, the sun tries to creep
    through the cracks in my blinds.
  • I feel the sunlight shining on my face telling me
    to wake up.
  • Slowly. I crawl out of bed and rip open the
  • Im exposed to the same sandy view that beholds
    me everyday.
  • There wads the large expanse of dark and damp
    sand, leading to a line of tall and tropical
  • They are followed by a field of green grass and
    light sand merging at the edge with the ocean.
  • I Bask in the scenery for a moment, then turn and
    pull the curtains shut and block out the light.
  • Satisfied, I return to my cozy place under the
    covers and return to dreaming happy dreams.

The World
  • The World will tell you who you are Until You
    Tell The World.
  • The world is nothing, but a bunch of stereotypes
  • From the first moment we come into this harsh
    world, we are put into a specific group that is
    meant to classify us for life
  • We may not know it at first, but that doesnt
    mean that we dont walk around with an invisible
    label on our heads
  • As we grow and mature we soon can figure out that
    weve been stamped just by little details in our
    lives or in body language of others
  • Not understanding and not wanting to conform, we
    begin to do things that set us apart and disrupt
    the balance of modern society in a stereotypical
  • I say forget balance and societys classification
    system, dare to break out and be different
  • It only takes one brave soul to start a movement
    to change the worlds way of thinking
  • God gave each and everyone of us a brain so the
    smart thing would be to use it to think for
    ourselves and trust our instincts to make
    judgments instead of rolling with what the
    leaders of this society pull out of thin air.

  • They swoop down and land on the snow covered
  • They begin to ravage the grass by poking through
    the snow
  • Why did they flock to this spot?
  • They probably wanted to escape from all of the
    booming construction before it was too late
  • Sorry, Geese.
  • We always chase you away, and then yell at you
    for invading our space
  • We know deep down that its your right to have a
    spot just for you, but humans dont always think
    about the consequences of their actions
  • We still chase you away, but youre here to stay
  • Waiting till we move away to float back down
    again and remain another day
  • Sorry, Geese.
  • When summer approaches, out youll fly to stretch
    your wings in the blue sky and search for a new
    place to lie to be your safe haven

The Motion of the Wind
  • The wind slows very near
  • Hear the sound that blows
  • The trees seem stationary here
  • For the wind whispers