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This presentation has been prepared to demonstrate a variet


This presentation has been prepared to demonstrate a variety of ways that ... Snoop Doggy became Snoop. WACiware. M3 Warehouse Mobility. Picker Planning - pick teams ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: This presentation has been prepared to demonstrate a variet

Whats new in Supply Chain Execution?M3 7.1
Dan Georgsson Director of Development Lawson
Product Development
Disclaimer regarding use of screen shots in this
  • This presentation has been prepared to
    demonstrate a variety of ways that Lawsons
    software applications and tools can be set up and
    utilized by customers. The screen shots provided
    may not be standard, out-of-the-box reports, but
    may require your organization to engage Lawson
    Professional Services in order for the
    applications or tools to work as shown.

  • The Challenges of Supply Chain Execution
  • Version 12 SCE background
  • Whats new in SCE for 7.1
  • Summary and QA

Trends Supply Chain Execution (SCE)
  • Increased focus on Supply Chain Management (SCM)
    in general and especially Supply Chain Execution
  • Investments within SCE have proven to have short
    pay off and tangible results
  • Increased focus on logistic processes. Need to
    capture data to measure, control and improve the
    logistic flows
  • The warehouse is more and more a logistics
    factory. Important with stream lined warehouse
  • The traditional manufacturing companies have more
    requirements in logistic due to central warehouse
    concepts and out sourcing
  • Traceability is an important driver especially
    with FMCG. Partly driven by new EU rules

The Challenge of Execution
  • Globalization gt longer supply chains gt increases
  • Market demands gt increasing agility and fast
  • Technology gt new media, new standards, new
  • Environment gt green issues, compliance,
  • Increase efficiency gt productivity gains and
    automation gt manage velocity/chaos

SCE strategy cornerstones
  • Core capability
  • Productivity, automation, ease of use
  • Industry standards
  • Interoperability to strategic extensions
  • Mobile devices, complimentary software
  • Optimization and decision support
  • Greater collaboration
  • Trading partners, 3rd parties, marketplaces, co
    inventories strategies
  • Supply Chain performance and agility
  • Event driven, corrective actions, technology
  • Integrate BI with SC business processes

  • The Challenges of Supply Chain Execution
  • Version 12 SCE background
  • Whats new in SCE for 7.1
  • Summary and QA

Supply Chain Execution - News and enhancements in
Movex V12
Item Toolbox
Dispatch Foundation
Delivery Receipt Confirmation
Delivery Toolbox
Allocation Analysis
Location Replenishment
Joint Delivery Rules
Simple Packing
Warehouse Interfaces
Returnable Containers
Wave Management
Automatic Shipment Assembly
Picking resource management
Transportation Capacity Control
Configurable Pick reporting
Manual Shipment Assembly
Business Measurement Models
DO Receipts
2 Step Put-away
Transp.Documents Control
Summary Movex V12 Supply Chain Execution (SCE)
  • Rewritten and enhanced compared to version 11
  • The focus have been on dispatch and
  • Significant enhancements within warehouse
    operations- Cross dock- System directed put
    away- Pending put away- Wave picking- Pick
    resource planning- Replenishment
  • Easier to integrate to other system or to data
    collection equipment
  • A component based structure
  • The base for future improvements and development!

What could we do via standard APIs in V10?
  • Function/process Movex user interface API
  • Print/down load X -
  • Report pick line X -
  • Report partial pick line - -
  • Confirm whole pick list X -
  • Move to pack/dock - -
  • Report via reporting nbr - -
  • Simple pack - -
  • Manual advanced pack X -
  • Auto pack X -
  • Wave down load - -
  • Wave reporting - -
  • Pack deviations - -

What could we do via standard APIs in V11?
  • Function/process Movex user interface API
  • Print/down load X V11.4
  • Report pick line X V11.4
  • Report partial pick line V11.4 V11.4
  • Confirm whole pick list X -
  • Move to pack/dock X -
  • Report via reporting nbr - -
  • Simple pack - -
  • Manual advanced pack X -
  • Auto pack X -
  • Wave down load - -
  • Wave reporting - -
  • Pack deviations - -

What can we do via standard APIs in M3 7.1?
  • Function/process Movex user interface API
  • Print/down load X X
  • Report pick line X X
  • Report partial pick line X X
  • Confirm whole pick list X X
  • Move to pack/dock X X
  • Report via reporting nbr X X
  • Simple pack X X
  • Manual advanced pack X X
  • Auto pack X X
  • Wave down load X X
  • Wave reporting X X (det. Lvl)
  • Pack deviations X X

WHI Supported processes
Basic Data
Item, Alias, Vendor Information
Warehouse Receipts
Expected Receipts (PO, DO/RO, MO, CO Returns)
Pre-allocation Information
Goods Receipt/Put Away of PO, DO/RO, MO, CO
Warehouse Shipments
Pick List
Pick List Reporting
Shipment Packaging
Inventory Information
(Aggregated) Balance
Inventory Transactions
One single integration point with error handling
  • Less integration points
  • Exception handling and traceability
  • Programs for tests and monitoring
  • Both integration to Warehouse Management Systems,
    Material handling Equipments, Third Part Logistic
    providers and other partners take advantage of
    the same APIs
  • The same business components as in core Movex
  • The primary focus in WHI development post V12
    launch have been enhancements around MHE

M3 integration to various MHE
M3 Business Engine Application Server
Warehouse Interfaces (WHI) APIs
Display logic via M3 BE user interface
MHE client integration server
Small screen Ibrix RF on line
Small screen PC or emulator RF or off line
Full screen (PC) RF or on line
Scanners (Barcode/RFID) Printers Waves
  • The Challenges of Supply Chain Execution
  • Version 12 background
  • Whats new in SCE for 7.1
  • Summary and QA

Whats new in 7.1 for SCE
  • Industry standards
  • EAN 128
  • US Bill of Lading
  • Additional US EDI messages
  • Ease of use
  • New user interface
  • Dispatch flow enhancements
  • Simplified Pack Process
  • Improve productivity and efficiency
  • Packaged based Picking
  • Event based document control
  • Inbound logistics receipt enhancements
  • Freight Cost management
  • Extended cross dock

Dispatch workflow improvements
  • Solution Outline
  • Picking guideline introduced to control which
    dispatch execution sub processes that should be
    performed and in which order
  • New picking method introduced that provides the
    user with system guidance of which action to take
  • Business Value
  • Minimizes the risk for making mistakes
  • Faster and more reliable and efficient processes
  • Lower learning cost for the new warehouse staff
  • Preparation for task management for outbound
    delivery processing

Event Based Document Control
  • Solution Outline
  • Object control to select which delivery documents
    are to produced when (by which events)
  • Delivery documents can be produced automatically
    when various events occur, e.g.
  • Delivery Note when the delivery is complete
  • Address label when Picking Lists are released
  • Loading list when shipment is complete and past
  • Business value
  • Reduction in documentation errors since correct
    documents produced at the correct time
  • More efficient processes (labour saving) due to
    less manual intervention

Electronically if Forwarder DHL
If export
Event Pick release
Picking List (List)
Loading/ Unloading List
Delivery Note
Package Labels
Master BoL
Move to Pack
Report Picks
Split Picks
Address Label
Assemble Delivery
Shipment Issue
Delivery Issue
Release to Pick
Picking List (Label)
Auto-pack Pallet
Report Picks
Event Delivery issue
Event Shipment closed
Pallet Picks
Package Based Picking
  • What have we done?
  • Constraint based pick list creation
  • Optimized pick tasks based on the
    picker/warehouse equipment capacity (Max
    packages, Max lines, Total estimated pick time
  • Flexible package numbering
  • Alias, user defined, Carrier/forwarder unique
  • Package based reporting capabilities
  • Report pack, move to dock or issue by package
  • Alternative unit of measure supported (Pcs,
    Pallets, Cases etc)
  • Improved visibility and traceability
  • Better visibility of package info through the
    picking process
  • New toolbox introduced for efficient
    package/delivery document search

Capacity constrained pick task creation
Pick Lines Allocations grouped or split into tasks
Pick Lists Lines grouped by capacity constraints
into units of work
Pick Task 1
Delivery Lines
Pick TaskCreation
Zone 01Whs equip Trolley
Queue 1 2 3 4
Shipment 0001
1 2 3 4
Delivery 2019
Pick Task 2
Zone 01Whs equip Trolley
Delivery 2001
Pick Task 3
Zone 01Whs equip Forklift
Shipment 0002
Delivery 2007
Queues 1 Zone 01, Equp TR 2 Zone 01, Equp
FL 3 Zone 02, Equp TR 4 Zone 03
Pick Task 4
Zone 01Whs equip Forklift
Example of supported scenarios
  • Full pallet picking (single or multiple)
  • Pick and pack for final consignee(s)
  • Pick/Wave pick into internal tote(s) repack at
    pack station

Freight Cost Management
  • Solution Outline
  • Freight agreement freight rate management
  • Freight cost calculation
  • Compare freight invoice with calculated freight
    cost (Needs a manual PO or use new PO BE)
  • Reconciliation (manual step)
  • Business value
  • Control spiralling freight costs
  • Integrate transport strategy

Negotiation Preparation
Freight InvoiceMatching
Performance Measurement
Check Freight Invoice with calcualted freight cost
M3 Freight Agreements
M3 Calculated Freigh Costs
M3 Deliveries Shipments
Follow up analysis LBI
Haulers Routes Rates Validity Cost Model Cost
Marking deliveries/ shipments for which freight
payment has been settled
Per DeliveryorShipment
Freight Cost Agreements
Extensive number of supported operators
Less than Truckload (LTL)
Effective date handling
Configurable freight cost modelling
Full Truck Load (FTL)
Support of flat andscaled rates
Freight Cost Calculation and Simulation
Possible to manually manipulate/override chosen
rate elements
Possible to manually override calculated cost for
simulation purposes and if wanted lock value to
be respected at freight calculation upon delivery
or shipment issue
Inbound logistics improvements
  • Inbound logistics tracking
  • Improved ASN capabilities. Both manually from
    PPS220 and PPS260 as well as API-based
  • ASN re-advising mass-updating affected POs to
    ensure material planning alignment
  • Monitor and manage by Style/ Color
  • Configurable ASN information added intended to be
    used for import tracking (transport ID, vessel
    number, tracking dates etc)
  • Improved PO receiving capabilities
  • ASN based - Shipment, Container, Package or Item
  • Extended cross-dock
  • Enabling a true flow through cross dock process
  • Transferring package information from the inbound
    to the outbound
  • Eliminate unnecessary steps and cost by-passing
    non value-added activities

Whats new in 7.1
  • Extending your applications
  • Acquired Mobileware application suite
  • Serviceware
  • SMSware
  • Routeware
  • Waciware
  • System Interfaces
  • Enhanced Warehouse Interface
  • New Purchase Order Batch Entry
  • New Transport planning interface
  • New Transport execution interface

Whats in a name?
  • Archibald Leach became Cary Grant
  • Reginald Dwight became Elton John
  • Michael Lee Aday became Meatloaf
  • Marion Robert Morrison became John Wayne
  • Snoop Doggy became Snoop

M3 Warehouse Mobility
Mobile Warehouse Management
Picker Planning - pick teams - picking time -
picking analysis
  • Inbound Logistics
  • - goods receive
  • - inspection
  • - put-away
  • - claims
  • quarantine
  • pre allocations
  • cross-docking
  • returns
  • Outbound Logistics
  • - pick
  • - manual/auto pack
  • - scan pack
  • - dock
  • - dispatch
  • transport planning
  • packaging ledger

In Warehouse Logistics - stock take - move to
location - move container - reclassify/repack -
bulk to pick face
Purchase Order Batch Interface
  • Why have we done this?
  • The value of a PO batch entry is that it shall
    be considered as a building block and enabler to
    various solutions
  • - Ibrix and portal solutions
  • - Purchase Optimization from 3rd party
  • - Freight cost billing solutions
  • - E procurement and supplier portal
  • - Vendor Managed Inventory solutions

Transport Planning Interface (TOI)
  • Why have we done this?
  • Facilitate interfacing with an external
    Transportation Management System (TMS) or route
    optimization system (ROS) for operational
    transportation planning
  • Business Value
  • Enable extension to sophisticated value adding
  • Reduce cost of integration

Transport Execution Interface (TEI)
  • Why have we done this?
  • Communicate information, typically shipment,
    delivery, package and item related info of what
    has actually been shipped (or is in the process
    of being shipped).
  • Variety of stakeholders in the supply chain
  • Forwarder/carrier
  • Customs authority
  • Customer
  • Direct integration from M3 to stakeholder or via
    an external best of breed application
  • Eg. parcel carrier integration, export
    documentation, etc

Using APIs to retrieve the required data from M3
Forwarder B2BMessages
DHL, FedEx,UPS etc
M3 Enterprise Collaborator MEC
Flat FileorXML File
Export docs BoL Manifests etc
Transport/Exp Documents
Customs B2BMessages
Event based Document Control (EDC)Shipment,
delivery, package or manually assembled
Whats new in 7.1.
  • Streamlining labor intensive processes
  • New Item Import Interface
  • Transfer of pack instructions down supply chain
  • Ship through
  • Transport Execution Interface to parcel carriers,
    3rd party carriers

Item data interface
Item Interface
External System
Chg log
Item Data Interface - Workflow example
Import the current selection of items
Alias numbers also providedfrom external system
via API
Large number of items added via API transaction
Detailed data providedfrom external system
and/or manually enriched
Optional Select pre-defined warehouseselection
table to specify in which warehouses to create
this item
Item master records created in BE
Item/warehouse records createdaccording to
warehouse selection
Item/alias records created(both from external
system and via item template per item type)
BE Item numbers returned to interface
Transfer of Packing Instruction
  • Solution Outline
  • Generate and maintain packing instructions for
    the supplier (or sending warehouse)
  • How to pack
  • Quantity per store
  • Final destination labelling
  • Electronic or paper transmission

Ship Through Management Supply Chain Network
Create CO/DO
Create Linked PO
Push Pack Instructions
Store/ Customer
Store/ Customer
National DC
Receive ASN
Store/ Customer
Supplier Production/DC
Receive Cross Dock
Supplier Production/DC
Send ASN
Supplier Production/DC
Deliver to Store
Split package To SKU
Supply Chain Execution 7.1 Summary
  • User experience
  • Enhanced core capability
  • Extended enterprise applications
  • Enabled greater collaboration
  • Support for entire global supply chain

Simpler is Better