An overview of the life of Southover in 2008 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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An overview of the life of Southover in 2008


An overview of the life of Southover in 2008 – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: An overview of the life of Southover in 2008

An overview of the life of Southover in 2008
Southover aims to be an all embracing outward
looking community
There is neither Jew nor Greek, slave nor free,
male nor female, for you are all one in Christ
Jesus - Galatians 328
We begin with people.
across the church we aim to create networks of
friendships and ministry to help people connect
with God and each other
We connect men
The Core Team Jeremy Bamber, Robin Precey,
Marcus Taylor, David Garratt, Martin Pett and
Martin Smith arrange to feed heart and soul
and body!
Good food and Great talks Mens breakfast
organised by Robin Precey, Chris Friend and team.
Harveys Beer and Healthy Discussions! Mens
Forum (are you spotting a theme here?)
Spicy Currys and Special Friends thanks to
Martin Lunn (are you sure you cant see it ?)
Ashburnham weekend away organised by Robin Precey
and Ian Taplin.
Holidays in France to work it all off (courtesy
of Richard Jayawant)
And two Breakfast Bible study groups too, led by
Ian Graham and Ian Taplin!
And also a whole-church curry evening and concert
in support of Rwanda
And we connect women
In 2008 our Oasis evenings ceased however many
parts of the womens ministry continued with
Theatre Trips
a Book Evening
a Love Chocolate Evening
Weekend away at Ashburnham
And Links organised by a different team of 3
people every 6 months and soon we hope to
launch Links 2
And we connect Youth and Children
Led by Chris Steynor with great help from
the following fantastic band of helpers -
Interact Chris Steynor, Ollie Lewis Amanda
Daughtery, David Garratt, Helen Garratt, Louisa
Taplin, Mim Daughtery, Cara Bentley, Ben
Pepler, Naomi Pepler (Wednesday Afternoons)
Friday Night Live - Chris Steynor, Ali Steynor,
Jilly Mercer, Stephen Bamber, Simon Hockly, Anya
Kuzbik, Nigel Morris, Simon Chant, Gid Cox, Ollie
Lewis and Ben Boyum (Friday Evenings)
After Hours Chris Steynor, Ali Steynor, Jilly
Mercer, Ellen Daughtery, Ben Boyum, Ollie Lewis,
Stephen Bamber (Sunday Evening)
Pathfinders - Chris Steynor, Ali Steynor, Mim
Daughtery, Ollie Lewis - school years 7-9
(Sunday Morning)
And Sunday Club coordinated by Nicky Powell.
Adventurers - Carolyn Cox, Ros Lewis, Amanda
Daughtery, Carolyn Cox, Janet Lloyd, Katie
Davis-Ratcliffe, Hugh McNally, Duncan Powell
school years 5 6 (Sunday Morning)
Explorers Sandra Denton, Mark Bentley, Eleanor
Jayawant, Nicky Powell, Judy Yeomans, Jan Pepler,
Tony Pepler, Eleanor Jayawant - school years 3
4 (Sunday Morning)
Climbers Jamie Denton, Ella Patterson, Lydia
Powell, Caroline Pollard, Anya Kuzbik, Jenni
Taylor, Elaine Robson, Ellen Daughtery- school
years 1 2 (Sunday Morning)
Sparklers - Jo Bentley, Lyn Partridge, Susanna
Lunn, Mary Boyum, Jilly Mercer, Alison Croft,
Annie Stewart, Cath Ellis, Joyce Stubbs, Lesley
Fry, Carol Taplin 0-2 year-olds (Sunday Morning)
Scramblers Richard Jayawant, Debbie Culley,
Naomi Pepler, Jessica Bridgeland, Susie Arlett,
Yvonne Braithwaite, Biddie Mutter 3-5 year-olds
(Sunday Morning)
not to mention (if not to picture) Christian
Unions at Priory, Sussex Downs, Assemblies at
Priory, Southover School, and Western Road
Lunch Bunch Helen Garratt, Anne Almond, Ollie
Lewis, Marcus Taylor, Bill Cronk, David Garratt,
Steve Daughtery, Judy Yeomans, Debbie Cully,
Donna Tanner, Biddie Mutter, Leslie Oates, Fiona
Bamber, Joyce Stubbs,
and CAMEO run by Jan Pepler with Annie Stewart,
Carol Taplin and Susanna Lunn.
And then there are the Special Events like
Holiday Club and Festive Fun Ali Steynor,
Amanda Daughtery, Ann Turner, Bill Cronk, Cara
Bentley, Caroline Hodges, Carolyn Cox, David
Garrett, David Melville, Ellen Daughtery,
Elliott Carter, Emily Daughtery, Faith
Daughtery, Fiona Bamber,, Gemma Fry, Graham
McNally, Helen Garrett, Hester Pownall, Hugh
McNally, James Bamber, Jan Pepler, Joe Hodges,
Joyce Stubbs,, Judy Yeomans, Lesley Fry,
Louisa Taplin, Louise Jones, Mim Daughtery,
Nay Pepler, Nicky Powell, Ollie Lewis, Ros
Lewis, Ruth Jayawant, Sandra Denton, Steve
Daughtery, Thomas Bridgland, Tony Pepler.
But what do we do with all these people?...
we aim to help them glorify God by growing more
like Jesus Christ and helping others to grow in
their faith.
We grow by caring and loving others as God loves
Fellowship and Pastoral Care is organised by
Janette Watkins with a special focus on Older
in small groups, with Pastoral Assistants
(Barbara Bill Cronk, Honour Timlin, Tracey
Meadows, Graham Watkins), through visiting
(Shirley Darlington, Betsy Marriott, Margaret
Warwick, Judy Yeomans, Margaret Eggleton, Di
Meadows, Carol Taplin, Mary Hempshall, Sue
Hamilton, Geoff Williams, Julia Rudebeck), and
amongst friends
Monday Club is coordinated by Agnieszka
Kortalla-Bird with lots of help from Judy Friend,
Fiona Bamber, Biddie Mutter, Joyce Stubs, Ollie
Lewis, Angela Cuthbertson and Julia Rudebeck
with catering by Di Meadows, Ann Turner, Judy
Yeomans, Tim Wilcox and Maureen Burrows and Anne
Almond and lots of help from drivers too!
Tea and coffee makers (what a lot of
volunteers!) Lesley Atkinson, Caroline De Marco,
David Helen Garratt, Hazel Gaydon, Honour
Timlin, Amanda Daughtery, Ruth Jayawant, Stella
Derek Hull, Martin Judy Yeomans, Jeanette
Clifton, Clare Kitch, Gretchen Precey Robin
Precey, John Ann Price, Ian Hempshall Mary
Hempshall, Steve Mitchell. Simon Rideout, Rob
Jan Hoy, Sue Hamilton, Mary Nurse, Ian Wall
Letchimi Wall, David Janet Lloyd, Peter Thorne,
Hester Pownall, Pat Selden, Caroline Hodges,
Jenni Taylor, Clare Carroll, Howard Taylor, Jenny
Williams, Mary Boyum and Jacqui Paterson, Fiona
Bamber, Carol Taplin, Colleen Clout, Anne Muir,
Lesley Atkinson, David Kate Midgley, David
Helen Garratt, Mike Margaret Warwick, Stella
Derek Hull, Martin Judy Yeomans, Jeanette
Clifton, Clare Kitch, Hester Pownall, Pat Selden,
Caroline Hodges, Ian Hempshall Mary Hempshall,
Steve Mitchell, Ian Wall Letchimi Wall, David
Janet Lloyd, Rob Jan Hoy, Sue Hamilton, Mary
Nurse, Gretchen Precey Robin Precey, John Ann
Price, Jenni Taylor, Clare Carroll, Howard
Taylor, Karin Pett, Mary Boyum and Jacqui
Paterson Home Group. Dawn Christopher
Stanley, Mike Margaret Warwick, Jae Parsons,
Chris Judy Friend, Debbie Culley, Ruth
Jayawant, Janette Graham Watkins and Gillian
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not forgetting a myriad of fellowship activities
like Barn Dances, Picnics, Walks, Teas, mince
pies organised by Julia Rudebeck, Stephanie
Hammond, Ruth Jayawant, Barbara Cronk, Yvonne
Braithwaite, Hester Pownell, Caroline De Marco,
Tim Wlicocks, Joyce Stubbs
And a new venture called CONNECT which is a
framework of events which are designed for us to
enjoy sharing life and being church together.
Organised by Hazel Gaydon, Trevor Meadows, Nicky
Powell, Robin Precey, David Garratt, Janette
Watkins, Chris Steynor.
We belong and care also through a diverse and
active number of Home Groups with leaders
Margaret Nicholl, Peter Groom, Mary Boyum
Jacqui Paterson, Carol Taplin, Ian Letchimi
Wall, Mary Hempshall Chris Stanley, Ann Price,
George Perry, Steve Daughtery, Duncan Nicky
Powell, Ian Graham, Howard Taylor, David Garratt
and Judy Friend.
We grow through Preaching and Teaching And we
have an amazing team of preachers and teachers
Ken Bridger, Robin Precey, Chris Steynor, Jeremy
Bamber, Nicky Powell, Ray Gaydon, David Garratt
and Helen Garratt and we long for
All supplemented by a CD/Tape library just in
case you missed something - Liev Boyum a
Web-Site with Text and Audio of sermons so that
you can podcast to your hearts-content. - Stephen
Bamber   a Monthly bookstall to keep us
challenged - Jenny and Peter Howard and
We grow through Worship and Prayer Our Sunday
Services are thriving
the Bell Ringers faithfully call us to worship
John Ashcroft, Patrick Ashcroft, Laurie Ashcroft,
David Bagnall, Simon Chant, Michael Cotgrove,
Hazel Craven, Clare Cullen, Nick Cullen, Rebecca
Cullen, Matthew Cullen, Ellie Dwyer, Ian Hodge,
Martin Lunn, Susanna Lunn, Samuel Lunn, Dave
Middleton, Lynn Middleton, Richard Neal, Penny
Neal, Tom Neal, Lorna Neal, Tania Osband, Tom
Reeves, Isaac Reeves, Anne Robertson, Anne
Sawyer, Arthur Snell, Nicky Twort, Carole
Stevens, Ed Wheeler, Sheila Wood
the Deputy/Assistant Wardens David Ellis, John
Kennett, Ian Hempshall, Jan Hoy, John Mercer,
Jill Mercer, Ann Turner, Anne Almond, Geoff
Williams   and Stewards - Barbara Cornwell,
Julian Parsons, Brian Cramp, David Ross, Mary
Hempshall, Julia Rudebeck, Pat Hill, Margret
Campbell, Ollie Lewis, Trevor Tracey Meadows,
Ray Donna Tanner, Andrew Yvonne Lloyd, Marcus
Taylor, Ann Turner, Hugh McNally, John Vokins,
Gordon Moore, Richard Wells, Sue Hamilton
  and Lay Assistants - Anne Almond, John
Kennett, Ian Graham, Anne Muir, Ken Bridger,
Brenda Ross, Jenni Taylor, Peter Groom, Pat Hill,
Jeremy Bamber, Derek Hull, Jan Hoy, Peter Thorne,
Janette Watkins, Marcus Cornish, Ron Hammond,
David Helen Garratt and Ron Hammond   all
keep the show on the road.
And the Readers - Anne Almond, John Kennett,
Janet Bridger, Clare Kitch, Ken Bridger, Stella
Law, James Bridgland, Tony Law, John Cornwell,
David Motley, Mary Hempshall, John Muir, Sandra
Denton, Jae Parsons, Jamie Denton, Gretchen
Precey, Helen Garratt, Robin Precey, Hazel
Gaydon, Marcus Taylor, Ann Turner, Peter Hyde,
Lucy Keys, Anne Muir, Ray Tanner, Donna Tanner,
Ann Winser, Rob Hoy.   and those who lead Prayers
Ian and Mary Hempshall, Ian and Carol Taplin,
Graham and Janette Watkins, Tony and Stella Law,
John and Jilly Mercer, Jan and Rob Hoy, Richard
and Prilla Rowland, Ian and Jacqui Paterson, John
and Ann Price, John and Barbara Cornwell, Ron
Hammond, Hazel Gaydon, Leslie Goode, Di Meadows,
Anne Muir, Janet Bridger, George Perry, Hugh
Mcally, Helen Garratt, Hull family, Cox family,
Jayawant family, Powell family, Bentley family,
Watson family, Davies Ratcliff family, Bridgland
family, Yeomans family, Jones family, Muir family.
and musicians bring us to God. Alan Crook
our Organist and Choir Master and a faithful
Stella Hull rehearses the Choir Alan Crook,
Angela Cuthbertson, Barbara Cronk, Iris Johnson,
Lesley Atkinson, Louise Jones, Mary Motley, Pam
Bacon, Ruth Jayawant, Alison Stevens, Clare
Kitch, Fiona Bamber, Jae Parsons, Mary Hempshall,
Richard Jayawant, Rob Hoy, Alan Pilfold, David
Melville, Brian Perry, David Ellis, John Mercer
and John Muir
And the Orchestra Stella Hull, Leslie Goode,
Thomas Perry, Corinne Hull, Denis Edwards,
Charles Price, David Scrase, Wendy Forbes, Norman
Stevens, Bryan Perry, Clare Carroll, Sophie
Goode, Shirley Edwards, Brigid Wells and Clare
and Chris Steynor organises the Bands - Andy
Watson, Duncan Powell, Shona Hull, David
Melville, Andrew White, James Bamber, Emilie
Watson, Ali Steynor, David Lloyd, Carolyn Cox,
Anja Kuzbik, Ellen Daughtery, Louisa Taplin, Rob
Hoy, Sally Buxton, Laurie Ashcroft, Sam Anderson,
Corrine Hull, Peter Venn and Poppy Hyde.
Supported by the Sound Desk team - John Russell,
Graham McNally, Jason Wye, Jonathan Perry,
Stephen Bamber, Leiv Boyum, Richard Jayawant,
Hugh McNally
And the Digital Projector Team Miriam
Daughtery, Louisa Taplin, Ellen Daughtery,
Stephen Bamber, Rob Moore and Lucy Keys.
We grow through reaching out through Mission and
we support 6 key Mission Partners Pat Nixson
with CMS, Solace Ministries in Rwanda, The
Bible Society, Christine Angell with MECO and
Mission Aviation Fellowship Richard and Prilla
Rowlands with Judah Trust last year we gave
away more than 26,000 to these and other
Mission Rwanda 3, 4 ?
We also reach out with Alpha (organised by Hugh
McNally) and Soul Survivor (organised by Chris
And finally we grow (of course) through Service
We undertake a diverse and exciting range of
activities that seek to serve and support our
community, often in more ways than we can imagine
Contact Centre to help broken families move
forward - Julia Rudebeck Shirley Edwards
Causeway Prospects for friends and family with
learning disabilities Biddie Muter, Steph and
Ron Hammond, Nick Kortalla Bird, Jenni Bird.
Southover Christian Counselling Centre
Professional, affordable Christian Counselling
Rosie Read, Stella Law, Fiona Luther, Shelley
Storrier, Jenni Taylor
EcoCongregation David Melville Ali Steynor,
Yvonne Braithwaite, Will Ellis, Ian Hempshall,
Mary Hempshall, Hester Pownall, Jan Rob Hoy,
Iris Johnson, Jilly Mercer, John Mercer Biddie
Mutter, Martin Pett, Sally Buxton.
Ploughmans Lunch Julia Rudebeck, Bill Cronk,
Lin Pilfold, Margaret Campbell.
Drivers Bill Barbara Cronk, Simon Hockley,
Robin Precey, Peter Bacon, Michael Ann Voigt,
Janette Watkins, Judy Yeomans, Heather Simms,
Biddie Mutter, Hester Pownall   Flower Arrangers
- Judith Alderton, Janet Bridger, Sally Blake,
Margaret Warwick, Lin Pilford, Eddie Pollard,
Pat Hill, Eddie Dean, Nan Dale, Pam Simmonds,
Marcus Cornish, Brenda Ross, Anne Almond, Mary
Hempshall, Amanda Daughtery, Helen Garratt, Alex
Williams.   Building Maintenance - Ron
Hammond, John Mercer, Marcus Taylor.
Gardeners Mark Bentley, Brian Cramp, David
Harvey, Ian Hempshall, Rob Hoy, David Ife, John
Mercer, Dave Midgley, Michael Parrish, Alan
Pilfold, Geoff Williams, Michael Carter, Chris
Webb.  Cleaner - Lin Pilfold
Our Secretary Ali Steynor the nerve centre of our
church, and our Administration support
Margaret Campbell, Marcus Taylor, Anne
Almond John Cornwell and Ali Steynor,  David
Garratt who all spot the Rectors errors.
Marcus Taylor Ministry Support for those jobs
that no-one else seems to want to do especially
Stephen Bamber Web-site and Computer
maintenance when it all goes wrong and you need
help fast!
and finally our Clergy, Wardens, Leadership Team
and PCC who lead us so carefully and faithfully
to follow Jesus David Garratt, Ron Hammond,
John Cornwell, Anne Almond, Jeremy Bamber, Ken
Bridger, Marcus Cornish, Steve Daughtery, Ron
Hammond, Ian Hempshall, Jan Hoy, Stella Hull,
Hugh Mcnally, Anne Muir, David Ross, Simon
Hockley, Chris Steynor, Letchimi Wall, Janette
Watkins, Geoff Williams, Jenni Taylor, Nicky
Southover Church a community of more than 270
different people (!) serving in over 650
different roles for the glory of God !
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