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Muslim Civilization 6221629


Section 3: Muslim Civilization's Golden Age. Section 4: India's Muslim Empire. Section 5: The Ottoman and Safavid Empires. Witness History Audio: Messenger of God ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Muslim Civilization 6221629

Muslim Civilization622-1629
  • Section 1 Rise of Islam
  • Section 2 Building a Muslim Empire
  • Section 3 Muslim Civilizations Golden Age
  • Section 4 Indias Muslim Empire
  • Section 5 The Ottoman and Safavid Empires

Witness History Audio Messenger of God
  • Who is the angel Muhammad spoke with?
  • What did the angel want Muhammad to do?

Rise of IslamMuhammad Becomes a Prophet
  • According to Islamic tradition, at abut the age
    of 40, Muhammad was called to be a messenger of
    God. He devoted his life to spreading Islam.
    Muhammad and his followers fled the hostile town
    of Mecca for what would become Medina. In Medina
    people were open to his teachings. In 630,
    Muhammad returned to Mecca and rededicated the
    Kaaba to Allah.

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Teachings of Islam
  • Muslims believe in one god and that Muhammad was
    Gods last and greatest prophet
  • They believe the Quran is the sacred word of God
  • They perform five basic duties known as the Five
    Pillars of Islam.

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Islam A Way of Life
  • Muslims developed a body of law called the Sharia
    that interprets the instructions in the Quran.
  • Islamic men and women are spiritually equal
    according to the Quran, but womens lives,
    rights, and freedoms have varied under different
    Islamic societies.

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Open Book Quiz
  • Muhammad was born in the town of?
  • The journey of Muhammad to Yathrib was known as
  • Muhammad redidacated the ______ to worship the
    one true God.
  • A struggle in Gods service is a_____?
  • The Muslim body of law that includes
    interpretation of the Quaran is known as?
  • According to Muslim belief, Muhammad was visited
    by_____, who gave him a message from God?
  • Why were the Meccans against Islam?
  • Islam differs from Christianity in that it?
  • Name the five parts of Islam.
  • The veiling and seclusion of women were first the
    customs of what Arab peoples?

  • Mecca
  • Hijra
  • Mosque
  • Jihad
  • Sharia
  • Angel Gabriel
  • They had to follow the religion of their
    Byzantine leaders. They made money off of the
    pilgrimages of people who believed in traditional
    Arabic gods.
  • Does not require that priests mediated between
    people and God.
  • Participating in holy wars.
  • Persians upper-class women to begin with