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The Civil War


The main cause of the Civil War was slavery, the southern states needed slavery ... What political and military developments occurred during the Civil War? ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: The Civil War

The Civil War
  • Brittani C.

Here are some issues led up to the Civil war?
  • The main cause of the Civil War was slavery, the
    southern states needed slavery to support the
    economy. Slavery was illegal in the northern

What were some of the major events that took
place during the war?
  • In Feb. 1861 the south created a Confederate
    Constitution. President Buchanan Lincoln's
    predecessor would not surrender the southern
    federal forts to the seceding states.
  • On April 1861 4 more states join the confederacy
  • On June 1861, West Virginia was created. They did
    not want to secede like the rest of the state.
    On January 27, 1862 Lincoln issued a war order
    authorizing the Union to launch a unified
    aggressive action against the Confederacy.

  • June 26 July 2 1862, the seven days battle, on
    July 2 the confederacy withdrew from Richmond
    which ended the Peninsular Campaign.
  • September 17, 1862- Confederate forces under
    General Lee were caught near Sharpsburg, Maryland
    by General McClellan. 2,103 Union soldiers were
    killed 9,549 were wounded 2,700 Confederate
    soldiers were killed 9,029 were wounded this was
    proved to be the bloodiest day of war.
  • January 1863- the Emancipation Proclamation, this
    declared that all slaves in rebellion areas were
    by federal government free.
  • June-July 1863 the battle of Gettysburg. On
    November 19, 1863 dedicates a portion of the
    Gettysburg battlefield a national cemetery

  • Grant attacked the Confederate forces at Cold
    Harbor, he lost over 7,000 men in 20 minutes.
  • January 1865- The fall of Confederacy. Some
    transportation problems began which caused food
    shortages and supplies to the south. Many
    starving soldiers began to leave General Lees
  • April 14, 1865 President Lincoln was watching a
    play at Fords theater in Washington. He was shot
    by John Wilkes Booth, an actor from Maryland
    obsessed with revenging the Confederate defeat.
    9 other people were involved in Lincolns
    assassination 4 of which were hanged 4 were
    imprisoned and 1 acquitted.
  • April-May 1865 the remaining Confederate troops
    were defeated between the end of April and the
    end of May. Jefferson Davis was captured in
    Georgia on May 10.

What was the outcome of the war?
  • Women began to assume larger responsibilities in
    the workplace because so many men were away at
    war. Almost 4 million blacks were who had
    previously been slaves became free. Even though
    they were free they still did not have equal
    rights as the white people.
  • After the war it was followed by 12 years of
  • After the war the south was set back about a
    generation in industry and agriculture.

What significant Constitutional changes were
  • The blacks were free.
  • (even though they still did not have the same
    rights as the white people).

. How did the economy change after the war?
  • The government forgot to make economic rights for
    the slaves. So many worked on farms owned by
    previous masters to become tenant farmers, most
    of this continued until the 20th century.

. How did the government change after the war?
  • The Republican party became worries that if the
    Democratic party regained power in the south they
    would lose their dominate position in congress.
    When the southern states were readmitted to the

. How were the peoples' rights affected?
  • Blacks had rights now!
  • They were freeeven though they had rights
    they were not equal with the white people.
  • Whites had the same rights as before primarily
    they couldnt have slaves.

What individuals made key contributions to
thestate and the country during the Civil War?
  • Abraham Lincoln he was the President at the
    time through the Civil War. He held his ground
    and did what he believed was right for the
  • Everyone who fought in the war, The Union and the
    Confederates they all fought for what they
    believed in, weather we agree with why they
    fought if it had not been for either one we
    wouldnt be were are civilization was today.

What political and military developments occurred
during the Civil War? What effect did those
developments have on the outcome of the war?
  • The political and military were each very sided
    especially The Confederates, they did not want to
    give up there slaves because they needed them to
    work on there farms,

This is what happened in real life!
Imagine if the South
Had won the
Civil War........
What would our natin be like???

If the South had one, slavery would have lasted
at least another generation. but you have to
think if some people looked at Slavery as a bad
thing during this time period, it would
eventually stop. As technology would grow the
need for slaves would be no more. So they would
eventually become free, they would just not have
equal rights as whites. In this year 2004, a lot
of blacks would still be discriminated and looked
down upon until years to come.