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Building 200 Interior Renovations


Building 200 Interior Renovations – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Building 200 Interior Renovations

Building 200 Interior Renovations
Building 200 Interior Renovations
  • Agenda
  • Item 1 Initial questions
  • Item 2 Construction Schedule
  • Item 3 Moving Schedule and Process
  • Item 4 QA regarding Indoor Air Quality during
  • Item 5 Questions From You

Building 200 Interior Renovations
  • Important Dates
  • Friday March 16th/07 Construction contract
    tender issued.
  • Wednesday March 21st/07 Construction site
    walk-through with contractors.
  • Tuesday April 10th/07 Construction contract
    tender closes.
  • Wednesday April 11th/07 Construction contract
    awarded to successful proponent.

Building 200 Interior Renovations
  • Wednesday April 11th/07 through to Wednesday
    April 18th/07 contractor begins to mobilize
  • Wednesday April 18th/07 Demolition/Construction
    slated to begin on 2nd Floor North (Phase 1)
  • Monday May 07th/07 Construction begins on 3rd
    Floor South (Phase 2)
  • Friday June 29th/07 Construction complete on
    2nd Floor North
  • Monday July 03rd/07 Construction begins on 3rd
    Floor North (Phase 3)

Building 200 Interior Renovations
  • Friday August 10th/07 Construction complete on
    entire 3rd Floor
  • Friday August 30th/07 Construction complete on
    1st Floor (Phase 4)

Construction Timeline
Design Tender Phase 1 Phase 2 Phase 3 Phase
4 Completion
On time On budget!!
Building 200 Interior Renovations
  • Guiding philosophy in planning the move process
    and construction phasing has been
  • A) Minimizing effects of construction on
  • B) Minimizing operational disruptions for each
  • C) Minimizing confusion for all your colleagues
    and students on campus.

Building 200 Interior Renovations
  • Where and When Is Everyone Moving?
  • All occupants on the 2nd Floor North will be
    relocated to Building 255 or other offices on
    campus. This will happen prior to the start of
    construction on April 18th/07.
  • May 04th/07 May 08th/07Registration, Records,
    Admissions, Cashiers, and Financial Aid will be
    relocated to Building 250.
  • After completion of Phase One (2nd Floor North)
    all occupants on the 3rd Floor North will be
    moved to the newly renovated areas on the 2nd

Building 200 Interior Renovations
  • Who Moves?
  • Disability Services moves into their permanent
    home on the 2nd Floor.
  • Counseling Advising moves to the 2nd Floor on a
    temporary basis until the construction on the 3rd
    Floor is complete.

Building 200 Interior Renovations
  • August 11th/07 August 14th/07
  • Counseling Advising move to their permanent
    home on the newly renovated 3rd Floor.
  • Registration, Records, Admissions, Financial Aid,
    and Cashiers move back into their permanent home
    on the newly renovated 2nd and 3rd Floors.
  • August 15th/07 August 17th/07
  • Occupants located in B255 move back to their
    permanent homes on the 2nd floor of B200.

Building 200 Interior Renovations
Building 200 Interior Renovations
Building 200 Interior Renovations
  • Phase 3 Everyone moves back home.
  • As the moving process moves forward there are
    several areas of responsibility that overlap.
  • Everyone is in someway responsible for a
    successful and smooth moving process.
  • As your moving day approaches you will be given
    advance notice so that you will be ready to move
    on your assigned day.

Building 200 Interior Renovations
  • General Guidelines to Moving
  • IMPORTANT If you have valuable personal items
    please move them yourself. Malaspina is not
    responsible for breakage/loss. Items in this
    category might include pictures, desk lamps, area
    rugs, plants, etc.
  • Step One You are responsible for packing your
    own boxes. All filing cabinets, desks, drawers,
    etc. must be emptied. Boxes are available from
    Facilities Services Campus Development. You
    will be provided with a Material Handling Form to
    request boxes, tape, and tape dispensers. Please
    keep the weight of the boxes to under 50
    poundsif you cant lift itthe movers probably
    cannot safely do so either.
  • Step Two You will be provided with
    identification sheets/labels that are to be
    taped/adhered to each box and each piece of
    furniture to be moved. If you are receiving new
    furniture you will be informed of this prior to
    your move date so you will only need to label
    your boxes.
  • Step Three Tape/adhere keys to desks and filing
    cabinets to the front of the piece furniture
    (i.e. desks, filing cabinets, etc.)
  • Step Four Pack your phone and cord, unless it
    has a digital display. Digital display phones
    should be left in their place. Facilities will
    look after moving it to the proper location.
    Your waste bin and recycling bin will be moved
    for you.
  • Step Five Place your packed boxes on the floor
    please do not block the entrance to the
    office/area door as furniture may be moved prior
    to anything else.

Building 200 Interior Renovations
  • Step Six Once all of your items have been moved
    to your new location, you are responsible for
    unpacking your boxes and re-packing your desk,
    drawers, and filing cabinets. Please remove or
    cut the tape on the boxes and flatten them so
    that they can be re-used at a different date.
    Place them in a common storage place so that they
    can be picked up by Facilities.
  • Computers Printers Do not unplug, pack, or
    move computers, printers, cords, peripherals,
    mice, etc. Facilities and IT will arrange to
    have them moved.
  • Photocopiers Do not unplug, pack, or move
    printing, scanning, or duplication machines.
    Facilities, IT, and Printing/Duplicating will
    arrange to have them moved.
  • Hazardous Materials If you have hazardous
    materials in your office/area (i.e. lab
    reagents/gasoline, etc.) special arrangements may
    be required through Environmental Health
  • Surplus Furniture Equipment If you have
    surplus furniture or equipment to dispose of,
    please contact Purchasing to discuss your
  • Keys/Card Access Keys/Card Access for your new
    area (both temporary and permanent) will be
    arranged in conjunction with Facilities Services.

Building 200 Interior Renovations
  • Contact information for anything related to the
    B200 construction and moving processes
  • Chris Widmeyer
  • Facilities Planner/Developer
  • Location Building 120/Rm 204
  • Email
  • Ph Local 6539

Building 200 Interior Renovations
  • Questions you may have?
  • Q Will I be able to access files and other
    things that are in storage?
  • A Yes. While storage areas have not been
    designated as of yet, we plan on storing many
    items in the tiered classrooms on the first and
    second floors. This will be cleared up closer to
    the actual construction start dates.
  • Q What is being done to provide a comfortable
    level of Indoor Air Quality during construction?
  • A The primary method to be used to provide a
    comfortable level of Indoor Air Quality during
    construction, will be through the use of air
    filters attached to all return air ducts in the
    construction zone. The construction zone will be
    kept under negative pressure relative to the
    other areas of the building. Both of these
    methods used together has the effect of keeping
    various particles from infiltrating occupied
  • Q What are Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)?
  • A Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) are
    materials that evaporate rapidly and give off
    vapours and gases which may cause adverse
    reactions to some people.  Some VOCs have a
    noticeable odour however many do not.

Building 200 Interior Renovations
  • Q What are potential sources of VOCs?
  • A Potential sources of VOCs are quite wide in
    range. Some examples of materials containing
    VOCs are paints, stains, varnishes, solvents,
    gasoline, adhesives, wood preservatives, waxes,
    polishes, cleansers, lubricants, sealants, dyes,
    air fresheners, fuels, plastics, copy machines,
    printers, tobacco products, perfumes, cosmetics,
    dry cleaned clothing, etc.
  • Q Are we using materials that have VOCs in
  • A Wherever possible we are using
    Low-emission/Low VOC products and materials in
    the renovations however there may be some
    construction materials being used that are not
    available in the Low VOC format.  If it is
    possible the use of such VOC products will be
    kept to a minimum and any vapours generated will
    be controlled through additional localized
  • Q Will I have access to the construction area
    during construction if I have a hard hat and work
  • A No. The area is for construction contractors
    and those associated with the construction
    portion of the project. You will be given a tour
    and access to your new area just prior to moving
    into it, and after the construction deficiencies
    have been addressed.