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Kung Fu Panda


Do you know the meanings of these animal symbols in Chinese culture? ... The tiger is one of the animals of the Chinese Zodiac. Animal Symbols in Chinese Culture ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Kung Fu Panda

  • Kung Fu Panda
  • in
  • TOEFL ibt
  • Module C1
  • Instructor Fu-ying Lin

Kung Fu Panda in TOEFL ibt
  • Aim
  • 1) to learn how to use proper adjectives to
    prescribe personalities
  • 2) to learn Chinese proverbs and apply them in
    writing and speaking
  • 3) Culture study to know more about Chinese
    culture and how Confucius influences Chinese
  • 4) to apply what is learnt from this course to
    TOEFL ibt exam questions

Description of the roles
  • Please discuss this in a group of 3 5 people.
  • Questions (10 mins)
  • 1. How many characters are there in this movie?
  • And who are they?
  • 2. What animal does each character represent?
    Do you know the meanings of these animal symbols
    in Chinese culture? What are the meanings of
    these animal symbols in your opinion?

Description of the roles
  • Oogway a turtle
  • Shifu a mouse
  • Po a panda
  • Tigress a tigress
  • Monkey a monkey
  • Crane a crane
  • Viper a snake
  • Crane a crane
  • Tai Lung a leopard

Animal Symbols in Chinese Culture
  • Oogway ?? longevity, immortality, the Black
    Tortoise (?? - xuán wu) is one of the Four
    Symbols of the Chinese star constellations and
    one of the four heavenly creatures, it is
    guarding the North and represents the winter
  • Mouse ? smart, clever, the rat is one of the
    animals of the Chinese Zodiac.
  • Panda ?? symbol of Man
  • Tiger ? courage, bravery, and strength the
    (white) tiger is one of the four spiritual
    creatures and it is guarding the West. The tiger
    is one of the animals of the Chinese Zodiac.

Animal Symbols in Chinese Culture
  • Crane ? longevity (four colours black, blue,
    white, yellow), next to the phoenix the second
    most important winged animal (note spirits can
    ride on a crane)
  • Monkey ? driving away evil spirit (one of the
    animals of the Chinese Zodiac is depicted on one
    of the goblets
  • Snake ? woman, supernatural power, cunning the
    snake is one of the animals of the Chinese
  • Mantis ?? mystery, fighting spirit
  • Leopard? cunning, sly, fast

Other famous animal symbols in Chinese culture
  • Dragon? male vigor, fertility, ultimate
    abundance, prosperity, good fortune also the
    symbol for the Emperor, divine mystical creature,
    symbol of the natural world, adaptability,
  • Phoenix?? virtue, duty, correct behaviour,
    humanity, reliability (the Five Human Qualities),
    strength, resilience, good fortune, opportunity,
    luck, considered to be the most important of the
    winged animals
  • Phoenix and Dragon - wife and husband, signifies
    wedded bliss, also symbol for Empress and
    Emperor, bird and animal kingdoms entire
    natural world, Taoism phoenix, pair of, placed
    together and facing each other - eternity

Phoenix and Dragon
More about Dragon ?
  • The Chinese dragon (Cantonese loong Hokkien
    dieng, leng) is a mythical creature. Long a
    potent symbol of auspicious power in Chinese
    folklore and art, it is the embodiment of the
    concept of yang ? and associated with the weather
    and water as the bringer of rain.

More about Dragon ?
  • The dragon is sometimes in the West viewed as a
    national emblem of China. However, this usage
    within both the People's Republic of China
    (P.R.C.) and the Republic of China on
    Taiwan(R.O.C) is extremely rare, both because the
    dragon has monarchist connotations which run
    counter to recent Chinese ideologies and because
    the dragon has aggressive, warlike connotations
    which Chinese governments dislike. It is for the
    latter reason that the giant panda is far more
    often used within China as a national emblem than
    the Chinese dragon.

More about Dragon ?
  • However even though Dragon lost it symbol as
    China, it is still a respected creature in
    Chinese cultural daily life. It is a taboo to
    disfigure a depiction of Dragon, for example when
    U.S sportswear giant Nike made an advert campaign
    for their brands, a basketball player is shown
    slaying a Dragon (amongs beating up an old Kung
    Fu master) . This advert was banned immediately
    from the Chinese government after public outcry
    for disrespect of the Dragon.

More about Dragon ?
  • Also alot of Chinese proverbs and idioms still
    use Dragon, one example "Looking forward their
    child turn to a Dragon".
  • Now lets listen to a famous song to all Chinese
    around the world, called Descendants of Dragon,
    sung by Wang Lee-Hom, a Taiwanese born in New
    York, but now a popular singer and talented
    musician in China, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea and
    other countries in South-Eastern Asian countries.

Other famous animal symbols in Chinese Culture
  • Quilin?? mystical hooved Chinese chimerical
    creature, with a physical apperance of various
    animals like deer, horse, ox, dragon - guardian
    of home, protection, wisdom, good will (the qilin
    guards the gates of heaven)
  • Fish? abundance, wealth (the fish is one of the
    "Eight Buddhist symbols of good fortune")
  • Horse ? speed and perseverance. The horse is one
    of the animals of the Chinese Zodiac.

Character Study
  • Group discussion (15 mins)
  • 1. Please find the answers for questions in
    Character Study handout.
  • 2. What adjectives or nouns can occur to you when
    you are describing people? (except the vocabulary
    in the handout)
  • Please make a list with your group members.
    And give at least 2 synonym words for each
  • Nouns (at least 5)
  • Adjectives (at least 5)
  • . Suggestion you can focus on describing one
    character in the movie
  • . You can consult dictionary for your

Character Study Examples
  • . Adjectives
  • 1. caring sympathetic, affectionate
  • 2. brutal cruel, savage, callous, unmerciful
  • 3. diligent persevering, assiduous,
    industrious, sedulous
  • . Nouns
  • 1. enlightenment insight, instruction,
  • 2. excellence superiority, eminence,
    preeminence, supremacy, distinction,
    transcendence, greatness
  • 3.patience tolerance, endurance, indulgence,
    perseverance, persistence, stamina, fortitude

After the group discussion of Character Study
  • Each group writes down one noun with its several
    synonyms, and one adjective with its synonyms on
    a paper.
  • Each group sends one member to write them down on
    the board.

More about Character Study
  • What do you think of those masters fighting
  • Use 2 adjectives to describe each masters
    fighting style.

Fighting style
  • Po bonney, playful, awesome
  • Shi fu powerful, focused, precise
  • Tigress strong, powerful, aggressive
  • Monkey acrobatic, unpredictable, quick
  • Viper flexible, exclusive, fluid
  • Mantis quick, precise,
  • Crane natural, graceful, effortless
  • Tai lung brutal, cunning, relentless

Character Study handout (15 mins)
  • The instructor passes down the handout about
    Character study.
  • Students briefly read this copy of handout and
    discuss the question with the group members.
  • ( Advice you may just choose the part of
    your favorite character to read!! )
  • Question
  • Who is your favorite master/character in
    this movie? Why? and give examples to support
    your idea.

Chinese Proverbs
  • In ancient China, Confucius (551479 BCE) was a
    famous thinker who focused on the importance of
    values as a way for people to live good lives and
    to maintain a prosperous society. Many sayings
    are credited to Confucius.

Chinese Proverbs
  • Examples (5 mins)
  • 1. Virtue is never left to stand alone .
  • 2. What you do not wish done to yourself, do not
    do unto others.
  • The instructor invites students to discuss what
    they think these sayings mean.

Quotes in Kung Fu Panda
  • Time 15 mins
  • There are many quotes in Kung Fu Panda.
  • Please discuss this with your partner and list as
    many as you can. And discuss which one is your
    favorite quote in this movie.

Discussion and Sharing
  • Q Who is your favorite master/character in this
    movie? Why?
  • The instructor invites students to share their
  • Time 5 mins

Quotes in Kung Fu Panda
  • 1. One meets its destiny on the road he takes to
    avoid it.
  • 2. Your mind is like water, my friend, when it is
    agitated, it becomes difficult to see, but if you
    allow it to settle, the answer becomes clear.
  • 3. Quit, dont quit. Noodles, dont noodles.

Quotes in Kung Fu Panda
  • 4. Yesterday is a history, tomorrow is
  • mystery, but today is a gift. That is
  • why it is called the present the gift.
  • 5. There are no accidents.
  • 6. Yes, look at this tree, Shifu.
  • I cannot make it blossom and suit me,
  • nor make it bear food before its time.

Quotes in Kung Fu Panda
  • But there are things we can control.
  • I can control when the fruit will fall.
  • and I can control
  • what time to seed
  • That is not illusion, Master.
  • Yes, but no matter what you do.
  • The seed will grow up to be a peach tree.
  • You may wish for an apple or an orange
  • But you will get a peach.
  • But peach cannot defeat Tai-lung.
  • Maybe it can if you are willing to guide
    it, to nurture it, to believe in it.

Quotes in Kung Fu Panda
  • 7. Im sorry things didnt work out.
  • Its just what its meant to be.
  • Po, forget everything else, your
  • destiny still awaits.
  • We are noodle folk.
  • Broth runs deep through our veins.

Quotes in Kung Fu Panda
  • 8. You cannot leave, real warrior never
  • quits.
  • 9. Why didnt you quit ?
  • You know I was trying to get rid of you
  • but you stayed
  • Yes ,I stayed .
  • I stayed ,because every time you threw up
    brick on the head or said I smelled, it hurts.

Quotes in Kung Fu Panda
  • But it could never hurt more than I did everyday
    in my life just being me.
  • I stayed, because I thought ..
  • If anyone could change me,
  • could make me not me,
  • it was you
  • the greatest Kong Fu teacher in the whole of

Quotes in Kung Fu Panda
  • 10. Enough talk lets fight!
  • 11. Theres no charge for awesomeness or to
    attractiveness !!
  • 12. The secret ingredient of my secret
  • ingredient soup is...nothing.
  • 13. To make something special, you
  • just have to believe its special.

Related TOEFL ibt question items
  • Independent writing
  • The expression Never, never give up means to
    keep trying and never stop working for your
    goals. Do you agree or disagree with this
    statement? Use specific reasons and examples to
    support your answer.
  • What is the very important personality a person
    should have in order to be successful in the
    world today? Choose one trait and use specific
    reasons and examples to support your choice.
  • What do you want most in a friend someone who is
    intelligent, or someone who has a sense of humor,
    or someone who is reliable? Which one of these
    characteristics is most important to you? Use
    reasons and specific examples to explain your

  • 4. Do you agree or disagree with the following
    statement. Always telling the truth is the most
    important consideration in any relationship. Use
    specific reasons and examples to support your
  • Now, look at the sample writing. Briefly read
    them and share with your opinion why some get
    higher score, and others, not.

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