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Lose Weight To Control Blood Sugar


The only way to counter this is to exercise more. More Bumps in the Road ... Leaving food on your plate may reduce calorie intake significantly ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Lose Weight To Control Blood Sugar

Lose Weight To Control Blood Sugar
  • Techniques that work when diets dont

Why lose weight
  • Glycemic control
  • Decrease risk of heart disease
  • Decrease development or symptoms of
  • Normalize blood pressure
  • Decrease risk of some cancers and other
  • disease (i.e. sleep apnea)

Why diets dont work
  • No permanent change in food choice or amount
    resulting in regain
  • Quantity control
  • Energy In Energy Out maintains weight
  • Most people underestimate their food intake and
    overestimate their activity level
  • Habits cause the same detrimental behaviors to
    keep repeating

Battling Mother Nature
  • Our bodies fight us to regain the lost weight
  • Biological and physiological mechanisms defend
    your extra fat and try to return the body to the
    weight it was
  • Research shows that people who have lost weight
    are hungrier and not just for any food
  • Weight loss signals the brain that you are
    starving and will slow metabolism to conserve
  • Keep in mind that metabolic rate is linked to the
    amount of lean and muscle tissue you have
  • The only way to counter this is to exercise more

More Bumps in the Road
  • Lipoprotein lipase, an enzyme that promotes fat
    storage, goes up in fat tissue when you lose
    weight so you tend to store fat rather than burn
  • The good news is that you wont gain weight
    unless you eat more

Stick to the plan
  • Research shows that whatever method you use,
    weight loss is almost identical.
  • The difference comes from whether you are using a
    method you can stick with over time

The ABCs of BehaviorAntecedentsBehaviorsConseq
  • Change your behaviors to change your habits

Antecedents the events, circumstances and
emotions which occur prior to eatingBehaviors
the eating itself and the related events and
feelings including speed of eating, rate of
chewing, taste of food, what you are doing while
you are eating Consequences the events,
feelings and attitudes that follow eating and can
determine whether or not the eating will occur
Average Joe
  • Home on Sunday watching baseball game
  • Went to the kitchen for his favorite snack, chips
  • He sat down with the bag, watched the game and
    ate rapidly not tasting each one
  • He ate until he was very full and then felt
    guilty about eating so much

Many people have situations, times or activities
that stimulate eating
  • These events become paired with eating so that
    the event can make you feel hungry

If you always eat with these activities, the
activity can make you feel like eating, without
actually feeling hungry
  • Reading the paper while eating breakfast
  • Watch television with a snack
  • Movies in theaters with popcorn

It is important to separate eating from other
  • Eating should be the activity to maximize the
    experience from making healthy choices on quality
    and quantity to enjoying every bite

  • Besides stimulating eating, these other
    activities may-give you all the calories with
    only part of the pleasure -distract you from
    responding to actual hunger and fullness

Scheduling May Help
  • Choose a meal and snack pattern that best
    accommodates when you are hungry
  • Make it convenient, it doesnt have to be
    conventional or by the clock
  • Eliminates grazing or tempting snacks available
    around you
  • Think more to eat less if the snack is planned,
    it may help you put off the urge to eat

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link
  • Eating is a chain of events
  • Once you analyze the links in your chain of
    events that sabotage your weight loss efforts,
    you can spot the link that will break the chain
  • If you can break the chain, you regain control

Example of a Behavior Chain
  • Buy cookies
  • Leave cookies on the counter
  • Home on a Saturday afternoon
  • Tired and bored
  • Urge to eat
  • Go to kitchen
  • Take cookies to den
  • Eat cookies while watching television
  • Eat till full
  • Feel guilt and like weight loss is ruined
  • More eating

Lapse and Relapse
  • A lapse is a slight error or slip, a single event
    or time period like exceeding a calorie level or
    gaining weight
  • A relapse occurs when several lapses occur one
    after another until the person has reverted to
    the former state
  • A lapse is an isolated event and can be prevented
    from leading to relapse

The SMART Approach
  • The SMART method is a toolbox of lifestyle
    changes that do not include what is on your plate
    to encourage weight loss

  • How much are you eating and drinking?
  • Often it is how much you eat not what you eat
    that makes a difference
  • Our culture has supersized our portions
  • Amount you put on your plate may be out of habit
  • Leaving food on your plate may reduce calorie
    intake significantly
  • Using a smaller plate may help

  • Plan your meals and snacks
  • Modify usual routine to allow for a larger lunch
    or a holiday dinner
  • A few pounds are easier to lose than ten or
    fifteen, take notice of weight gain and take
    action when weight gain is within five pounds of
    usual body weight

  • As much as possible incorporate physical activity
    into your day
  • Weight loss is greater and better maintained by
    burning calories
  • An exercise program that challenges the body is
    beneficial for overall health but if unsuitable
    consider ADLs
  • Many people are successful at increasing their
    activity level by wearing a pedometer with the
    goal of increasing the number of steps taken each

  • It takes twenty minutes for the stomach to tell
    the brain it has had enough
  • Eat fast and we are not able to determine when we
    are satisfied and continue to eat to until full
  • Extra calories can be saved instead of stored by
    eating slowly or waiting for a second helping to
    see if we can do without

  • Pay attention to hunger cues
  • Feed your body when it is hungry
  • Make time for breakfast
  • If meals are farther than four hours apart,
    choose healthy snacks to decrease hunger which
    will lead to better portion control at meals and
    decrease binge eating behavior

Guidelines to keep in mind
  • Fat provides more calories than protein or carbs
  • Too much of any nutrient is stored as fat
  • Foods higher in water and/or fiber have fewer
    calories per bite and may satisfy your appetite
    in smaller quantities
  • Substituting cheese, milk and meats for lower fat
    alternatives provides nutrients but saves on
  • Low fat dressings, mayos and creamers save
    calories as well
  • Compact foods like sugar, cookies dried fruits,
    nuts and granola are high in calories per bite

For successful long-term weight loss

Nutrisense Inc.Amy Shapiro R.D., C.D.N.
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  • Smithtown New York 11787
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