PowerShow.com - Promoted Presentation Service FAQs

What are promoted presentations? Presentations that are intended to promote a product or service should be designated as "promoted presentations" by the uploader. Doing so may give your presentations improved visibility and views. And the cost is very low. In fact, it can actually save you money! promoted presentations may be displayed publicly on PowerShow.com. They may also be embedded in your own website, on Facebook or on many other websites for even greater visibility. On top of that, if you select the appropriate option on PowerShow.com's upload page, we will also convert your promoted presentations to video and upload them to YouTube.com for even more visibility and views - at no extra cost!

How do promoted presentations get improved visibility and clicks? Presentations that are so designated may be given improved rankings in the "Related Presentations" and "Search Results" listings on PowerShow.com in much the same way that Google gives improved search results rankings to related website listings that are actually AdWords ads. promoted presentations may also be given added consideration for becoming highly visible "Featured Presentations" on the PowerShow.com home page. And, as you know, improved visibility drives proportionally more presentation view and clicks through to your website.

How many views will my promoted presentations get? That's hard to predict, of course. It will have a lot to do with how many people are looking for the title, tags, description and content of your presentation. (Tip: Try to pick the top 20 search words or phrases that people who might be interested in your presentation are likely to search on.) We will expose all those things directly to the major search engines so you can expect a lot of the viewers to come directly from the search engines to your presentation on PowerShow.com. And you'll also be glad to know that even though PowerShow.com itself is fairly new, it already gets a lot of traffic. And that traffic is growing fast - at an annual rate of about 350%. And of course you'll get many additional views on YouTube.com and on any webpages you embed the Flash version of your presentations into. For additional visibility, you can also allow others to embed your presentations into their sites.

What percentage of my promoted presentation viewers will come to my website? That depends, in part, on how prominent the hyperlinks are in your presentations as well as on how impressive and persuasive those same presentations are. But you'll be glad to know that PowerShow.com doesn't simply display your URL (which most people will never act on since it requires people to type it in to their browser). Rather, it supports embedded hyperlinks from within and below your promoted presentations directly to your website. So you'll have a greatly improved chance of converting your presentation viewers to potential customers on your website with a single click of their mouse. And since PowerShow.com supports most, if not all, of PowerPoint's multimedia features, you'll be able to achieve the maximum possible impact with your presentations. That added impact will also encourage a higher percentage of your viewers to click through to your website.

What does it cost for all these great benefits? PowerShow.com's minimum account balance to start to promote presentations is $50.00. You will set the "price per view", which is the price you will be charged when someone views your presentation. The minimum bid price per view is 2 cents.

Is this a good deal? People who view your promoted presentation(s) will be much more qualified than people who click on simple text ads. So they are actually worth several times as much per click. And actually, these presentation viewers could be as valuable as (if not more valuable than) your average website visitors. When you put all these facts together you realize that this is really an awesome deal!

How do I take the first step? How do I take the first step? When you upload your first promoted presentation to PowerShow.com you will be asked to prepay an amount to establish a non-refundable credit balance in order to start or resume your use of PowerShow.com's Promoted Presentation Services. That will allow you to upload and prominently display as many promotional presentations as you'd like on PowerShow.com. And this credit balance won't expire after one year or some other predetermined period of time. Rather, it is guaranteed to last until it is all used up through the per view fees. When that happens, we'll send you an email inviting you to replenish your credit balance if you'd like. And we are confident you will!