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India NBFC Summit & Awards 2019 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

    India NBFC Summit & Awards 2019 PowerPoint PPT Presentation

“India NBFC Summit & Awards 2019” with the theme “The Future of NBFC Unfolds” seeks to provide a platform for industry stakeholders to work out a road map for unleashing the true potential of the sector discussing the latest technological trends and solutions for NBFC with the help of which the financial industry can restructure and advance thier future. The discussions at the forum would focus on the ongoing changes including the evolution in the NBFC Industry, Consumer Experince, Technological disruptions, Digitization etc.. with a view to understand the influence of these developments on NBFC business and explore the need for operations excellence; new products and a pool of next gen leaders to sustain high growth in the present changing financial environment. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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