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Top Schools in faridabad | TOP 10 schools in Faridabad  - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

    Top Schools in faridabad | TOP 10 schools in Faridabad¬† PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Established in the year 2004, Aravali International School is located in the lush green campus of 13.5 acres, ergonomically constructed with a unique architectural design for developing the potential of each child. The Chairman of the school, Mr. Dhan Singh Bhadanas vision of establishing an educational institution that goes far beyond the regular academic and cultural aspect, took shape in the form of Aravali International School. At Aravali International School, Children grow and develop in reassuring world under the able guidance of the best teachers. The dream begins with the teacher who believes in them, tugs and pushes and leads them into next plateau. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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