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Death of a Salesman


Death of a Salesman Group Presentations Students will be divided into 5 6 groups Each group will be responsible for presenting their findings on one of the ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Death of a Salesman

Death of a Salesman Group Presentations
  • Students will be divided into 5 6 groups
  • Each group will be responsible for presenting
    their findings on one of the topics below
  • Each group will have 20 30 minutes to present
    their findings
  • You MUST be creative in your presentation (the
    more creative the better).
  • Do not read directly from your sheet of paper.
  • You MUST use quotations from the novel to support
    your opinions.
  • You MUST have visuals to accompany your
  • Each group will be given a topic and
    symbols/images which should be examined by
    looking at the whole play.

Topic 1
  • Death of a Salesman is a play about the last
    terrible day of a man and about the flood of
    facts and lies, of reality and fantasy, of the
    actual and the potential that made him and killed
  • Define Arthur Millers notion of The American
    Dream and discuss how Willy Lomans perversion
    of The American Dream contributed to his death.
  • Symbol/Image Jungle, Diamonds

Topic 2
  • Death of a Salesman is Biffs story. It is a
    play about a sons trouble with his father.
    Discuss this concept analyzing whether or not
    Biff makes a discovery and finds both his true
    self and understanding.
  • Symbol/Image Sports, The Woman

Topic 3
  • Decide on Lindas function in the play. Discuss
    whether Linda is Willys constant mainstay or a
    contributing force to his fatal commitment to the
    wrong dream.
  • Symbol/Image Ben, Flowers

Topic 4
  • Look at all the women in the play. What is their
    purpose and what do they tell the audience about
    where women belong in The American Dream.
    Draw parallels between Linda and the woman. How
    are they similar? How are they different? How
    do they change our perspective on Willy?
  • Symbol/Image Willys House, Stocking

Topic 5
  • Are the minor characters in the play Charley,
    Happy, Bernard, and Howard, functional,
    true-to-life characters acceptable in their own
    right? If not, then they are stereotypes. What
    is the function of the minor characters in this
  • Symbol/Image Tape Recorder, Sneakers

Topic 6
  • Why is Death of a Salesman considered a tragedy?
    What are the main elements that make this play
    tragic? Has Arthur Miller made his drama a
    believable tragedy? Why or why not?
  • Symbol/Image Lindas Inability to Cry, Seeds

Topic 7
  • The present and the past are intertwined in
    Willys mind. His past experiences are just as
    vivid as his present circumstances, and all
    boundaries between now and then have been
  • How does Arthur Miller achieve this blending of
    past and present? What are the effects of this
  • Symbol/Image Music, The Woods

Topic 8
  • What is a Requiem? Why does Arthur Miller
    include the Requiem? How does the inclusion of
    the Requiem change the tone/mood of the play?
    What would the play be like if the Requiem was
  • Symbol/Image Payments, Flute

Topic 9
  • Discuss the irony of the Requiem of Death of a
    Salesman. The Requiem has been attacked for its
    sentimentality. If in fact the Requiem is
    tearful did Miller put the tears there or does
    the audience? If it is Miller, What does this
    say about the play as a whole? If it is
    society, then what does this say about us?
  • Symbol/Image Salesman, Suicide