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Wordless Picture Book


Wordless Picture Book. Presented by: Becca Kohler and Kelsey McMillan. Background 'Hector' is a 6 year old student in Rebecca's first grade class. ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Wordless Picture Book

Wordless Picture Book
  • Presented by
  • Becca Kohler and Kelsey McMillan

  • Hector is a 6 year old student in Rebeccas
    first grade class.
  • He was placed in a half-day morning kindergarten
  • He was born in Colorado but his mother and father
    were both born in Afghanistan. Hector speaks and
    understands Persian and English
  • Hector did not have any formal schooling or
    receive any special services in any country prior
    to enrolling in Kindergarten
  • Overall CELA score at the end of 1st grade was

ELD structure identified
  • Diagraph TH sound
  • da the
  • den then
  • Overuse of she
  • Transition words
  • Subject/verb agreement
  • Verb endings (-ed, -ing)
  • Present/Past tense verbs

Strategy Chosen Matching Game/Concentration
  • Highly motivating and age appropriate
  • Using a game to develop the skill of
    acknowledging diagraphs.
  • Focuses on all diagraphs (CH, SH, TH)
  • Student must find correct picture and word to
    match diagraph

Why was this strategy chosen?
  • Hector had difficulty producing the TH diagraph
  • In his daily writing, Hector frequently struggles
    to use the correct diagraph (CH, SH, or TH)

  • Activity was adapted from the ESL Teachers
    Activity Kit by Elizabeth Claire
  • Pages 114-120
  • Each group will be provided with a set of game
    cards to play this game.
  • Entire class will participate in one of 5 small
  • Activity includes listening, reading, speaking,
    and writing skills

Lesson Plan Demonstration
  • Objectives of Lesson
  • Hector will be able to differentiate between the
    diagraphs /ch/ /th/ and /sh/
  • Hector will be able to sort, read, and match
    pictures and words according to the correct
    diagraph sound
  • Hector will write and say words with ch, th, and
    sh diagraphs

Lesson Plan ProcedurePart 1
  • Using the picture cards and the pocket chart,
    sort pictures into the correct sound category.
    (Ex. Chick will be in the CH category, Thumb-
    TH, and Shed- SH). Teacher will model for the
    student, teacher and student will do another
    example together, and then student will sort
    independently. Teacher can help isolate diagraph
    sound if necessary.

Lesson Plan Procedure (part 2)
  • Play Diagraph Match Game (page 114)
  • Diagraphs (ch, sh, and th) will be written on
    white cards and picture cards will be on colored
  • Place cards in rows in front of players, face
    down. Have two separate groupings, one colored
    and one white.
  • Student will pick up one colored card and one
    white card. He will say the name of the diagraph
    as well as the name on the picture card.
  • If it is not a correct match (ex. CH and a
    picture of a thumb), the student will return the
    two cards to their respective positions.
  • If it is a correct match (ex. TH and a picture of
    a thumb), the student will keep the cards and his
    opponent will take his turn to find a match. The
    student will write his match on a record sheet.
  • Player with the most matches at the end of the
    game, WINS!

Lesson Plan Demo
  • Materials Needed
  • Pocket Chart
  • Picture Cards
  • Diagraph Cards
  • Record Sheet
  • White cards with diagraphs CH, SH, and TH
  • Red cards with pictures/words
  • Resources
  • ESL Teachers Activities Kit, pages 114-117
  • Phonics Lessons for First Grade, Fountas and
  • Assessment
  • Informal Observation and participation during
    sorting activity and game
  • Formal Correct completion of record sheet

Now it is your turn
  • Get into groups of four
  • Begin playing game, refer to procedure if you get
  • Be polite
  • Dont get too competitive, no fighting/rude name
  • Have fun
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