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Toni Morrison The Pulitzer Prize for her novel Beloved. 1993 the Nobel Prize for Literature. The first African-American woman to win the award. ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Toni%20Morrison

Toni Morrison
  • The Pulitzer Prize for her novel Beloved.
  • 1993 the Nobel Prize for Literature.
  • The first African-American woman to win the
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Toni Morrison (1931-)
  • Born in Ohio. (1931-)
  • Fiction Complex experience of Afro-American.
  • Novel The Bluest Eye, Sula, Song of Solomon,
    Beloved, Jazz

  • Race
  • Womanhood
  • The effects of history
  • The contingencies of love
  • Examining how all four intertwine to affect the
    beliefs and actions of individuals.

Sula Part OneI. Prologue Bottom
  • The changes taking place in the once all-black
    neighborhood known as the Bottom in the hills
    above the once all-white town of Medallion, Ohio.
  • B. Bottom received its name from a slave owner's
    greedy deception of a slave (1994).

II. 1919 Shadrack
  1. Shadrack suffered a traumatic experience in World
    War I in 1917.
  2. National Suicide Day (1999).

III. 1920 Helene Wright
IV. 1921 Eva Peace
Rekus Sula
V. 1922 Sula and Nel
  • Nel and Sula had radically different
  • personalities Nel was quiet and
  • unassuming while Sula was spontaneous
  • and aggressive. Together, the girls seemed
  • to form two halves of a whole person.
  • B. Their friendship was so close, they
  • themselves had difficulty distinguishing
  • ones thoughts from the othersThey
  • never quarreled (2031).
  • C. I love Sula. I just dont like her

V. 1922 Sula and Nel
  • Sula playfully swung Chicken Little
  • around by his hands, but he accidentally
    slipped from her grip. He fell into the river and
    drowned (2021).
  • E. Shadrack told Sula Always (2021).
  • F. The white sheriff thought to throw
  • Chicken Little back to the water (2022).

IV. 1923 Hannahs Death
  • A. Mamma, did you ever love us? (2023).
  • B. Whatd you kill Plum for, Mamma? (2025).
  • 1. He wanted to crawl back in my womb
  • 2. I had to keep him out so I just thought of a
    way he could die like a man not all scrunched up
    inside my womb, but like a man (2026).

IV. 1923 Hannahs Death
  • A. Hannah dreamed of a wedding in a red bridal
  • B. She Eva saw Hannah burningshe threw
    herself out of window (2028).
  • 1. Eva and Hannah were sent to the hospital in
    the same ambulance, and Hannah died on the way
  • 2. Eva considered that Sula had watched Hannah
    burn not because she was paralyzed but because
    she was interested (2029).

VII. 1927 Nels Wedding
  • A. Jude married Nel.
  • Jude was a waiter at the Hotel Medallion.
    However, he longed to have a man's job.
  • The blacks were not allowed to build the New
    River Road (2030).
  • With her he was head of a household pinned to an
    unsatisfactory job out of necessity. The two of
    them together would make one Jude (2031).
  • B. Sula left the Bottom to attend college. She
    did not return for 10 years (2032).

Sula Part One I. 1937 Sulas Return
  • Accompanied by a plague of robins, Sula came
    back to Medallion (2032).
  • B. Eva criticized Sulas dress and her remaining
    unmarried (2033-4).
  • C. Sula quarreled with Eva. Sula was afraid of
    Eva and sent her to a nursing home that the white
    church run, shocking the entire community (2034).
  • D. Sula had sex with Jude and was found by Nel.
    Jude left Nel.

II. 1939 Sula and Ajax
  • A. People in the town regarded Sula as a bitch.
    There were rumors about her.
  • B. The meaning of the birthmark over her eye
    it was not a stemmed rose, or a snake, it was
    Hannahs ashes marking her from the very
    beginning (2044).
  • C. In order to justify their statement, they
    began to cherish their husbands and wives,
    protect their children, repair their homes and in
    general band together against the devil in their
    midst (2046).

  • D. Nel thought, a lover was not a comrade and
    could never befor a woman (2046).
  • E. Ajax and Sula had a passionate affair,
    enjoying one another's independence.
  • F. For the first time in her life, Sula
    experienced the desire for possession of her
    lover (2052).
  • G. When Ajax sensed her new domestic impulse, he
    abandoned the relationship. She was devastated by
    his abandonment.
  • H. The real name of Ajax was Albert Jacks

III. 1940 Revelation
  • A. When Sula fell seriously ill, Nel went to see
    her for the first time in three years.
  • B. The important conversations between Sula and
  • 1. Nel You a woman and a colored woman
  • at that. You cant act like a man.
  • Sula You repeating yourself (2057).
  • 2. Every colored woman in this country is dying
  • like a stump. Me Sula, Im going down like
  • one of those redwoods. I sure did live in
  • world (2057).

  • 3. Sula My lonely is mine. Now your lonely is
    somebody elses. Made by somebody else and handed
    to you. Aint that something? A secondhand
    lonely? (2057-8).
  • 4. Sula didnt love Jude. He just filled up the
    space in Sulas head (2058).
  • 5. Sula If we were such good friends, how come
    you couldnt get over it? (2058).
  • 6. Sula About who was good. How you know it was
  • I mean maybe it wasnt you. Maybe it was
  • me (2059).
  • D. Sula was dead.

IV. 1941 After Sulas Death
  • A. The community of the Bottom regards Sulas
    death as a good omen (2060).
  • B. A devastating frost overtakes the area (2061).
  • C. Shadrack felt lonely for the first time after
    war (2063).
  • D. Sulas belt was Shadracks sign of a visitor,
    his only one (2064).
  • E. After Sulas death, Shadrack realized there
    was no always (2064).

  • Many of the Bottom's residents, follow Shadrack
    on his march.
  • They walk to the tunnel where they begin to
    vandalize the construction site because the jobs
    have again been denied to black workers.
  • Suddenly, it collapses, and many of Shadrack's
    followers, including the Deweys, drown (2065-6).

V. 1965 Nels Awakening
  • A. The black community of the Bottom has slowly
    moved into the once all-white city of Medallion
    to build homes.
  • B. Only rich white folks were building homes in
    the hills (2068).
  • C. People lost the community because people lived
    in isolated house.
  • D. Eva accused Nel for killing Chicken Little. It
    reminded her that she felt good to see him fall
    and she remained calm at that time (2070).
  • E. All that time, all that time, I Nel thought
    I was missing Jude (2072). Nel whispered Sula's
    name and then cried out in grief for her deceased

  1. Was it possible that Sula and Nel are lesbians?
  2. Did Eva kill Hannah?
  3. What was Evas definition of love and like?
  4. What important theme in Sula did Shadrack
  5. What was the possible symbolic significance of
    Eva's missing leg?
  6. What were some possible reasons for Eva's
    decision to kill Plum?
  7. What was the meaning of Sulas birthmark?
  8. Sula thought The real hell of Hell is that it is
    forever, does it have something to do with
    Shadracks Always?
  9. Why did Shadrack like Sula?
  10. Why did Sula like to think of sex as wicked?