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The Crucible by Arthur Miller (1953)


The Crucible by Arthur Miller (1953) Arthur Miller Married to Marilyn Monroe for a short time During the Red Scare, HUAC (House Un-American Activities Committee ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: The Crucible by Arthur Miller (1953)

The Crucibleby Arthur Miller(1953)
Arthur Miller
  • Married to Marilyn Monroe
  • for a short time
  • During the Red Scare, HUAC (House Un-American
    Activities Committee) began targeting people in
    the entertainment business as communists.
    Committee led by Senator Joseph McCarthy.
  • These targets were asked to confess involvement
    in communist organizations and also to name
    others who had similar views.
  • People who refused to cooperate were blacklisted,
    or denied employment.

  • These actions by the HUAC reminded Miller of the
    Salem Witch Trials.
  • Miller visited Salem in 1952, and his research
    inspired him to write The Crucible late in 1953.
  • It was staged on Broadway later that year.
  • Its relevance to the political climate was clear,
    even in other countries.
  • The U.S. State Department refused Millers
    renewal of passport. When he was later called in
    by the HUAC and refused to name names, he was
    charged with contempt, fined, and sentenced to
    jail. He won his appeal and did not serve jail

The Crucible
  • Setting 1692 Massachusetts, during the Salem
    Witch Trials

Major Characters
  • Francis and Rebecca Nurserespected elders in
    town. Rebecca was midwife to wealthy Putnams,
    who blame her for the death of their children.
  • Reverend Parrisminister of the town
  • responsible for witch trials,
  • very materialistic
  • Betty Parriscaught dancing in the
  • woods and pretends to see spirits
  • TitubaRev. Parriss slave she teaches
  • the girls about spirits
  • Abigail WilliamsRev. Parriss niece
  • leads the girls in the accusations had an
  • affair with John Proctor

Characters (cont.)
  • Thomas and Ann Putnam
  • wealthy land owners powerful
  • and hold grudges
  • Mary Warrenworks at the
  • Proctors house
  • John Proctoropposes Rev.
  • Parris well-known and respected,
  • has 2 children.
  • Elizabeth Proctorvery chaste
  • cannot lie
  • Rev. John Halewitch expert
  • called in to investigate
  • Deputy Governor Danforthwitch
  • trail judge rules by the law and only
  • sees situations in black and white

  • Pride
  • Fear
  • Puritan Ethics
  • Honesty
  • Revenge
  • Conflict of Authority
  • Self Interest

  • In the winter of 1691-1692, many of the teenage
    girls in the village began behaving strangely.
  • Many people suspected the girls were victims of
  • These events and the trials that followed form
    the basis for Millers play The Crucible.

Act I Vocabulary
  • Compromisev to endanger the reputation or
    interests of to expose to suspicion
  • Contention n verbal argument or struggle
  • Subservientadj useful, in an inferior capacity
  • Naiiveadj lacking knowledge in the ways of the
  • Pretensen a false show or appearance, esp. for
    the purpose of deceiving
  • Evadev to escape or avoid, as by cleverness
  • Goodyn short for Goodwife, a term of polite
    address for a married woman
  • Aye (pronounced I)meaning yes or in agreement

Act I Voc. (cont.)
  • 9. Covenanteddescribes a
  • person who has made a
  • commitment to the church
  • testifying to his/her faith
  • 10. Defamationan attack on ones
  • good name or reputation
  • 11. Discomfitto confuse and
  • frustrate
  • 12. Licentiousdescribes a person who disregards
    commonly accepted standards of right and wrong

Act II Vocabulary
  • Reprimandv to reprove or correct sharply
  • Baseadj morally low
  • dishonorable
  • 3. Covetv to desire, in an
  • excessive degree, something
  • that belongs to another
  • Misgivingn a feeling of doubt,
  • distrust, or anxiety
  • 5. Indignantexpressing
  • righteous anger
  • 6. Poppeta handmade doll
  • 7. Lecheryexcessive indulgence of sexual desire

Act III Vocabulary
  1. Guilen cunning, deceit, slyness
  2. Affidavitn a written declaration sworn to be
    true, usually before a judge
  3. Effronteryn boldness and disrespect
  4. Ipso factoLatin legal term meaning by the fact
  5. Probityn moral excellence, integrity and

Act IV Vocabulary
  • Conciliatoryadj trying to gain the good will
    or another by friendly acts
  • Indictmentn a formal legal accusation,
    charging the commission or omission of an act,
    which is punishable by law
  • Gibbetn the gallows used for hanging
  • Sibilancen a hissing sound