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POSTMODERNISM: LEARNING TARGET: I can summarize the main tenets of literature from Post-Modernism (Contemporary) REMEMBER: What is Modernism? Modernism reflects a ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes


  • LEARNING TARGET I can summarize the main tenets
    of literature from Post-Modernism (Contemporary)

REMEMBER What is Modernism?
  • Modernism reflects a loss of faith in traditional
    values and beliefs, including the American Dream.
  • Artistic/literary movement
  • Post World-War One
  • Pessimistic picture of culture in disarray
  • Modern poets goal rid poetry of 19th century
    prettiness sentimentality
  • Rejected 19th century optimism
  • 6 Qualities instability, futility, chaos, loss
    of faith, collapse of morality, disillusionment

Where did modernism develop?
  • -Europe
  • -Modernists believed that the lives of people
    would improve thanks to science and a world
    based on logic.
  • It began as a time of optimism leading up to 1914
    when WWI began

The turning point from modernism to postmodernism
  • The terrible bloodshed of the First World War
    sowed seeds of doubt as to whether the world was
    becoming a better place.
  • The fact that science was turned to creating
    weapons of mass destruction and killing on an
    industrial scale as a trademark of the war
    (WWII), a wave of pessimism swept across Europe.
  • 2 compounding factors that became the turning
    point Holocaust and Atomic Bomb

The birth of post-modernism
  • This idea of a
  • -loss in the goodness of people and
  • -a suspicion of science and
  • -a suspicion of a world of logic and order
  • compounded by two main events of the Second
    World War

  • The Holocaust
  • The dropping of Atomic bombs on Japanese cities.

So.. what is postmodernism?
  • -Postmodern texts embody scepticism towards the
    ideas and ideals of the modern era, especially
    the ideas of progress, objectivity, reason
    certainty, personal identity.

Modernism Vs. Post Modernism
  • Think beginning in mid WWII (1939-1945) and
    continued on through late 1900s
  • Post-modernists believe that the majority of the
    world bases its views on what is presented to
    them through the media this is called
    hyper-reality a reality created through
  • Post-modernists believe that works of art are
    open to many different interpretations.
  • Think post WWI (1914-1918) around time of
    Prohibition, Roaring 20s
  • Modernists believe that people were capable of
    original thought.
  • Modernists believed that a work of art bears a
    universal truth or meaning.

How do these songs embody postmodernism? American
Pie 1971 https//
Hv-7U Born in the USA 1981 https//www.youtu

How do these songs embody postmodernism?
  • American Pie 1971
  • Miss American Pie  She is the America of a
    passing era, and he is bidding her farewell.
  • The narrator here is nostalgic for a simpler and
    more optimistic kind of musica music that can
    make people smile, and that could help them
    forget their troubles. 
  • Born in the USA 1981
  • The song was in part a tribute to Springsteen's
    friends who had experienced the Vietnam War
    (1954-1975), some of whom did not come back it
    also protests the hardships Vietnam
    veterans faced upon their return from the war.

Some definitions.
  • Hyperreality - a hypothetical inability of
    consciousness to distinguish reality from
    fantasy, especially in technologically advanced
    postmodern cultures.
  • A parody also called send-up , spoof or
    lampoon), in contemporary usage, is a work
    created to mock, comment on, or make fun at an
    original work.
  • https//
  • 0-50
  • https//
  • 0-52
  • A pastiche is a literary or other artistic genre
    that is a "hodge-podge" or an imitation.

As we read Harrison Bergeron, underline any
qualities that call in to question the
individual, society, the media etc. (qualities of
postmodernism literature)
How is this short story a critique of the
following terms?

Harrison Bergeron Reading Questions
  • What is the state of U.S. society as described in
    the first paragraph of the story? How has
    equality been achieved?
  • Consider the characters of Hazel and George. Why
    isnt Hazel handicapped? How does George seem to
    feel about his handicaps?
  • Consider the character of Harrison in terms of
    both his physical qualities and personality
    traits. Why is he considered a threat to society?
  • What is the significance of the dance that
    Harrison performs with the ballerina? How does
    the style in which the story is written change in
    this passage?
  • How do Hazel and George react to the televised
    murder of their son?
  • What do you consider to be Vonneguts message
    (there are multiple) in this story? What leads
    you to this conclusion?

Harrison Bergeron
  • is representative of postmodernism in that is
    somewhat darkly comedic, has a fragmented
    storyline (with the thought interrupters), is
    full of sarcasm and irony, and is set in a
    distant dystopian technologically advanced
    future. It also represents a loss of faith in
    society and in humanity in general.

Thursday, April
  • Read The Lottery
  • As you read, underline any qualities that call in
    to question the individual, society, the media
  • Complete a SOAPSTONE
  • Come to class having taken notes on how the story
    is a critique on these terms
  • Be ready to share your answers with the class.