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Introduction to Microsoft Windows Small Business Server 2003 SBS 2003


Microsoft Office FrontPage 2003 allows small business owners to create professional websites ... create a professional website, host your own e-mail address, ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Introduction to Microsoft Windows Small Business Server 2003 SBS 2003

Introduction to Microsoft Windows Small
Business Server 2003 (SBS 2003)
Learning Objectives
  • After viewing this presentation, you will be able
  • Understand the target prospect for SBS 2003.
  • Define the differences between the two SBS 2003
  • Translate SBS 2003 features into benefits for
    potential prospects.
  • Upsell prospects to the SBS 2003 Premium Edition.
  • Migrate prospects from older server products (NT4
    and SBS 2000) to SBS 2003.
  • Remember the system requirements of both SBS 2003

Introduction to SBS 2003
SBS 2003 Overview
SBS 2003 Overview
  • The number of small businesses that maintain more
    than one PC but don't utilize a server is high.
    These businesses' technology adoption rates are
    growing rapidly. Microsoft Windows Small
    Business Server 2003 (SBS 2003) provides a great
    opportunity to tap into this large and growing
  • Let's start with some basics.
  • SBS 2003 is an ideal solution for small
    businesses that currently use peer-to-peer
    networks and would benefit from moving to
    server-based networks.
  • SBS 2003 provides small businesses with many of
    the same features and benefits used by larger
    enterprises all in an inexpensive and
    easy-to-deploy package.
  • SBS 2003 is available in two editions Standard
    and Premium. Both editions are great solutions,
    and small businesses can choose the best product
    based on their needs.

Introduction to SBS 2003
SBS 2003 Overview
  • Both the SBS 2003 Standard and Premium Edition
    are great choices for prospects. Be sure to know
    what each offers.
  • SBS 2003 Standard Edition offers
  • File sharing and centralization (spend less time
    looking for info and managing different versions)
  • Data backup and restore capabilities (restore
    accidentally deleted files or previous versions)
  • Resource sharing (share printers, fax machines,
    Internet access, and applications)
  • Mobility (access e-mail, calendars, contacts,
    files, and resources from virtually anywhere)
  • E-mail/messaging solutionfor example, (present a professional
  • Internal company website (provide a tool for
    sharing information and ideas)
  • SBS 2003 Premium Edition offers all the features
    of the Standard Edition, plus
  • A powerful database system for running business
    applications SQL Server 2000
  • Tools to manage and monitor Internet access
    within an organization and a multi-layer firewall
    Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration
    (ISA) Server 2000, soon to be ISA 2004
  • Website-publishing software to create
    sophisticated websites Microsoft Office
    FrontPage 2003

Introduction to SBS 2003
SBS 2003 Product Components
SBS 2003 Product Components

Introduction to SBS 2003
SBS 2003 Product Components
  • Both the Standard and Premium Editions include
    these components
  • Windows Server 2003 allows small business
    owners to keep their business up and running
    thanks to a security-enhanced, reliable
    operating system.
  • Windows SharePoint Services v2 provides a
    preconfigured internal company website.
  • Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 is Microsoft's
    messaging and collaboration server designed to
    help small businesses communicate more
    effectively using shared calendars and contacts
    and integrated e-mail.
  • The Premium Edition adds three components
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2000 provides a powerful
    database system that allows small business
    owners to run business applications.
  • Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration
    (ISA) Server 2000 (soon ISA 2004) provides a
    multilayered firewall and tools to manage and
    monitor internal Internet access.
  • Microsoft Office FrontPage 2003 allows small
    business owners to create professional websites
    quickly, easily, and precisely.

Introduction to SBS 2003
SBS 2003 Target Prospects
SBS 2003 Target Prospects
  • SBS 2003 is a great server solution for prospects
    ready to purchase their first server. It allows
    them to
  • Connect multiple PCs.
  • Protect critical business information.
  • Back up and restore information, or manage
    version control.
  • Share resources and equipment (Internet access,
    printers, fax machines).
  • Store, find, and share information in one central
  • Reach and serve more customers, 24x7.
  • Stay mobile as they remotely access business
    information and resources while away from the
  • Recommend SBS 2003 if the prospect has
  • Three or more PCs and no servers.
  • A single older server such as SBS 2000 or Windows

Introduction to SBS 2003
SBS 2003 Target Prospects
  • In most cases, SBS 203 is the right server
    product for small businesses. But please note
    these parameters.
  • Remember
  • SBS 2003 must be the first server installed on
    the network and must serve as the main log-on
    server. Additional servers can be added later.
  • SBS 2003 does not support branch offices (for
    example, the branch office of a large
    corporation, such as a bank).
  • SBS 2003 only supports up to 75 users or devices.
    However, prospects can purchase the SBS 2003
    Transition Pack to protect their investment and
    transition to full server products.

Introduction to SBS 2003
SBS 2003 Target Prospects
  • If a prospect does not qualify for SBS 2003, be
    sure to ask more questions to determine which
    Windows Server product would be a better choice.
  • First server? Moving from a peer-to-peer network?
  • Recommend SBS 2003 Standard Edition.
  • Recommend SBS 2003 Premium Edition, with added
  • File/print or application server?
  • Recommend Windows Server 2003.
  • Web server?
  • Recommend Windows Server 2003, Web Edition
    (supports up to 2 GB memory).
  • Clustering or more than 4 GB memory?
  • Recommend Windows Server 2003, Enterprise

Introduction to SBS 2003
SBS 2003 Benefits
SBS 2003 Benefits
  • Prospects for SBS 2003 might mention some of the
    problems they face on a day-to-day basis.
  • Keep your ears perked for these kinds of
    problems. Chances are, moving from a peer-to-peer
    network to a server-based network with SBS 2003
    can help.
  • Your prospect says
  • "My employees spend hours working on reports and
    then lose the files when they accidentally
    delete or save over them."
  • "If my system crashes, I have no way to restore
    the lost information."
  • "I don't have a website."
  • "I can't manage my customer base."
  • "My employees and I can't contact customers or
    access internal information when
  • we're traveling."
  • "We have no version control."
  • "I can't access my contacts, calendar, or
    messages from my Pocket PC."
  • "I'm spending a ton of money on extra printers
    and fax machines."
  • "No one knows what anyone else is working on and
    we have trouble coordinating meetings."
  • "I can't deal with anything that's difficult to
    set up or manage."

Introduction to SBS 2003
SBS 2003 Benefits
So your prospects have mentioned the problems
they experience. Now, show them how purchasing
their first server with SBS 2003 can help fix
their problems. Benefit Data protection You
say "With SBS 2003 you'll be protected from
hackers. And, your employees can back up their
work and restore accidentally deleted files and
previous versions of documents." Benefit
Resource and equipment sharing You say "With
SBS 2003, your employees can share equipment and
resources, such as Internet access, printers, fax
machines, and modems. By not having to purchase
individual printers, or installing extra phone
lines, you'll save money in the long run."
Introduction to SBS 2003
SBS 2003 Benefits
Benefit Professional and effective
communication You say "Using SBS 2003, you can
stay connected to your customers and manage your
customer relationships better. How? With SBS
2003, you can create a professional website, host
your own e-mail address, and send one-to-many
e-mails messages or faxes to your existing
customer base." Benefit Centralized
information You say "SBS 2003 includes a
preconfigured internal company website. Your
employees can use it to collaborate on team
projects, post all key information in one central
location (so theyre not saving files in
different places), share their calendars to avoid
scheduling nightmares, and post important
announcements and links. By using this website,
your employees won't need to depend on other
coworkers if they need a specific document."
Introduction to SBS 2003
SBS 2003 Benefits
Benefit Mobility You say "Whether youre on a
business trip or working from home, SBS 2003 lets
you access your e-mail, internal company website,
files in your My Documents folder on your desktop
at work, business applications, and files on your
company network, using any computer connected to
the Internet. All you need to do is use a simple
URL and a user name and password, and you're
in!" Benefit Easy management You say
"Wizards and an intuitive interface guide you
through adding users and other server management
Introduction to SBS 2003
Upsell to SBS 2003 Premium
Upsell to SBS 2003 Premium
  • Listen to prospects carefully. If you hear any of
    the words below, try to sell up to SBS 2003
    Premium Edition.
  • Upsell clue words
  • Database
  • Business applications
  • Firewall
  • Enhanced security
  • Website
  • SBS 2003 Premium Edition offers all the features
    of the Standard Edition, plus
  • A powerful database system to run business
    applications Microsoft SQL Server 2000
  • Internal monitoring and management of Internet
    access and multi-layer firewall Microsoft
    Internet Security and Acceleration (ISA) Server
    2000, soon ISA 2004
  • Website-publishing software Microsoft Office
    FrontPage 2003

Introduction to SBS 2003
  • Be ready to explain the benefits of upgrading
    old, single servers to SBS 2003.
  • Benefits of SBS 2003 vs. SBS 2000
  • SBS 2003
  • Provides remote access to information and
    resources from any Internet-enabled PCmobility
  • Allows users to find, share, and communicate
    business information in one central locationa
    preconfigured internal company website
  • Enables employees to quickly and easily retrieve
    accidentally deleted files and restore earlier
    versions of files
  • Has improved and faster performance
  • Is easier to use with its integrated user
    interface, easy setup and management
  • Benefits of SBS 2003 vs. NT4includes all the
    benefits mentioned above, plus
  • SBS 2003 provides additional security and
    enhanced performance.
  • Support of NT4 operating systems will end
    December 31, 2004.
  • Current servers offer much improved performance
    and reliability.

Introduction to SBS 2003
SBS 2003 System Requirements
SBS 2003 System Requirements

Introduction to SBS 2003
Additional Resources
Additional Resources
More information about Microsoft Windows Small
Business Server 2003 General Product
s/default.mspx Community Resources http//www.mi
t.mspx Downloads and Product Updates http//www.m
lt.mspx FAQ
Support http//
03/sbs/support/default.mspx Technical
Introduction to SBS 2003