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Stonehenge is a prehistoric monument located in southern England just eight ... of UFOs landing there, but the eerie feeling around Stonehenge can lead people ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Stonehenge

Stonehenge By Joel Hanson
  • By Joel Hanson

  • Stonehenge is a prehistoric monument located in
    southern England just eight miles north of
    Salisbury. Stonehenge is one of the most famous
    prehistoric sites in the world. Around 3500 BC
    the semi-nomadic peoples that populated the
    Salisbury Plain began to build the monument now
    known as Stonehenge.

  • According to archaeologists, these stones were
    erected between 2200 BC and 1500 BC. The
    surrounding circular earth bank and ditch are
    believed to be the earliest phase of the
    monument. They have been dated back to about 3100
    BC. It may have taken 25 generations of labor to
    create this massive and awe-inspiring structure

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Thesis Stonehenge has been subjected to many
theories about its origin, ranging from
archaeology to explanations from mythology and
the paranormal. Stonehenge taunts us with mystery
and has stood in silent watch over the earth for
the last 5000 years. It has been excavated,
x-rayed, measured, and surveyed. Yet despite all
that has been learned about its age and
construction, its purpose still remains one of
the great mysteries of the world. Popular beliefs
are that it was once a mathematical object to
form a calendar, a spiritual and ritual burial
site that reined over every other site in the
area, and its even thought to be a UFO landing
Spiritual and ritual burial site
  • Modern anthropological evidence has been used to
    suggest that timber was associated with the
    living and stone with the ancestral dead amongst
    prehistoric peoples. They have argued that
    Stonehenge was the last stop of a long,
    ritualized funerary procession for treating the
    dead, which began in the east during sunrise and
    moved down and along the avenue, reaching
    Stonehenge in the west at sunset (

  • The journey from wood to stone via water was,
    considered, a symbolic journey from life to
    death. There is no satisfactory evidence to
    suggest that Stonehenge's stellar alignments were
    anything more than symbolic, and current
    interpretations favor a ritual role for the
    monument that takes into account its numerous
    burials and its presence within a wider landscape
    of sacred sites. Even though human remains have
    never been found there, ashes have. This also
    supports the idea that Stonehenge was a place of
    sacrifice to the gods of the sky. Many believe
    that the site may have spiritual significance
    attached to it.

UFO Landing Site?
  • Many people claim there have been numerous UFO
    sightings in the area, and this has led to idea
    that it is an extraterrestrial landing site.
    There have been no actual sightings of UFOs
    landing there, but the eerie feeling around
    Stonehenge can lead people to crazy suggestions
    of why Stonehenge was made. Stonehenge is also
    believed to be a teleportation hub and also most
    likely used for divine transmutation (druids
    becoming animals), animal migration tracking (as
    most are lunar, especially fish herd animals),
    a music art hall, a diviner's temple, among
    various other ceremonies.

Secular calendar theory
  • One plausible theory is the Secular calendar
    theory. This theory suggests that the monument
    was constructed as to record time and dates. The
    people needed something that would retain
    accuracy over a long period of time. Without at
    least one reliable standard, events and seasons
    had no chronological index, since the exact
    length of the year (including part-days) was not
    known, nor would the mathematics have been
    available to reason from it. Therefore there was
    a good reason for constructing a massive and
    immobile structure at a flat inland location
    where all sides of the sky could be equally

  • Whats left of Stonehenge is believed to be the
    skeleton of a massive building that was designed
    to be some sort of ancient computer that measure
    time and dates.
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