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7 Tips for Summertime Camping with Your Dog


Summertime, a time for us to escape the daily stress of life and have fun, reconnecting with family and friends within nature. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: 7 Tips for Summertime Camping with Your Dog

7 Tips for Summertime Camping with Your Dog
Summertime Camping with Your Dog
  • Summertime, a time for us to escape the daily
    stress of life and have fun, reconnecting with
    family and friends within nature. All our senses
    are awakened to the outdoors. We take our
    four-legged best friend for longer walks, we
    share ice cream with them and throw a frisbee
    endlessly for both their and our enjoyment. Life
    is good, we experience in the joy of summer more
    completely with our dogs.

1. Camp Location - Dogs Welcome and Safe
  • When searching for a pet friendly campground
    using the internet or other dog owners will help
    you on your journey to discover the perfect
  • Once a campground is selected find out their
    rules and regulations for having a dog while
    camping, not every campground will have the same
    set of rules so read carefully.
  • If traveling far from home, use www.aaha.com to
    find an animal hospital nearby in case of
    emergencies and for all of your dogs healthcare

2. Veterinary Care in Case Your Furry BFF in
Case of Emergency
  • Prior to your camping trip schedule a visit for
    your dog to the Veterinarian.
  • Mention your trip to the veterinarian and ask
    them to check overall health of your dog.
  • Make sure your dogs vaccines are up to date and
    get any necessary shots prior to leaving for your
  • Refill and dispense medications such as Heartworm
    and Flea Tick medication, ensuring they are
    covered medically while you are camping outdoors.
  • Discuss any health issues and details about what
    you will be doing on your trip to ensure your dog
    is physically able to handle it.
  • Address any concerns you have about wild animals,
    your dogs temperament and the overall trip.

3. Let Your Dog Check out the Camping Supplies
  • While packing for the trip let your dog
    participate, smelling the items, watching you
    check to make sure the tent works, the lanterns,
  • Deal with any behavior problems that arise during
    packing. If they fear the tent, assemble it and
    let them play with a chew toy inside or even go
    so far as to have a overnight camp out in the
    backyard for you and your dog to test the waters
    prior to the trip.

4. Camping Essentials - Your Dogs' Needs are
  • Start with portable food and water bowls, plus
    food and water and lots of it. They eat more
    just like we do. All that fresh air, hiking and
    playing outdoors makes a dog hungrier and
    thirstier, be prepared.
  • Having a few extra leashes and collars in case
    they break, get lost or chewed not to mention a
    stake and tether to keep your dog in one location
    during certain camping situations.
  • A dog crate, dog tent or other type of sleeping
    space that is both comfortable and safe.
  • Bringing a selection of assorted toys for their
    entertainment when you are cooking a meal or
    relaxing would put a smile on their furry face.

5. Give Your Canine Pal a Training Refresher
Course before Hitting the Trail
  • In advance of your trip practice daily the
    essential training commands your dog has learned.
  • If needed spend extra time going over areas, you
    or your dog are lacking in skill.
  • Ensure all obedience skills come natural for
    their safety and the enjoyment of everyone
  • Commands to review are sit, stay, come and down,
    the very basics.

6. Upon Arrival - Your Dog will be Excited, be
  • Your dog will be excited upon arrival, if
    possible, take on a nice walk before setting up
    letting them explore with their senses this new
    territory you have taken them to.
  • Decide on a safe place to tether your dog so you
    can set up the site, if you tie a rope between
    two trees and attach the leash, it will provide a
    bit more room for them to roam. Be sure your dog
    is secure, they will many new sites, sounds,
    smells to tempt your dog to run.
  • Make sure you provide food and water and some
    toys for entertainment and spray with dog
    friendly insect repellent.

7. Camping Etiquette for Dogs Matters Too
  • Always keep your dog on a leash for their safety
    and the respect of other campers.
  • Remember to ensure that your dog has plenty of
    water on hand that is changed regularly
    throughout day and take your dog on many walks
    with you to provide new smells and a tired body
    which will mean a better-behaved dog, meaning
    less barking and wildness.
  • At the end of each hiking trek or before bedtime
    take a quick check for ticks, thorns and other
    outdoors annoyances, the sooner they are removed
    the better.
  • Always cleanup after your dog, most states and
    facilities have a policy about litter and waste
  • Never leave your dog alone or unattended in the
    campground, they run the risk of running into
    wild creatures or other situations that can cause

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