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Emergency Preparedness in Disaster


As a Canadian, emergency preparedness is something I care deeply about. I have learned many lessons in this area over the last nine years in my role as a first responder. I also have more than six years of experience organizing safety logistics for events both small and city-wide in the Greater Vancouver area and received a national award for my work. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Why and how: I am a city dweller so I need ways to prepare for emergencies that fit my lifestyle. Building content that is practical and feasible is important so that we can all make small changes to better prepare ourselves. If we all do our part and do our best to prepare for the worst, it will no doubt help alleviate some of the stress our emergency services will be under when, not if, disaster strikes. I hope that we can all take steps to build a safer community together.


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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Emergency Preparedness in Disaster

  • Welcome To Canadian Everyday Prepper
  • Preparing for emergencies the urban

Purpose of Canadian Emergency Preparedness
  • Emergencies are not always life-threatening. They
    can range
  • from power outages to prolonged water advisories
    to major
  • disasters. These different respective scenarios
    each bring on
  • their own challenges and concerns. 
  • Our aim is to build and increase the amount of
    resources and
  • content related to emergencies like Earthquake,
    Disaster, and
  • Hazards that is relevant to Canada. 
  • We all can make small changes and can do our best
    to build a
  • safer community together.

Useful Gift Ideas For Canadian
  • Do you ever wonder what you can give your loved
    ones to help engage
  • them into the world of emergency preparedness? We
    have shared a lot
  • of gift ideas those will be valuable for them
  • Goal zero light house micro lantern(original
    flashlight model)
  • Glo Toob pro AAA
  • Addalock
  • Buy them to show your loved ones how much you
    care about them
  • and their safety.  

Make A Plan For Everyday Carry
  • Emergencies can happen anytime, anywhere. Its up
    to you to take
  • steps to make sure youre prepared. Lets prepare
    a useful list of your
  • everyday carry things with us-
  • Emergency information card.
  • Quality flashlight.
  • Carry physical photos in wallet.
  • Powerbear rechargeable battery case.

Gear Review
  • Mark your calendar to review and refresh
    your emergency  kit once a
  • year. Youll be ready to take care of yourself
    and your family if disaster
  • Strikes. Lets start!
  • Blackhawks medic roll.
  • Powerbear rechargeable battery case.
  • Goal zero light house micro lantern.
  • Glo Toob pro AAA.
  • Stove in a can.
  • Addalock.

Thoughts On Safety
  • Disaster Wont wait. Create your emergency plan
    now. Lets start!
  • Questions ? Not well ? Hotline for medical
  • Stashing shoes that work for you.
  • Free ways your phone can keep you safe.
  • The dark side of city wide events.
  • 25 disaster support hubs in Vancouver.
  • Most overlooked first aid items.
  • Giving back while building survival skills.
  • Importance of carrying physical photos in wallet.
  • Free emergency preparedness classes.

New To Emergency Preparedness
  • Prepare an emergency plan for handling sudden or
  • situations. The objective is to be prepared to
    Prevent fatalities and
  • injuries. Reduce damage to buildings, stock, and
  • How do we reach out for help if telephone lines
    go down?
  • Reasons to stock up now and not when you really
    need to for an emergency.
  • Bring glow sticks back into your home.
  • How can you guarantee you have at least 72 hours
    worth of food?
  • Why a quality flashlight is a must.
  • A new perspective Emergency Preparedness lens.
  • Survival/ Emergency caches.

Ready For Emergencies?
  • Please visit us at https//canadianeverydayprepp
    er.com/contact/ and
  • donate for charity. Your donation is greatly

  • Thank You!
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