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Indoor Air Quality with Alstasan Silvox


Enhance your Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) with Silver Hydrogen Peroxide – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Indoor Air Quality with Alstasan Silvox

Indoor Air Quality with Alstasan Silvox
The present world is dealing with some of the
major issues, air pollution being one of them.
Life without air is impossible. If correctly
written, life without fresh air is impossible.
But according to some global reports, the quality
of fresh air is degrading day by day specially in
cities. AQI or Air Quality Index is used by
government agencies to communicate to the public
how polluted the air currently is or forecasted
to become. Public health risks increase as the
AQI rises. The objective of an AQI is to quickly
disseminate air quality information (almost in
real-time) that entails the system to account for
pollutants which have short-term impacts. Eight
parameters (PM10, PM2.5, NO2, SO2, CO, O3, NH3,
Pb) having short-term standards have been
considered for near real-time dissemination of
There are relatively many awareness programs
about the hazardous consequences of outdoor air
pollution compared to indoors but it is observed
that most number of people residing in cities
pass 3/4th of their time indoors. Indoors in
the sense offices, schools, malls, etc.,
meaning they are confined to the quality of air
present indoors, and needless to say affects the
health of those who are inhaling adversely.
  • Indoor Air Quality refers to the constituents of
    surrounding air of an apartment, building,
    residential environment or any bounded

Headache Dizziness ENT Irritation
Suffocation Few of the simple health effects to
begin with. These effects may not be diagnosed
early but continuous exposure can lead to fatal
consequences, necessitating the importance of
Indoor Air Quality, even if there is no pre-sign
of any dangerous diseases. It is not necessary
that every pollutant is fatal, it depends upon
the exposure, duration and the amount in which
they are inhaled.
  • Steps to enhance the Indoor Air Quality are
  • Identification
  • Elimination
  • Same in case for indoor air quality, identify the
    pollutants and eliminate them. The techniques
    that can be practiced are
  • Keep surroundings and indoors clean by regular
    dusting, vacuuming, etc.
  • Changing of air filter of coolers and heaters,
    regular dusting of ceiling fans
  • Use of air fumigants
  •  The first two are tried and tested methods, but
    do not disinfect the air up to the mark. It has
    been observed that air fumigation is the best way
    to treat indoor air and is the most effective way
    against most pathogenic microorganisms.

Indoor Air Fumigation
  • Indoor Air Fumigation is a mechanism of
    controlling indoor air pollution carried out in
    enclosed areas through chemical release or spray
    in order to kill pathogens microorganisms and
    contaminants. The whole fumigation process is
    carried out by releasing or spraying the fumigant
    solution in the targeted area.
  • The enclosed space is kept undisturbed for a
    short period of time. In that time, the fumigant
    infiltrates in the closed spaces, traps all
    contaminants, eliminating them. Then the space is
    opened and all the toxic pollutants are
    ventilated making the area pollution free to a
    maximum extent.
  • Already mandatory in hospitals, pharmaceuticals
    and other institutes, many residential complexes
    and room facilities are today opting for air
    fumigation as this process disabling the activity
    of microbial agents.

Hydrogen Peroxide with Silver has been found to
be effective in various applications like food
processing, dairy, agriculture, hospitals,
poultry, air conditioning and pipelines for
disinfection and sanitation. It can also be used
as fumigant and eradicate contaminants from air
within enclosed entities. Hydrogen Peroxide
rapidly disintegrates into hydrogen and water
without forming any toxic by-products, enabling
an increase in oxygen molecules. The disinfecting
property of hydrogen peroxide depends on these
free oxygen radicals that help disintegrate the
pollutants leaving water as residues, through
oxidation. The popularity of hydrogen peroxide as
a disinfectant is because of its solubility in
water and also it doses not produce any toxic
FDA has already approved the usage of 7.5
Hydrogen Peroxide for air fumigation.
Alstasan Silvox (Silver Hydrogen Peroxide based
Eco-friendly Disinfectant
  • A synergy of hydrogen peroxide with silver
    stabilized for use as a multi-purpose, highly
    effective sanitizer in various applications found
    in food processing, beverage, brewery, dairy,
    agriculture, hospitals, pharma, fishery, poultry,
    swimming pool, air conditioning, wineries and
    pipeline disinfection, reverse osmosis membrane,
    fumigation, effluent detoxification and various
    processing industries and institutions.

Air Fumigation with Alstasan Silvox
  • Cold Sterilant (Does not require heat for
  • Effective over a large range of microorganisms at
    very low concentration
  • Environment friendly
  • Silver gives added benefit as bacteria stat
  • Long lasting disinfecting ability owing to store
    and depot action of silver
  • Short contact time required
  • Does not leave behind toxic residues
  • Reduces re-entry time
  • No neutralization with KMnO4 required after
  • Non-tainting, non-staining product