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safety course in chennai


Safety Professionals , runs up with the Internationally certified safety Experts , who are all passionate in Health and safety aspects & so passionate to train the students . CONTACT US - 9790838608 – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: safety course in chennai

The Trending Rules of Safety Tips
Trending Rules 1. Safety culture 2. Provide
visual aids 3. The right PSA 4. Exercise Patience
5. Awareness of the environment 6. Conduct
  • 1. Safety culture
  • You can not afford to have a safety program. For
    it to work, safety must be your top priority.
    When you think through your strategy, you need to
    communicate your commitment at every step of the
  • The commitment of the organization to internal
    employees as well as contractors and suppliers.
    The more you pay more attention to security in
    casual conversations - and lead by example - the
    better outcomes your program will achieve.

  • 2. Provide visual aids
  • Regularly publish security audit results and
    document improvements.
  • Identify and track security performance goals and
  • Use visual tools, search as a security cross
    calendar, track days with no notices of injury.
  • Established work instructions for handling
    chemicals. Identify personal protective equipment
    requirements and make them available to team
  • Make sure that safety elements (fire
    extinguishers, eye wash stations, personal
    protective equipment) are visually identified,
    freely accessible and regularly inspected.
  • View emergency evacuation procedures and routes
    for all team members visually.
  • Make sure that the outputs are clearly marked and
  • Control first aid care with a visual system.

  • 3. The right PSA
  • All employees must be trained in the use of PPE
    and all employees should be fit and comfortable.
    When it comes to disposable gloves for barrier
    protection, this must be considered in terms of
    thickness, chemical resistance, puncture
    resistance, fit, comfort and latex sensitivity.
    In addition to gloves, companies may need
    different protective covers.
  • Shoe covers can make a big difference if they
    slip and if their rubberized soles provide better
    traction. Jumpsuits are great for protecting
    house inspectors and other people who need to
    expose themselves to dirt, bugs and dangerous
    conditions. Hair and beard protection are widely
    used in gastronomy and processing.

  • 4. Exercise Patience
  • Many accidents are caused by impatient drivers
    rushing from point A to point B. When traveling,
    safety is even more important. If you are
    involved in an accident, this will be more than
    patience while driving.
  • 5. Awareness of the environment
  • Eliminate fire hazards. Define and describe
    evacuation routes and train your employees in
    their role in evacuation. Make sure the outputs
    are clearly marked and fire extinguishers are
    readily available. Remove waste and recycling,
    especially combustible materials such as
    cardboard and paper. Keep floors clean

and check for dirt and sawdust. Check containers
with flammable liquids and gases to prevent
leakage. Assess possible sanitary hazards. Find
and fix small leaks before they become major
problems. Clean dirt from the sink and the floor.
Check the electrical functions of the pumps.
Clear materials around the building to prevent
rainwater from entering the foundation. Make sure
the faucets are protected from frost in the open
  • 6. Conduct training
  • Carbon monoxide for building inside and outside.
  • Keep a distance of 35 feet to disconnected power
    lines as they may still be live.
  • If you turn on your windscreen wipers in the
    rain. This helps to make your vehicle more
    visible to others.
  • Press, do not pull. Pressing allows you to use
    your body weight.
  • Step ladders should never be used when folded and
    leaning against a surface.
  • Safety course in Chennai

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