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5 Best ways to lose weight | Melishape


A simple 5-step plan to lose weight fast, along with numerous effective weight loss tips. Start your day with healthy breakfast which is high in protein. Start eating early and end it early. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: 5 Best ways to lose weight | Melishape

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5 Best Ways to Lose your Weight
  • NEVER Skip your Breakfast. Eat your breakfast
  • Include vegetables and Legumes for each meal
  • Cut down on sugary foods
  • Have a protein rich diet
  • High Fat Low carbohydrate diet is the way to Go

NEVER Skip your Breakfast. Eat your breakfast
  • A lots of research that has gone into eating
    habits and timings states that people who skip
    breakfast end up taking a higher amount of sugary
    and high calorie food during the course of the
    day, than people who take their breakfast on time
  • Because the body thinks that we are starving
  • ourselves and hence, the body goes into a
  • fat conversation mode

Include vegetables and Legumes for each meal
  • All of us would have gone through that phase in
    our childhood when our parents would have told us
    to eat our vegetables
  • Eating veggies gives our body a fair share of
    insoluble fibers, which are only partially
    digested by the human body
  • A complete win-win, you have a fulfilling meal,
    your body doesnt load up on the unnecessary
  • Your weight loss journey will be right on track.

Cut down on sugary foods
  • We know it can be tough to give up on those fizzy
    drinks or sweets which do the perfect job to
    entice your taste buds. 
  • Sugars stimulate insulin, which, unfortunately,
    is the only hormone in our body that stores fat.
    So, the more sugar we eat, the more fat we store
  • Now we dont say that give it up altogether, but
    a bit of moderation will certainly help.

Have a protein rich diet
  • High protein food helps our body in more ways
    than we can imagine. Lets list a few out -
    Protein helps us reduce the hunger hormone
    (Gherline) and also increases the hormones (GLP
    1, Cholecystokinin) that cease hunger.
  • High protein foods reduce the desire to eat late
    evening snacks and keeps the body metabolism
  • High Protein - Better chance of weight loss is
    the Mantra.

High Fat Low carbohydrate diet is the way to Go
  • A high fat and low carb diet is a certified way
    to induce speedy weight loss. Lets explain some
    basic science behind this
  • flammation in our organs prevents nutrition
    absorption, which is definitely not a good thing.
    However, Fats reduce these inflammation and other
    toxins, to boot
  • This results in a calmer stomach also reduces
    random food cravings. All-in-all a high fat diet,
    which is often misjudged to causing weight gain,
    does in fact help in weight loss.

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