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Tata Sky Mobile App - Product Note


Extending the Tata Sky Experience to Smartphones, Tablets and Browsers – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Tata Sky Mobile App - Product Note

Tata Sky Mobile
  • Product Note

  • The Tata Sky Mobile app was launched back in 2013
    where it was one of the pioneering apps to
    provide Live TV streaming of over 40 channels.
  • Now, we are ready to take the Tata Sky Mobile app
    to the next level and into the future.
  • We have rebuilt the app with a new look and host
    of new features on the iOS and Android platforms.
    We will be launching first on the Android
    platform (September end) followed by iOS (October
    end) and last on the Browsers (December end)

  • Proposition
  • Extending the Tata Sky Experience to Smartphones,
    Tablets and Browsers
  • Features
  • Live TV 250 Live channels
  • On Demand Host of TV shows, Movies and web
    content are served on your demand, You can also
    catch up on all your missed shows from previous 7
    days anytime and anywhere.
  • Watchlist Any channel or show that you favourite
    can be found here
  • My Box My Box will enable you see the schedule
    of all the channels Tata Sky offers (Feature will
    be enabled by November). Subscriber will be able
    to set remote record for all 600 channels on
    their set top box.
  • Recharge You can now recharge your Tata Sky
    account from the app
  • My Tata Sky Manage your Tata Sky Account from
    the app
  • Target Audience
  • All Tata Sky Subscribers
  • Access
  • Tata Sky Mobile app will be available on the
    Apple App Store and Google Play Store

Platforms supported on Launch
  • Android Phones (August end)
  • Tata Sky Mobile app will be available on Android
    for Phones with following minimum requirements
  • OS version 4.4 onwards
  • Minimum CPU dual core 1.2 GHz
  • Minimum RAM 1 GB

How do we get the new Tata Sky Mobile app?
  • How to install the app new users (new
  • The app is available free on Google Play Store
  • Search for Tata Sky Mobile on the app store

Tap here to search for our app
How do we get the new Tata Sky Mobile app?
  • How to update the app existing users (Updates)
  • Users can go to the my apps section in Google
    Play and select the Tata Sky Mobile app to
    update. Not all subscribers be will see the
    update before 20th September.
  • The Old app will show a update message to the
    subscribers from 20th September, this message
    will take the subscriber to the Play store where
    the sub can update to the new app as subscribers
    will no longer be able to use the old app.

This will take the sub to Play Store to update
the app
  • Home
  • Lists the best content that Tata Sky Offers
  • Content listed in this section will include Live,
    Catch up and On Demand
  • All user can access and browse the app, but only
    validated and logged in subscribers can view
  • Live TV
  • Lists all channels available
  • Only streaming allowed
  • On Demand
  • The content here is categorized under Movies,
    Shows and Web Shorts
  • Catch up for Movies, Shows will be included in
    this section
  • Watchlist
  • Subscribers favourited content is listed under
    Watch list
  • Downloaded and purchased content also is accessed
    from this section.(Feature will be available from

  • My Tata Sky
  • Recharge You can now recharge your Tata Sky
    account from the app
  • Manage Packs Change/update/add Base packs and
    Add Ons for your Tata Sky Account
  • My Box
  • My Box will enable you see the schedule of all
    the channels Tata Sky offers and also will allow
    for setting remote recordings on the set top box
    (Feature will be available from October)

  • Subscriber is eligible to watch only those
    channels/videos which he is paying for on the
    Tata Sky set-top box.
  • Subscribers will be allowed to stream/view
    content on maximum of 2 devices simultaneously.
  • Streaming / downloading / triggering download
    will not be permitted outside the territory of
  • Jail broken/Rooted devices pirated windows
    software will not be supported to ensure content
  • Recording/copying/casting of video is disabled on
    the device.

Understanding the new App
Login to the app
  • Once the Subscriber launches the app he is shown
    the Onboarding screen informing the sub about
    what the app is about.
  • The subscriber will land on the Home screen of
    the app after he closes the onboarding screens.
  • Subscriber will be allowed to browse through the
    app, but he will not be able to view any content
    till he logs in

On Boarding Screens
Launch Screen
Login to the app
  • Subscriber needs to enter his RMN or sub id to
  • Once the sub enters his RMN/Sub ID we will send
    an OTP to the RMN that he will need to enter to
    complete the login process.
  • Subscriber also has the option to use his My Tata
    Sky password to login
  • Subscriber can reset his password with the forgot
    password link.
  • Subscriber can even register on My Tat Sky if not
    already registered

Layout of the app
  • The Layout of the app is similar in all the
    sections of the app.
  • Each page has a Hero Banner(Big Banner) on the
  • Following the Hero Banner each page will have
    multiple Content Rails
  • Footer will consist of the Navigation panel
  • Hero Banner
  • There will be 3 to 5 hero banner poster that will
    be scrollable.
  • These banners will link to content or Live
  • Content Rails
  • There can be unlimited number of rails with
    content, these rails will be configured in the
    back end to dynamically reflect on the app.
  • Each rail will have a Rail Title associated to
  • Each rail will display maximum of 20 content
    posters while scrolling and additional posters
    will be seen under the See All option
  • Content posters contain additional information
    about the content below the image, e.g. Language
    of the content, Genre of the content, etc.
  • NOTE The screenshots used are to understand the
    UI and do not represent the actual screen where
    the content will defer.

Hero Banner
Rail Title
Content Card
Content Rail
Navigation Panel
  • This section will be curated to show the best
    content that Tata Sky Offers
  • This Section will have rails for Live channels,
    TV Shows and Movies (catch up and On Demand).
  • All Movies would have a portrait/Landscape
    posters on the Content card.
  • Catch up content and Channel content cards will
    have a Landscape poster on the content card.

Live TV
  • This section will be curated to show Live TV
  • There will be a rail showing all the channels to
    the subscriber so that it is easier for the
    subscribers to find his channel.
  • Language information will be given below the
  • All channels option will open the page where all
    the channels will be listed.
  • On selection of any channel a program detail
    screen is shown where the video play back will
    happen automatically of the event that is live.
  • All Star channels would not be played on the app,
    subscribers will be redirected to the Hotstar App
    for playback.

Live TV
  • The Program detail screen shows the details of
    the event that on air under the On Now tab,
    details like the Event Name, Description,
    Producer, Director, Star Cast, Audio language,
    airing time, etc. are shown to the subscriber.
  • There is a Record button that is used to set
    remote record requests to the subscribers Tata
    Sky HD set top box.
  • There is Favourite (star icon) that on tap adds
    the channel to your favourites which can be found
    under the Watchlist section.
  • Under the Schedule tab we have the schedule of
    the channel for 3 days. The schedule has the
    airing time of the events along with a short
    description of the event.

Favourite icon
Schedule for next day
Record button
Live TV
  • If you select a future event from the schedule
    you have the option to set a reminder for the
    event in addition to record and event details.
  • For a show if we have other episodes (previous
    episodes) we can see all these episodes by
    selecting the Other Episodes option.

Record button
Reminder button
Other episodes
Other episodes of the selected show
On Demand
  • This section will be curated to show TV Shows,
    Movies and Short Videos from the web
  • On Demand has been divided into 3 tabs namely, TV
    Shows, Movies, Shorts making it easier for the
    subscribers to find the content they are looking
  • Catch up content will also be available in this

  • Watchlist divided into 3 tabs namely, Favourites,
    Downloads Purchases
  • Favourites will list all the content/channels
    that are favourited by the subscriber.
  • Note Downloads and purchases section will be
    available from October.

My Box
  • The schedule of all the channels that are
    available on Tata Sky platform will be visible
  • Subscriber could initiate record requests for
    their set top box from this section
  • Note My Box section will be available from

Navigation Drawer
  • The Navigation drawer give quick look at the
    subscriber Name, Tata Sky Account balance and Due
  • Subscriber has a quick access to the recharge
    option that allows the subscriber to recharge his
  • The other options that are available are
  • 1. My Tata Sky
  • 2. Notifications
  • 3. Help FAQs
  • 4. Settings

Navigation drawer icon
  • Subscribers can do a quick recharge from this

My Tata Sky
  • My Tata Sky section will open the mytatasky.com
    portal in the app.
  • Subscriber will be able to perform all the tasks
    as they do in My Tata Sky such as, Recharging
    their account, View and Modify their packs, Raise
    requests, Order Showcase and much more

Help and FAQs
  • Quick links for the subscriber to contact us are
    given in this section.
  • Subscriber can on a tap of a button call us,
    email us, chat with us or even raise a request
    with us.
  • A detailed list of FAQ are also available to the
    subscriber to help him use the app better.

  • The app will store the list of notifications that
    are sent to the subscribers
  • Subscribers can tap on the notification and go to
    the content mentioned in the notification
  • Subscribers have an option to delete the

  • App settings can be managed from this section.
  • Subscriber can adjust the video quality as per
    his preferences
  • Devices can be removed from the account from
    Device management option
  • Subscriber can change their My Tata Sky password
    as well.

Miscellaneous features of the app
Video Player
Full screen video player
Language selection
Rewind 10 sec
Video quality selection
Video Player
Video quality selection
Language selection
Full Screen icon
Portrait Video player on detail page
  • Subscribers can search for the content that want
    to watch on the app using search option
  • Subscribers will get a list of their recent
    searches and also get predictions on what they
    are searching
  • The search results are categorized in Movies, TV
    Shows, Shorts, Channels to make it easier for the
    subscriber to find their content

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