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Hair Transplant


Hair transplant is the best treatment with which you can get your natural hair back on bald areas. Hair transplant procedure if done correctly then you can your beauty back. For more information just visit our website. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Hair Transplant

Hair Transplants
  • Most of us love our hair especially when a
    positive complement is said about it but what
    happens if its quality is no more or
    depreciates?, it hurts. Men and women today take
    all efforts to keep and improve their hair
    quality caused by so many problems for example
    genetic factors, medical factors and sometimes we
    are unaware about the cause.
  • Men currently experience baldness and that is the
    major factor leading to hair transplants in them
    while women it may be due to thinness, hair
    damage or other reasons. Even though such reasons
    may prevail, we have to take care of our hair and
    maintain its good looks.

Causes of Hair Loss
There are many factors that can lead to hair loss
today both in young adults and adults. The most
important part of it all is to clarify the cause
of hair loss before beginning on any other
measures to eradicate this problem. This will
save both your time and money. The reasons may
Causes Cont
  • Genetic factors. These can be the major cause of
    hair loss especially in men. As time passes, it
    develops into baldness and this is the major
    reason for hair transplants in men. Women are not
    so much affected by this problem they may have
    few/thin hair on their heads.
  • Treatments. Some medications lead to hair loss
    for example chemotherapy due to the radiation
    involved in it. Others may include birth control
    medicines and blood pressure.

Causes Cont
  • Excessive hairstyling. Each and every day we lose
    hair by combing or styling with too much heat.
    Normally this happens in women forgetting that
    their hair needs rest much as themselves.
  • Hormonal changes. This mostly happens in women
    due to pregnancy, stress, child birth and
    menopause. In some cases it can be temporarily
    but when hormones are imbalanced over a long
    period of time, excessive hair loss is expected.
  • Other cases that may lead to hair loss may
    include ringworm infection, depression, improper
    care, climatic changes and poor diet.

How to Regain your Hair
There are many things we can do to regain your
hair if its a natural cause. The major step in
re-gaining hair is clarifying its major cause.
You can use a combination of treatments and
another alternative is hair transplant. Lets not
also forget that follicle growth depends on how
we feed it. Eat a healthy diet and live a good
Who is a Candidate for Hair Transplant?
Both men and women can be candidates but its
more favorable to men than women. This is because
almost 85 men can have successful hair
transplants since their heads act as donor sites
especially in the sides. This does not normally
apply to women since thinning of hair takes place
in all sides of the head and this is why its a
big issue for a woman to experience hair
loss. Considering a hair transplant has to be
taken seriously especially if you are in a poor
health condition. You have to first consult your
doctor before taking further steps in this
Things to consider before a Hair Transplant
  • Before undergoing this procedure, you have to
    consider the below Myths and Facts
  • It is expensive. Looking good can cost a lot and
    this procedure is way above. Anyone can not
    afford it thats why there are still men with
    bald heads. Many insurance policies dont provide
    insurance for hair transplants meaning all the
    costs are cleared by you. The price also differs
    from one doctor to another.

  • Its better for men. Men are the majority
    candidates for a hair transplant. This is because
    thinning of their hair is different from that of
    women and the procedure has high chances of
  • Hard procedure. Hair transplant surgeries are not
    performed by any doctor who feels he can do it.
    It requires removing grafts from the sides and
    planting them in the affected area and trust me
    if you look at the actual process you will think.
  • Medical condition. Not all men and women may have
    perfect health to undergo this procedure. You
    have to first consult your doctor since some even
    die after this procedure.

  • Good in older people. Old people are good
    candidates for this procedure since the donor and
    affected sites can easily be identified whereas
    for young people it may be a temporary issue.
  • Advanced Techniques. There is use of advanced
    technology in FUE and FUT which may make the hair
    look natural after the transplant, the procedure
    to become painless, to require little
  • The procedure can be undone if the results are
    not up to mark or undesired.
  • Transferring a large amount of grafts. It is
    always advisable to transfer a good number of
    grafts into the affected area all at once during
    the procedure.

The Procedure of Hair Transplant
  • Once the decision is clear from you and your
    doctor that you can have a hair transplant the
    procedure is as below
  • Maintain a good diet and lifestyle. This means
    that prior to the surgery as it may be discussed
    by the hair specialist, you have to stop smoking,
    consuming alcohol and eat a healthy diet
  • Do not cut your hair prior to the surgery. This
    is to provide strands in the procedure.
  • Maintain a clean head by washing it without any
    gels, hair products or sprays. This will help to
    avoid complications.

  • The actual procedure begins with the specialist
    injecting you with anesthesia to cause numbness
    then grafting begins.
  • The doctor removes 3-4 inch strap from the donor
    sites and once they are removed, the incision is
    closed with stitches. The existing hair will
    cover the donor site making it unnoticeable that
    hair was even removed.
  • Next, a piece of removed scalp will be divided
    into tiny sections for grafting. Each piece will
    contain several hair strands and the amounts of
    grafts depend on the amount or size that needs to
    be replaced. Grafting then begins.
  • Tiny holes are then made where grafts are fixed
    and the procedure is completed. The length of the
    procedure depends on the grafting required.

What to expect after a Hair Transplant
Due to advancement, you can be able to return to
your daily duties within few days. After the
surgery, the doctor can prescribe painkillers or
antibiotics and you can experience a little
change in your head after the surgery.
Care After the procedure
It is very important to follow the doctors
advice after the surgery. You can take pain
killers but dont wash your hair until told to do
You may experience normal scabbing where the cuts
were made. Do not use hairdryers or sprays in the
immediate and warm or hot air on the grafts may
cause minor bleeding. In case of minor bleeding,
you can use a gauge and apply pressure to stop
it. Do not swim or bathe in chlorinated water
for about 20 days after surgery and within weeks,
you will be able to see hair growing out of the
Risks and Costs of the procedure
It is advisable to follow the doctors orders
after the surgery in order to reduce or eradicate
problems. If there are more complications than
normal please see the doctor immediately. The
cost of hair transplant can range from 3500 to
17000. The price can also change due to the work
needed on the head or depending on the doctor and
technology used.
Thank You
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