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How to Bring Balance in Your Life: Seven Tips for Chakra Balance


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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: How to Bring Balance in Your Life: Seven Tips for Chakra Balance

  • Meditation Tips

  • How to Bring Balance in Your Life Seven Tips for
    Chakra Balance

  • When balance is brought about, absolutely
    everything works at its best. The environments,
    our diet, our bodies, power, government, the
    universe, the tides, the weather, the water
    cycle, and all other circles within our existence
    need to be at equilibrium to fully function. A
    well balanced body begins with a well balanced
    diet, a well balanced environment, and
    understanding the need to balance the seven
    chakras with each other.
  • It is only when these inner and outer parts of
    our self, or chakras, are in harmony or balance,
    do we find true bliss, or harmony from within and
    without. It is when all seven chakras are in
    balance that we can perform at our optimum in
    life. This means that we perform our daily tasks
    much more effectively. It is also the healthy
    balance of these chakras which directly relates
    and balances both our soul and spiritual life.

  • What Do We Need for Seven Balanced Chakras?
  • All seven chakras must be in alignment and be
    well cared for. These seven Meditation Tips below
    will help you begin to heal and balance your
    seven chakras.
  • First we must remove negative energy foods from
    our bodies.  This first step involves replacing
    as much of our dead and over processed food in
    our diet with live, fresh foods. Making sure to
    drink plenty of purified and ionized water, along
    with organic foods also helps provide the first
    part of this balance.
  • Second, we must remove all negative thinking form
    our minds as much as possible. Many hold negative
    thoughts, talk negatively to themselves and
    others, and think negatively. To change this, a
    person must begin to change those negative
    thoughts, feelings, and action with positive ones
    at their own pace. Simply start with the one you
    notice. Keep a note pad handy and every time a
    negative thought or idea comes to mind, write it
    down, cross it out, then write a positive
    counterpart to it. You will notice in the coming
    weeks much more positive energy from within.

  • Third, remove negativity from your life. This
    means violent entertainment, violent video games,
    and violence in any form. Avoid people who act
    and speak negatively. You may want to help them
    however, until you are fully balanced yourself,
    there is nothing you can do for them. So first,
    you need to change negative people, behaviors,
    and stressors for your life as much as possible
    and make room for positive energy, and then, fill
    those negative things in with positive things.
    This may mean helping the environment or
    community instead of watching a violent movie. Or
    it may mean taking up a peaceful hobby which
    provide you with quiet time to reflect.
  • Fourth, strive to promote healing from within.
    This may be a spiritual movement for some and it
    may be a journey for others. Strive to provide a
    spiritual and harmonic balance in your spiritual
    life and outlook towards others. Some people may
    take up meditation, others may use audio tapes
    with visualizations or soft music, and still
    others may prefer to lay out on the grass daily
    and listen to the birds and the wind or other
    nature sounds. Whichever you choose, make it a
    daily habit of 15 to 30 minutes. Schedule it in
    at first, until it becomes your habit.

  • Fifth, get physical. Take care of the physical
    part of your body with refreshing exercise. This
    does not mean you need to take up body building
    or work out for long amounts of time each day. A
    simple daily walk of 15 or 20 minutes should
    suffice. Take up a type of yoga practice such as
    Hatha yoga, or Kundalini yoga, or even Pilates,
    or even light ballet. These both promote health,
    vitality, chakra flow and balance, and refresh
    the adrenal glands.
  • Sixth, take part in regular cleanses. Some people
    find that fasting for one day per week helps.
    Others find that a week long fast a couple of
    times per year does work for them. You may even
    find that performing an herbal or a colon
    cleanse, two or three times per year helps you.
    This will promote bad and negative energy as well
    as toxic build up from pollution and waste to be
    removed from the body. Bathe daily. Keep the
    outside of yourself and the inside of yourself
    clean for good balance. This Meditation Tips will
    hepls to energise your body.

  • Seventh, although the western and modern worlds
    promote a hectic pace, you would do well to
    strive for balance instead. Set limits to the
    amount of work you do. Work smarter, not harder.
    Learn to manage your money better and strive for
    self reliance. Be sure to get plenty of rest and
    sleep. Take time out to relax and reflect. Set
    limits with yourself and others. Sleep is termed
    unintentional meditation. It is time for the body
    to shut out external stimulation and balance
    itself. Make sure to get enough sleep and good
    sleep when you need it.
  • More Tips for Balancing the Seven Chakras
  • The chakras themselves correspond to seven parts
    of our selves. In many different eastern and
    western medicines they have been identified as
    sources or energy, wheels of energy, or flows of
    energy. In western medicine they correspond to
    the endocrine systems and the nervous system. The
    seven chakras are as follows
  • 1. Muladhara Lower Body (Seat of energy within
    the legs.)2. Swahisthana Reproductive parts
    (The reproductive glands.)3. Manipura Navel
    (The endocrine glands.)4. Anahata Heart (The
    literal heart, and Love.)5. Vishuddha Throat
    (Thyroid and other throat glands.)6. Ajna
    Eyebrow, Forehead (the thalamus, Hypothalamus,
    and Endocrine system.)7. Sahasrara Top Of head
    (Mental Awareness and Spiritual Awareness.)

  • Only when all seven of these parts or opens, in
    harmony with each other and in harmony with the
    outside world does harmony come to be bliss, or
    bring the person happiness. When any one of them
    is out of harmony, then the person will start to
    seek the harmony by looking outward for material
    pleasures. Therefore, for true inner peace, the
    philosophy of he balance of chakras states that
    when one looks outward for self gratification in
    any one of the seven areas which correspond to
    the seven chakras, then it is that chakra which
    is imbalanced.
  • To bring harmony back to any chakra balance, the
    person need to look within and follow the seven
    tips above along with searching from within for
    peace and balance to that system. Many find that
    bringing balance in the form of activities, self
    reflections, meditation, color harmony within the
    home, harmony within ones social life, and
    harmony with ones diet and exercise, does one
    find good balance in the chakras.
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