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Drafts of posters


The draft of my film poster – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Drafts of posters

Drafts for my film poster
  • The evolution of my film poster

My initial design
  • Originally, for my film poster, I was going to
    use a medium shot of the main protagonist. I
    would then add the various conventions from
    generic film posters onto my poster. This was to
    create an visually appealing poster with an easy
    to understand design. My first attempts at
    creating this type of poster did not go smoothly,
    as I had no real direction, I tried to make a
    generic poster, yet I lacked the style to make it
    appealing. As you can see below, I quickly gave
    up on this style of poster, and I attempted to
    create a poster of a certain genre.

The next step
  • My next idea was to create a poster of the
    mystery genre. To do this I did research into
    mystery posters, examining the wide variety of
    posters and trying to select style to emulate.
    I decided on a similar style to the film poster
    for Flightplan.
  • I one again decided to use a picture of the main
    protagonist. However this time I decided to use
    a medium close up with a direct mode of address
    with the audience. Similar, but not exactly like
    flight plan. This time however, like Flightplan,
    I decided to add a background to the picture, to
    give the audience an idea of the setting and the
    tone of the film. Once again I decided to switch
    the style of my film poster. This was mainly due
    to the fact that halfway through production of
    our short film, we decided to put more of an
    emphasis on the surreal nature of the short film

The final style change
  • After our priorities changed when it came to the
    genre of our film, I decided to once again change
    the style of my film poster, to match the genre
    of the film. This was to make the poster a more
    effective marketing tool for the film, as it is
    quite counter intuitive creating a mystery style
    poster for a surreal film.
  • As surreal poster focus on disturbing or wacky
    imagery, so I decided to create a poster with
    weird imagery, so I focused on a subject that has
    a serious impact of me, namely the eye. Eyes are
    also quite common in surreal film posters, as I
    found during my research. Unfortunately I
    struggled when it came to reacting a unique and
    interesting take on this cliché of surrealism

Making the poster my own
  • To help show of the surreal style of my film, I
    created the poster, with the imagery of an eye.
    Now, a serious issue appeared, I didnt know how
    to give a unique take on my poster, at first I
    decided to fill the rest of the background of the
    poster in a flesh like color to blend in with the
    eye. I was reasonable happy, however I felt that
    something was off. So I created a second version
    of the poster, I created a juxtaposition of the
    surreal imagery of the eye, with the ordinary
    grey background. I am undecided which is my
    favorite, however I am pleased with how I have
    progressed, I have picked up a number of new
    skills, and I have gained a quite large amount of
    knowledge relation of the conventions of posters,
    mainly what is needed an how it should be

Final version
  • I decided to go with the grey background, as I
    quite liked the idea of a juxtapose on the
    poster, it also appeared much better when printed
    out, compared to the other poster I created.
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