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Green tea


I’m a green tea drinker what are you thinking it is not only for the love or taste but also for the healthy matter because drinking green tea keeps my weight in check. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Green tea

What are The Benefits of Drinking Green Tea
  • Im a green tea drinker what are you thinking it
    is not only for the love or taste but also for
    the healthy matter because drinking green tea
    keeps my weight in check.

  • So I want to give advice to you if you want to
    keep your body and mind fit then avoiding others
    drink a perfect amount of green tea regularly.
    Green tea has a several numbers of benefits but
    in this article you only know the main benefits
    of drinking a cup of green tea which are given

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  1. Ability to weight loss Strong and healthy body
    is perfect for you to live happily. But when your
    weight is so much than necessary that means you
    are not a proper healthy man.

  • Do not worry about this situation because green
    tea contains a necessary element called
    polyphenol which is increase the metabolism and
    it have a role in helping the body burn more
    calories. In this way green tea is capable to
    lose your weight.

  • Prevent food poisoning It can help to prevent
    food poisoning by killing the bacteria. If you
    take a green tea with your meals it may reduce
    the risk of bacterial types of food poisoning. It
    may also fight against the growth of dangerous
    intestinal bacteria strains like as e coil
    clostridia etc.

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  1. Reduce the depression Depression is something
    which increase mental stress and make you
    unhappy. Green tea contains one kind of important
    element named theamine which is provide a
    relaxing and amazing effect to a tea drinker. So
    it is happy news for the green tea drinker.

  1. Protect your skin from harmful substances With
    the help of antioxidant and inflammatory
    activates green tea can reduce the wrinkles and
    signs of aging. As skin is the external factor of
    your body therefore to keep it properly you may
    drink a cup of green tea regularly.

  1. Lower blood pressure if you drink a cup of green
    tea regularly you may able to reduce the risk of
    high blood pressure. High blood pressure is the
    main causes of strokes. So other quality tea
    drinkers should keep it mind very carefully.

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  1. Decrease the risk of dying and help to live
    longer Man is moral it is a universal truth. But
    if you are being a green tree drinkers you are
    able to fight against cancer and it make sense
    that it could help you live longer.

  1. Protect your brain in old age Green tea can
    improve your brain activities in short term and
    it can also protect your brain in old age.

  • At last moment you can realize that green tea has
    a numerous benefit and no way to avoid it. But it
    is a matter of considering how much you can drink
    tea daily. Someone think that green tea contain
    caffeine so daily more than one cup is not good
    for health.

  • Again someone think green tea contain tannins
    which can decrease the absorption of iron and
    folic acid then amount should be increase
    automatically. But everything excess is not good
    for health.

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