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Welcome to Prostate Health Center


f you haven't burdened yourself with a question of "What your prostate is?" OR "What role it plays in a man's body?” you're certainly not alone: most men don't. However every man should educate himself on this matter. If you're a man living in the United States, it is particularly important for you to know about the risks of prostate related problems. P – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Welcome to Prostate Health Center

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External Massage- Trimming and grinding the nails
of your finger properly is extremely important.
Then washing your hands with sterilizers before
conducting the self prostate massage procedure is
essential. Then put on a tight fitting rubber
glove.  Get laid on the bed in a comfortable
position to you and notice whether the anal
opening can easily be accessed. Then get your
finger lubricated by liquid based lubricating
gel, you may put some of those in your anus
opening as well to experience smooth entrance of
a finger.
Now gradually and gently insert one or two of
your fingers inside your anal through the anal
opening. After you have inserted the finger to
some extent, you need to crook the finger at a
particular angle until you can reach the outer
walls of your prostate gland. The gland is a
small walnut like sized having smooth walls,
which you can easily feel with your finger. Here
the fact to remember is that the centre of the
prostate gland is highly sensitive. Therefore,
rub the sides of the wall very gently. You might
feel an erection during the massage and even can
ejaculate during the process. This is perfectly
normal, do not get nervous at all.
It is, recommended that you discuss the massaging
technique with your doctor. During this
self-prostate massage, if you feel any sort
discomforts then immediately stop the process and
quickly consult your doctor. In order to avoid
the internal self prostate massage, you can opt
for the external one. The external process is
extremely easy and comparatively less cumbersome.
To perform this massage externally, strip the
skin between the scrotum and the anus. You can
find a seam running along the length of the
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Get your fingers back and forth along that
particular seam till you can feel relieved. Once
again, if you face any sort of discomfort, then
do not force your way through. You should
immediately stop the exercise and consult with a
doctor as soon as possible. Fact to remember is
both the prostate and the perineum is highly
sensitive organs. Therefore, you should take
utmost care while conducting self prostate
massage. And perform the massage gently.
Either you take up the internal method or the
external method of self-prostate massage, you
must need to take care of the issues before the
Prostatitis situation spirals out of your hand.
The Prostatitis is a very curable disorder and
there is absolutely no need to feel embarrassed
or maligned. There isnt any social stigma
attached to any kind of disease. Society always
needs to get rid of a particular disease not
the person who is suffering from the disease.
Therefore, please take proper care of the
disorder and cooperate with the doctors to help
you leading a perfectly normal, healthy and
social life. There are many people who take
themselves far away from the society because of
this disorder and lead a secluded life. We hope
this article gives them hope and will assist
those people with a great deal to have the
patience and courage to overcome all these
psychological barriers and visit a doctor who
will provide you the proper and perfect guidance
to get rid of the disorder and lead a normal and
healthy life like the others around you.
You can find a lot of articles which are related
to self-prostate massage over the internet. You
have the option to through them so that you can
have a brief idea about the fact before actually
visiting a doctor.  The web sites found on the
internet are filled with suggestions from
renowned urologists as well as visual
presentation and demonstrations via slide show
and video.
This is extremely important that you search the
websites and have a fair amount of idea on how
self prostate massage is done. There are also the
forums where you can find out the experiences
left by patients who suffered from the same
disorder. All these contents will surely going to
be a morale booster.
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Contact UsProstate Health Center33 Harbour
Square, Toronto, Ontario,M5J 2V3,
CanadaE-mail info_at_prostate-health-center.comW
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