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Connecting Client Applications to Informix Databases using IBM Informix Connect and ODBC


Provides APIs for Java , C , C, or ESQL, OLE/DB and ODBC. Client SDK 2.81 (cont) ... interfaces (APIs) and database servers to handle different languages, cultural ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Connecting Client Applications to Informix Databases using IBM Informix Connect and ODBC

Connecting Client Applications to Informix
Databases using IBM Informix Connect and ODBC
James Edmiston Database Consultant Quest
Information Systems, jam
  • Identify Informix connectivity products and
    explain how to configure the related components
    for Microsoft Windows clients to enable client
    applications to access Informix databases through

  • Overview of the latest IBM Informix Client SDK
  • Informix client connectivity components
  • Client configuration
  • Testing connection
  • Potential problems
  • Documentation

Client SDK 2.81 Overview
IBM Informix Client SDK provides a single
packaging of several application programming
interfaces (APIs) needed to develop applications
for Informix servers as well as components for
client/Informix database connectivity.
  • Provides choice of programming environments
  • Promotes easier development of applications for
    Informix servers
  • Reduces application development costs
  • Decreases application development time
  • Reduces training needed for new programming
  • Provides APIs for Java, C, C, or ESQL, OLE/DB
    and ODBC

Client SDK 2.81 (cont)
  • Improved performance with a newly re-architected
    OLE DB provider
  • UniCode support to Microsoft Visual Basic or
    Visual C applications
  • Supports JDBC V2.21 Type 4 driver
  • Java Driver is Optimized to work with IBM
    WebSphere Application Server
  • Support Unicode standard 3.1.1 in OLE DB and ODBC

Client SDK 2.81 (cont)
  • High performance OLE DB
  • Supports Microsoft Visual Basic
  • Supports Visual C
  • UniCode Enabled ODBC Driver
  • Robust, Feature rich ESQL/C module
  • Supports .NET applications via Visual Studio .NET
  • IBM Informix JDBC driver 2.21 and embedded SQL/J
    JDBC 2.0

Client SDK 2.81 Components
  • IBM Informix ESQL/C V9.53
  • IBM Informix ODBC driver V3.82
  • IBM Informix OLEDB Provider V2.81 (Win32 only)
  • IBM Informix Object Interface for C V2.8
  • IBM Informix JDBC driver V2.21 (Type 4) and IBM
    Informix Embedded SQLJ V1.01
  • IBM Informix Connect V2.81

Client SDK 2.81 Windows
  • Windows NT V4.0 (Service Pack 5, or higher)
  • Windows 98/ME/XP, Windows 2000 Professional, or
    Windows 2000 Server
  • TCP/IP protocol that is Windows Sockets 1.1
  • Microsoft Visual C Compiler V6.0
  • MTS 2.0 (to enable use of the MTS feature for
    ODBC and OLEDB)

Client SDK 2.81 Unix
  • Sun Solaris 2.6, 7, 8, and 9 (32 bit)
  • Sun Solaris 7, 8 and 9 (64 bit)
  • HP-UX 11.0 and 11i Version 1 (also known at 11.1)
    (32 and 64 bit)
  • AIX 4.3.3, 5.1, and 5.2 (32 bit)
  • AIX 4.3.3 (64 bit)
  • AIX 5.1 and 5.2 (64 bit)
  • Compaq Tru64 5.1, 5.1a, and 5.1b
  • Linux 2.4 (kernel 2.4, glibc 2.2.x) (32 bit),
    Caldera SCO UnixWare 7.1.3 LKP
  • SGI IRIX 6.5 (32 bit)
  • SCO OpenServer 5.05

Client Server Architecture
IBM Informix Client SDK/Connect
ODBC Enabled Client Application
Network Connection
Client Applications
  • Examples of Different types of Client
  • Application development tools
  • PowerBuilder, Visual Basic
  • Query and reporting tools
  • BrioQuery
  • Other
  • Microsoft Access
  • Custom Applications

Using ODBC
  • What is ODBC?
  • Microsoft Open Database Connectivity
  • Enforces standards that allow an application to
    access different database vendors
  • Portable across platforms - may not be seamless
    because of individual features of the database

What Informix products need to be installed?
IBM Informix CSDK
  • The IBM Informix Client Software Developers Kit
    (CSDK) database connectivity components
  • ODBC driver
  • ODBC Driver Manager
  • Informix Connect

Informix Connect
  • Consists of the runtime connection libraries
  • Bundled with IBM Informix Client SDK
  • Informix Connect allows distribution of runtime
    versions with completed applications

Once Installed, know what to configure
  • Client Components
  • Setnet32
  • Network service
  • ODBC data source (Data Source Name DSN)
  • Client application referencing DSN

  • Configuration tool included in Informix products
  • Sets INFORMIX environment variables on the client
  • Creates a server entry with server identification
    and network parameters
  • Setnet32 configures on the Windows client what
    the UNIX SQLHOSTS file and environment variables
    are to the Informix server

Setnet32 (cont)
  • Records entries in the Windows registry
  • Allows save/load of entries to/from a file
  • Server entries used in other Informix admin
    client tools (ServerStudio, SQL Editor, etc.)
  • Test Client/Server connection Using ILogin Demo
  • select from customer

Network Services file
  • Network services file
  • 9x - c\windows\services
  • NT/2K/XP - c\winnt\system32\drivers\etc\services
  • ASCII text
  • Service name
  • Port number
  • Protocol
  • Service name corresponds to Service value from
    the Setnet32 entry

Example services file entry
Demonstration of Setnet32 and Test Connection
ODBC Data Source Name (DSN)
  • Consists of
  • Database name
  • ODBC driver specification
  • Database server
  • Host name
  • Network protocol
  • Configured using the ODBC administrator
  • Test database connection

Demonstration of ODBC DSN
Client Application
  • Reference ODBC DSN
  • Brio Query demo
  • MS Access demo

Potential Problems
  • May need to reboot the client machine after
    installing CSDK/Connect before creating the ODBC
    data source
  • Informix error message text may reference the
    UNIX environment, while the problem really
    applies to the Windows environment
  • Informix error -908
  • Verify the listening port number defined on the
    server matches the client

Potential Problems (cont)
  • Informix error -931
  • Verify the service file entry matches the
    service name in the Setnet32 Server Information
  • Informix error -951 or -956
  • Enter client machine name in the
    /etc/hosts.equiv file and/or in the .rhosts file
    on the server

Potential Problems (cont)
  • System error code 126client environment problem
  • NT/2K/XP - Using the Control Panel, System
    properties, set system variables in the
    Environment tab
  • 95/98 - make entries in the autoexec.bat file
  • Variables to set (example)INFORMIXDIRc/inform

  • Embedded SQLJ User's Guide, Version 1.01
    (G251-1270-00)This manual contains information
    about using IBM Informix Embedded SQLJ. IBM
    Informix Embedded SQLJ enables you to embed SQL
    statements in your Java programs. It consists of
    the SQLJ translator, which translates SQLJ code
    into Java code, and a set of Java classes that
    provide runtime support for SQLJ programs. When
    you run a SQLJ program, it uses IBM Informix JDBC
    Driver to connect to an IBM Informix database.
  • IBM Informix Client Products Installation Guide
    for UNIX, Linux, and Windows (G251-1269-00)This
    manual explains how to install IBM Informix
    Client Software Developer's Kit (Client SDK),
    Version 2.5, and IBM Informix Connect, Version
    2.5, on computers that use UNIX, Linux, and
  • IBM Informix ESQL/C Programmer's Manual, Version
    9.53 (G251-1342-00)This manual describes the
    features that make up the IBM Informix
    implementation of embedded SQL for C.
  • IBM Informix GLS User's Guide, Version 9.4/8.4
    (G251-1241-00)This manual describes the Global
    Language Support (GLS) feature, which allows IBM
    Informix application-programming interfaces
    (APIs) and database servers to handle different
    languages, cultural conventions, and code sets.

Documentation (cont)
  • IBM Informix OLE DB Provider Programmer's Guide,
    Version 2.81This manual describes the software
    requirements for using IBM Informix OLE DB
    Provider, shows how to install and configure the
    provider for your use, and explains how to use
    IBM Informix OLE DB Provider to enable client
    applications, such as ActiveX Data Object (ADO)
    applications and Web pages, to access data on an
    IBM Informix server.
  • IBM Informix Object Interface for C
    Programmer's Guide, Version 2.5 This guide
    describes the architecture of the C object
    interface and provides a complete class
  • JDBC Driver Programmer's Guide, UNIX and Windows
    Environments, v2.21 This guide describes how to
    install, load, and use Informix JDBC Driver to
    connect to an Informix database from within a
    Java application or applet. You can also use
    Informix JDBC Driver for writing user-defined
    routines that are executed in the server.
  • ODBC Driver Programmer's Manual, Version
    3.82This manual is a user guide and reference
    manual for Informix ODBC Driver, which is the
    Informix implementation of the Microsoft Open
    Database Connectivity (ODBC) interface,
    Version3.0. This manual explains how to use the
    Informix ODBC Driver application programming
    interface (API) to access an Informix database
    and interact with an Informix database server.

  • Latest IBM Informix CSDK 2.81
  • Client connection to Informix databases
  • Install Informix client connectivity products
  • Configure Setnet32, ODBC, service file
  • Test connection
  • Potential problems
  • Documentation
  • For accompanying articlehttp//www.questinfosys.

James Edmiston Database Consultant Quest
Information Systems, jam