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Social Inclusion, Respect & Dignity for Aged Care Residents


Romeo & Juliet for Residents Stawell Secondary College & Macpherson Smith Nursing Home Community Connections Program Stawell Secondary College are Rehearsing ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Social Inclusion, Respect & Dignity for Aged Care Residents

Social Inclusion, Respect Dignity for Aged Care
  • Macpherson Smith Nursing Home
  • Count Us In Project
  • Social Inclusion

What is Social Inclusion
  • A socially inclusive society is defined as
  • One where all people feel valued
  • Their differences are respected
  • Their basic needs are met so
  • They can live in dignity

Residents were thrilled to have Stawell Secondary
College students help them with their mosaic art
work for the Sensory Garden whilst on a visit to
Macpherson Smith. Staff from SSC and MSNH look
on, everyone having a chat and a laugh together,
young and older enjoying each others company.
This photo is a classic example of how being
included makes everyone happy.
Values that underpin Social Inclusion
  • Everyone Is Ready
  • None of us has to pass a test or meet a set of
    criteria before we can be included
  • Everyone Needs Support
  • Sometimes some of us need more support than
  • Everyone Can Communicate
  • Not using words doesnt mean we dont have
    anything to say
  • Everyone Can Contribute
  • We need to recognize, encourage and value each
    persons contribution including our own
  • Together We Are Better
  • We are not dreaming of a world where everyone is
    like us difference is our most important
    renewable resource

Social Inclusion
  • A Smile
  • A Hello
  • A Hug
  • These are all things that include people and make
    them happy

Count Us In A Social inclusion project for high
care residents
  • Stawell Regional Healths government grant for a
    project to identify opportunities for greater
    social inclusion for residents at Macpherson
    Smith Aged Care Facility.....
  • All people are valued, their differences
    respected, their basic needs met are able to
    live their lives with dignity.
  • Stawell Regional Health feels that everyone needs
    to be supported, feel included, regardless of age
    or ability.
  • Staff are working hard to ensure that Macpherson
    Smith Nursing Home Residents have increased
    social inclusion and that they remain engaged
    with their community.

Pictured promoting the social inclusion program
for residents at Macpherson Smith Nursing Home
are L-R Relatives of Residents - Robyn Dunn,
Veronica Naeher and Joy McCracken - Social
Inclusion Co-ordinator for Stawell Regional Health
Residents Socializing in Stawell
  • Stawell Regional Health Macpherson Smith
    Nursing Home
  • Are working together to..
  • Identify and action barriers to social inclusion
    for Residents
  • Ensure good outcomes for everyone, bringing
    community members to Residents is essential
  • Provide regular social contact activities that
    enhance Residents quality of life sense of
    inclusion in everyday living.

Social Community Inclusion
  • Social Inclusion, Community Inclusion, Social
  • There has been a cultural shift at Macpherson
    Smith Nursing Home and staff through education
    sessions, focus group forums and reading
    information brochures available.
  • Without thinking, staff have become more
    inclusive and are more aware of the importance
    and benefits of activities out in the community
    and also in-house for residents happiness and
    quality of life.

Same NameDifferent Address
Photo consent forms for Joycey John through
  • Sometimes some of us need
  • More support than others
  • But none of us has to pass a test or
  • Meet a set of criteria
  • Before we can be included

Stawell Secondary College Students, Chaplain
Teacher in Charge of Curriculum, meet with
Residents Leisure Lifestyle Coordinator Sonja
Social Inclusion Coordinator Joy
Macpherson Smith Residents Bennett Centre
  • Macpherson Smith staff Volunteers work with
    Bennett Activity Centre Staff volunteers to
    create a social atmosphere where everyone feels
    at home, cared for and included as part of a
  • This Centre helps people stay independent and it
  • Helps people to be socially physically active
  • Promotes activities that assist in maintaining
    inclusion in the community
  • Works toward removing any barriers to attend
  • Values and listens to everyones ideas and
    respects their rights
  • Thank you Bennett Centre staff for your friendly
    inclusion and welcoming manner to Residents

Bennett Centre forCommunity Activities
  • Interaction for Macpherson Smith Nursing Home
    Residents with Bennett Day Centre participants
  • Residents have been invited to join with Bennett
    Centre participants the community attending at
    Australias Biggest Morning Tea Party on May 26th
  • Big cups of tea, lovely cakes and lots of chat,
    Residents especially enjoy this day at the
    Bennett Centre
  • An inclusive day for all with everyone helping to
    raise awareness funds for breast cancer research

Simple But Effective Methods to Make Residents
  • New tablecloths place mats on tables
  • Residents have been sitting having their meals
    with news table cloths place mats, all
    different colours imaginative salt pepper
  • This simple act has made the dining areas just
    like home according to residents, relatives,
    volunteers staff.
  • This has in turn somehow encouraged staff to sit
    chat with Residents, creating a more inclusive
    meal time for all.
  • Excellent comments have been made about this
    homely innovation and has led to Residents being
    more talkative at meal times , eating their meals
    looking happier brighter.

Count Us In Social Inclusion Committee
meets with DOH DHS
  • Count Us In Project Committee meet to discuss
    how coordination of Social Inclusion program for
    Macpherson Smith is progressing.
  • Smiles all round as boxes were ticked for
    assessment, by DOH DHS
  • Design and production of social inclusion DL
    brochure and poster
  • Educating community, businesses, community
    groups, staff, volunteers, family and friends for
  • Importance of media releases to inform community
    about benefits
  • Community being Involved Externally Internally
  • Project fostering team work creating atmosphere
    of inclusion amongst staff, volunteers, family,
    friends and residents.
  • Cultural shift occurring with ongoing
    encouragement support for staff

Stawell Regional Health Count Us In Project
Committee Claire Letts, Enid, Robyn Leslie, Joy
McCracken Sonja Whelan meet with DHS Gillian
Dickson-Hughes Margaret Summers
Pet Therapy for Residents
Alert and ready for our daily rounds, making
residents feel happy and included. We have had
our shots, are washed, brushed and ready for the
day. Some residents need more attention than
others and we are happy to make more than one
visit to them.
Caring Sharing in the Community
  • Home is where the Heart is
  • This quilt was made especially for Macpherson
    Smith Residents by Twisted Threads Needlework
    Group of Stawell.
  • Pauline from Twisted Threads had decided to
    make this quilt for Macpherson Smith to remind
    them of their childhood memories living on farms
    or visiting farms with their relatives, the fun,
    hard work, and community spirit.
  • I am sure residents will enjoy it as much as
    Pauline and the other members of her group
    enjoyed making it.
  • A special thank you Pauline and the rest of the
    Twisted Threads Needlework Group, residents
    really love looking at it and remembering days
    gone by.

Our Sensory Garden
  • At Home in Our Sensory Garden
  • Macpherson Smiths Continuity of Care Inclusion
  • Stawell Regional Health hospital auxiliary made
    up of community people has generously donated
    funds toward the development of a sensory garden
    for residents.
  • A working party comprising nursing staff,
    community members
  • auxiliary members, residents and relatives, the
    engineering and maintenance department, was
    formed and many meetings held to plan garden
    design and choose plants shrubs, fountain and
    gazebo feature.
  • Residents everyone who visits the garden are
    able to experiences natures five traditional
    sensory modes
  • sight, smell, touch, taste sound.
  • Our Residents are already enjoying the Sensory
    Gardens wonderful area of colour and movement,
    texture smell.

Plants for Sensory Garden
Photo consent forms for Dawn, Residents Nola to
  • Residents visit the Nursery to help pick plants
    for Sensory Garden
  • Residents enjoyed their visit to the Nursery and
    were really happy that they were included in
    choosing plants for their garden which everyone
    will enjoy and they can watch their special
    choice grow.
  • Now officially opened, this lovely garden area is
    a shining example of inclusion externally
    internally as residents can interact outside in
    the garden with family, staff, volunteers and
    other residents or just sit and watch the lovely
    scene from inside and enjoy the colours

Our Sensory Garden Opening
  • A Beautiful Sunny Day 26th March 2010
  • Resident Joyce cuts the official ribbon.
  • A gathering of Residents, their Family Members,
    Friends, Community Visitors, Staff, Yzettes
    Auxiliary members, Stawell Regional Health CEO
    Board Members, tour our wonderful new sensory
  • The sensory garden is officially opened and
    Resident Joyce cuts the ribbon.
  • This lovely area, a shining example of inclusion
    externally internally as residents can interact
    outside in the garden or view the lovely scene
    from inside and enjoy.
  • Residents express love of their garden with
    different comments smiles of happiness.
  • It is my little bit of heaven says one resident.

Mens Shed
Photo consent forms for Karen Douglas, Mens Shed
Committee Claude Smith
  • Participation at Stawells Men's Shed
  • Has improved confidence and wellbeing of
    residents taking part in or just watching
  • Residents have been working on special projects
    with assistance from Mens Shed members
  • Increased community awareness of the benefits of
    social inclusion, means we are seeing a positive
    shift in community attitudes and behavior towards
    people in aged residential care due to
    interaction at Mens Shed

Mens Shed Committee, Stawell Regional Health
Board Chair Karen Douglas, Joy McCracken- Social
Inclusion Project Co-coordinator, Mens Shed
Committee David Begg, Michael Gavin Brian
Mens Shed Graemes Project
Photo consent form to come through Sonja for
  • Resident Graeme works on his Project at Mens
    Shed for Macpherson Smith
  • Prior to moving to Macpherson Smith Nursing Home
    Graeme was working on restoring a canoe at Mens
  • Due to ill health Graeme was unable to continue
    working on his project and Mens Shed members
    finished his canoe.
  • When he visited Mens Shed he was very happy to
    see the finished product and pleased he had been
    included in their everyday activities.

MSNH Resident Graeme works on his project
Memory Board for Residents
  • Memory Board made at Mens Shed by Graeme
  • His confidence has risen so much that he has been
    able to once again be part of Mens Shed
    activities enjoy a cuppa and a chat with
    everyone when he takes a break from the project
    he is now working on

Mens Shed practices Inclusion
  • Stawell Mens Shed members making their Shed more
    inclusive and accessible
  • Members have been working on fitting a ramp for
    wheelchair access, mens ladies toilets a
    wheelchair accessible toilet for their complex
  • The toilet block was donated by the Sheds owners
    he could see the need especially for older
    people, other groups in the area also have
  • Stawell Regional Health held a special function
    to reflect on member work achieved.

Mens Shed Members David, Mick Gavin Brian
Winters working on the toilet block which
includes wheelchair access toilets. Very
thoughtful inclusive for Macpherson Smith
residents who visit take part in their
activities with support from their members.
Cato Park Fishing A Walk
  • Cato Park is just across the road from Macpherson
  • On Sunny Days Staff Volunteers take residents
    for a walk and picnic.
  • Some residents through a line in, with
    assistance, and try their hand at fishing.

Ballroom Dancing at Macpherson Smith
  • Champion Ballroom Dancers visit Residents and
    provide memories and music they loved when they
    were young. The swish of taffeta in a waltz, a
    favorite song, tuxedos pretty jewelry -one is
    sure to strike a chord with residents watching.
  • Resident Muriel joins in the dancing with Neil,
    happy and included, her big smile tells a happy
    story. What a wonderful way to move to music and
    relive happy memories.
  • Thanks to our wonderful Ballroom Dancers who so
    readily volunteer their time.

Resident Muriel leads volunteer Neil in Ball Room
Dancing, other residents are included and watch
and enjoy the music and movement.
Friendship Fellowship
  • Uniting Church includes Residents
  • Every month Macpherson Smith Residents are
    invited to the Uniting Church Hall for lunch,
    fellowship light entertainment, other
    community members attend and everyone has a chat.
  • Residents who have been regular Church goers
    enjoy this opportunity to be included and enjoy
    an activity which has been a normal part of their
    everyday life. They enjoy lunch, singing
    music and being included in the community.

Resident Trevor Norma, Sonya - Lifestyle
Leisure Coordinator, Jean from Uniting Church,
Joy Social Inclusion Coordinator all enjoy a
meal and chat together, whilst waiting for the
afternoons entertainment to commence It is
Piano Singing Today.
Caring Giving- Uniting Church
  • Every fortnight, Uniting Church ladies come and
    sing to Residents supported by piano playing.
    Residents look forward to being included in this
    activity and sing-a-long. Song notes are always
    provided for residents with staff volunteers
    singing along.
  • Every other fortnight, Uniting Church ladies come
    and provide a Church service, with hymns, songs
    of praise and this day includes lovely casual
    interaction with Residents and Uniting Church
    ladies, staff volunteers.

Susan Pearse, New Minister at the Uniting Church
in Stawell, has visited Residents and is taking a
keen interest in their lifestyle, and inclusion
in the community. Susan took part in inaugural
Memorial Services for past Residents led by
Uniting Church Volunteer Ladies Group
Trust Is a two-way Gift
  • This community connection program is a two-way
    Gift. The Students give their time interest
    the Residents feel the community is interested
    in values them.
  • The Residents give the Students the privilege of
    sharing their journey with them.
  • For the Resident whose story is being recorded
    its an escape from their illness.
  • The Students role in reminiscing writing with
    Residents will really be both an important
    therapeutic and inclusive one.

Staff Knowledge Our Community
  • Working with our Community and all its
    networks, assists enhances the dedicated work
    our staff are already engaged in with
  • This continuing interaction promotes cultural
    change , broader interaction and knowledge of the
    benefits of social inclusion.

Informing Staff
  • Social Inclusion, Respect Dignity for Aged Care
  • Staff feel informed through focus groups,
    presentations, posters and brochures, Snappy
    Logan Competition and Feedback Survey
  • Residents and their families have benefited and
    everyone feels more included, happy and
  •  A cultural shift has occurred with ongoing
    encouragement support for staff from Macpherson
    Smith Manager, Social Inclusion Coordinator
    Leisure Lifestyle Coordinator

Staff Education Inclusion
  • Assistance for social activity interaction
  • A Volunteer was not available to assist Leisure
    Lifestyle Coordinator, so without thinking staff
    member volunteered her assistance, thus showing
    a cultural shift in attitude in staff. Valuable
    in-roads for Residents everyday living and their
    inclusion in our outside Community occurred.
  • The Staff member was amazed at Residents
    reactions when they were taken out and about,
    talking about places they knew and where people
    lived. How lovely parks and views were, a first
    hand view of inclusion and its importance and how
    happy residents were for staff.
  • This was a wonderful off the cuff opportunity
    to educate staff member to see first hand the
    benefits for Residents and be able to pass on to
    other staff members how a drive out in the
    community lifts the spirits of Residents and make
    them feel included in everyday life.

Community Connections Program
  • Stawell Secondary College and
  • Macpherson Smith Nursing Home
  • Building Strong bonds
  • Reminiscing Writing Residents Students
  • School Choir singing to Residents in-house
  • School Band playing to Residents in-house
  • Students performing Romeo Juliet for
    Residents in-house
  • Wonderful creative, artistic and cultural
    interaction between Residents School Students

Stawell Secondary College School Students
interact with Sonya Leisure Lifestyle
Coordinator Resident Joyce.
Why Stories Are Important
  • For Residents Students
  • Therapeutic benefits power of stories
  • Re-membering
  • Learning more about life relationships.
  • Stawell Secondary College students meet with
    Social Inclusion Coordinator to talk about how to
    be inclusive and interactive with residents
    during story telling.

The Power of Stories
  • Stawell Secondary College students Macpherson
    Smith Residents Community Connections Program
  • Stories can be powerful and empowering and show
  • Residents that Life is still valuable and
  • Their Lives have been interesting meaningful
  • Reminiscing Writing Residents with Students
  • Students take time out from their usual school
    time to participate in this program and include
    Residents in chatting and story writing. They
    catch up their subjects in their own time.
  • This is a wonderful educational experience
    connecting young students with our aged care

Positive Outcomes through Stories
  • Connecting Residents Students
  • Students receiving unconditional positive
    regard from Residents
  • Students learn about themselves
  • Opportunity for Students to care and give support
    to Residents
  • Students respect for older people grows

Residents StudentsBenefit from Interaction
  • Residents develop connections with students and
    build trust with each other
  • Residents feel valued, acknowledged recognized
    as people first, not defined by age or disability
  • Growing interaction dialogue between residents
    young students provides opportunities for
    exchange of stories and ideas in an evolving
    atmosphere of trust and friendship

Macpherson Smith Resident Maree and Stawell
Secondary College Student Kim work together on a
Memory Book as part of SSC MSNH Community
Connections Program- Reminiscing Writing
Reminiscing Writing
  • Residents reminiscing about their life and
    telling their story will be a luxury for them to
    have another persons undivided attention.
  • The form each Story takes will be very much the
    choice of the Resident telling it to the students
    and will become a wonderful written gift for
    family members.

Staff , volunteers and family members discuss the
benefits of students interacting with residents
in the community connections program story telling
Memories are Important
  • We encourage residents with visits from family,
    friends, volunteers and chats with staff to
    remember happy times that they have shared with
  • Simple things like A word, A Song, A Photograph,
    A Reading from an old Newspaper, A Piece of Music
    are all things that can stir a memory, these
    activities are included in our Leisure
    Lifestyle Program by Sonja and her group of

Romeo Juliet for Residents
  • Stawell Secondary College Macpherson Smith
    Nursing Home Community Connections Program
  • Stawell Secondary College are Rehearsing Romeo
    Juliet for their end of year Celebrations
  • Students have auditioned for roles in Romeo
    Juliet and have started rehearsals.
  • They will bring a modern day version of this well
    known Shakespearean play to our Residents
    including them in a colorful scene of drama art
    in November.
  • Thanks SSC for this wonderful activity for our

Romeo Juliet
Afternoon Tea Down the Street
  • Residents have a cuppa, a laugh a chat
  • With assistance from staff, volunteers, the
    community bus our leisure lifestyle
    coordinator residents are able to have afternoon
    tea down the street
  • Everyone looks very relaxed, smiles all round.
  • A lovely afternoon out

Line Dancing at the Senior Citizens Centre
  • Line dancing at the Senior Citizens Centre is a
    new inclusive activity.
  • Members are very welcoming and residents listen
    to the music and watch the dancing
  • One residents joins in and has a lovely time, she
    practices at home for the next session with staff
    members resident
  • This activity is a good distraction for early
  • Residents and staff get in the swing of music
    with residents.
  • Thanks go to the Senior Citizen's members for
    including residents in their activities

Linked Loved
  • Laughter is a tranquillizer with no side effects
    and the smiles on these residents faces tell it
  • Celebrating birthdays with family friends
  • Visits from young relatives bring joy
  • The smooth velvet texture of a visiting horse
    brings back many memories and a smile to this
    residents face

Threads of Love
  • Grampians Goodwill Group..
  • Our volunteer outreach group
  • Focuses on providing knitted or crocheted lap
    rugs or blankets for Macpherson Smith Aged Care
    Residents from community members.
  • These gifts knitted with love bring joy to a
    Resident and brighten up their life and show
    people care for them

Residents, Relatives get Together
  • Monthly Residents Relatives Meetings give
    residents and family members time to share a joke
    and have a chat
  • Being able to be part of and be included with
    other residents family members and their
    conversations is very important to those who have
    little or no family visiting them

Residents and a family member take a break from
Relatives Residents meeting to have a cuppa a
Residents Relatives Meetings
Look for recent photos on Sonjas discs
  • Staff, Relatives Residents meet on a monthly
    basis and one of the purposes of these meetings
    is to talk about how to increase social inclusion
    activities programs for Residents at
    Macpherson Smith Nursing Home.
  • Afternoon Tea after a Residents Relatives
    Meeting, having a chat.
  • Enjoying the moment everyone looking happy
    included. Smiles say it all.

Resident Joyce Social Inclusion Coordinator Joy
McCracken chat about inclusion brochure. David
Rule, President - Residents Relatives
Committee, Robyn Leslie Manager Macpherson
Smith and Relatives Bernice Owen Rose enjoy a
joke cuppa together.
Leisure Lifestyle
  • Leisure Lifestyle Coordinator Sonja, staff and
    support staff at Macpherson Smith help provide
    regular social contact activities that enhance
    our Residents quality of life and sense of
    inclusion in everday living in Macpherson Smith
    and out in our Community

Leisure Lifestyle Activities
  • Time for our daily crossword
  • Keeps minds active stimulated
  • Macpherson Smith Manager one of our volunteers
    gets assistance from a very enthusiastic resident

Celebrations Activities
  • Special days and special occasion are always
    celebrated at Macpherson Smith
  • Leisure Lifestyle coordinator Sonja always
    ensure residents are involved and included in
  • Birthday parties
  • Christmas
  • St Patrick's Day
  • Halloween
  • Australia Day
  • Melbourne Cup
  • Football especially Grand Final Day
  • AND more

Social Inclusion Community Activities Program
  • Stawell Regional Health
  • Macpherson Smith..
  • Have formed a unified
  • Community connection partnership and Social
    Inclusion Program for Residents
  • Which will ..
  • Continually seek opportunities access
  • to appropriate social community activities
  • Encouragement involvement for
  • Greater social inclusion for residents internally
    and externally in the community

Stawell Secondary College students staff
discuss social inclusion activities program with
Macpherson Smith staff
Increased Social Inclusion
  • Staff interacting with Residents..Lifestyle
    Leisure Coordinator Sonja said she was able to
    take spontaneous photos of staff member doing
    residents nails and putting on polish. A feel
    good inclusion moment for resident and staff
    member who thought about how good resident would
    feel with this interaction.
  • Staff are talking to residents more about what is
    happening at home, footballwho is playing well,
    who is on top the ladder, the weather and
    community happenings and community happenings.

Our Volunteers
  • Volunteers at Macpherson Smith are a vital part
    of the continuing success of our activities
  • Sitting reminiscing with residents brings joy
  • Special outings for lunch and afternoon tea down
    the street
  • Walks around Cato Park and fishing on a sunny day
  • Ballroom dancers drop in display their fancy
  • Sing-a-longs Crosswords,
  • Special occasion activities, fish chips night
    includes all residents.

Remembering Residents
  • Memorial Services for Residents
  • Macpherson Smith in partnership with the Uniting
    Church are now holding Memorial Services for
    Residents who have passed.
  • Held monthly, Memorial Services give residents,
    staff volunteers the opportunity to remember
    and join together and quietly reflect.
  • For residents it may be the answer to a
    question about a friend they havent seen for a

  • Stawell Regional Health would like to thank the
    following for their participation in the Count
    Us In Social Inclusion Project.
  • Social Inclusion Committee Claire LettsDirector
    Clinical Services, Enid Smith-Deputy Director
    Clinical Services, Robyn Leslie-NUM Macpherson
    Smith Nursing Home, Jenny Priest-ANUM Macpherson
    Smith, Suzy McQueen-Administration Macpherson
    Smith, Sonja Whelan Leisure Lifestyle
    Coordinator Joy McCracken-Social Inclusion
    Coordinator, John Tiddy-Official Photographer.
  • All Macpherson Smith Staff members Macpherson
    Smith Volunteers
  • Stawell Regional Health Hospital Auxiliary
  • Stawell Secondary College Staff Students
  • Grampians Community Health, Stawell Mens Shed,
    Uniting Church of Stawell
  • Bennett Day Centre Staff
  • Our Community in Stawell
  • Stawell Historical Society
  • Residents Relatives Committee President
    David Rule
  • Family Friends of Relatives at Macpherson Smith
  • Thank you everyone, for being interested and
    willing to listen and talk about the
  • Count Us In Project. You have all had an
    impact by being receptive and helping in promote
    the benefits of social inclusion for Residents
    in our Community.
  • Stawell Regional Health Macpherson Smith
    Nursing Home
  • Ph Joy McCracken 5358 8502 or Claire Letts 5358