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Maniac Magee


Maniac Magee By Jerry Spinelli Pre-reading Before reading the story, use the handout to discuss the idea of family. Fill in the handout during your discussion ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Maniac Magee

Maniac Magee
  • By Jerry Spinelli

  • Before reading the story, use the handout to
    discuss the idea of family. Fill in the
    handout during your discussion, then trim and
    glue it into your literature journal.

  • Create cover for literature journal.

Dear Diary
  • After reading chapters 1-3, write a diary entry
    from maniac Magees point of view. Include facts
    such as parents death, living with aunt and
    uncle, going to Two Mills, and meeting Amanda

Imagine That!
  • The Finsterwald house is a pretty scary place,
    and whoever lives there must be even scarier.
    Draw what you imagine the house or the person
    looks like in a box on your page. Then add words
    in the ovals around the picture to describe it.

Cool Times Ten
  • List 3 actions you could do to make people think
    that you were cool times ten like Maniac Magee.
    Use hyperbole (exaggeration).
  • Example I could catch a hockey puck in my
    teeth without even blinking.

Key Words
  • Write a summary of chapters 7-9. Use the
    following key words and underline them with a
    colored pen or pencil.
  • Little league field
  • John McNab
  • Strikeout
  • Deer shed
  • Cobras
  • Beat up
  • Maniac

Did You See That?
  • Turn the following ordinary events into
    extraordinary events, just like Jerry Spinelli
    does in the novel.
  • Example Maniac intercepted a pass and punted
    the ball an amazing distance using only one
    handhe had a book in the other.
  • Mario climbed the tree.
  • Lisa went upstairs to her room.
  • Henry put his money in a jar.
  • Jason woke up at two in the morning.

Design Your Own Candy Bar
  • In chapter 10, Maniac takes a bite of Mars Bars
    candy bar. Now is your chance to create your own
    candy bar.
  • Describe in words the perfect candy bar.
  • What shape will it beflat and square or round
    and chunky?
  • What ingredients will it have?
  • Will the ingredients be layered?
  • Will it be soft and chewy or hard and crunchy?
  • Will it be covered with chocolate? If so, what
    kind of chocolatelight or dark?
  • What will you name your candy bar creation?
    Also, design an eye-catching wrapper.

A Legendary Tale
  • Create your own legendary character and tell what
    amazing things he or she can do.

  • Choose the behaviors listed below that describe
    how Jeffrey Magee behaved at home and how Maniac
    Magee behaved away from home. Then write them in
    the correct boxes.
  • Doing dishes
  • Talking trash talk
  • Making 49 touchdowns
  • Carrying out the garbage

Bathing with Hester and Lester Reading Amandas
books Running the streets Mowing the grass
Maniac Magee
Jeffry Magee
  • Read chapters 17-19 and list examples of
    hyperbole (exaggeration). Then write a hyperbole
    poem like the one below using one of the ideas in
    the box.
  • It was so cold, the sidewalk was shivering.
  • So cold, if you stood still, your body froze like
    a statue
  • So cold, the sun had icicles on it
  • So cold, the air in the freezer felt warm.
  • Now thats cold!

So beautiful, so angry, so tired, so
rude, so shy, so brave, so small, so
big, so sweet, so sour, so happy, so
sad, so loud
  • Use the handout on Knots to practice tying some.

  • Jerry Spinelli uses onomatopoeia to help the
    reader hear more clearly what he is trying to
  • About an hour later Mrs. Valerie Pickwell
    twanged open her back screen door, stood on the
    step and whistled. (How would the sentence be
    different if Spinelli had used the word pushed
  • And the kid hadnt even gone for the unused end
    he had chomped right over Mars Bars own bite
    marks. (Substitute bitten in the sentence.
    Which way makes the reader most aware of how
    Maniac had eated the candy bar?)
  • Find more examples of Onomatopoeia from chapters
    12-21 and share them with your group.

Where will Maniac choose to live?
Key Words
  • After reading chapters 22-24, write a summary
    paragraph using the following words. Underline
    the words in color.
  • Buffalo pen
  • Grayson
  • Butterscotch Krimpets
  • YMCA
  • Diner
  • Baseball equipment room

Dear Amanda,
  • Pretend that you are Maniac and have just painted
    the numbers 101 on the door. Write to Amanda
    telling her about your life with Grayson and what
    youve been doing since you left.

Teaching Adults to Read
  • In Chapter 27, Maniac begins to teach Grayson how
    to read. Many adults in our society have never
    learned to read. This may seem amazing to you
    since reading seems so natural, but there are
    many reasons why a person might never have
    learned to read. In groups, discuss the
    questions on your handout and answer them.

Farewell, Earl Grayson.
  • An obituary is a short, published biography of
    someone who has died. Write an obituary for
    Maniacs friend Grayson, describing his life and
    accomplishments. Remember, Maniac thought
    Grayson was much more than an old man who worked
    at the zoo and ball field.

Rhymed Poetry
  • Finish the following poem about Maniac Magee
  • Once there was a boy named
  • Maniac Magee who came to town
  • (He got a lot of attention
  • And turned Two Mills upside-down.)

Beales and McNabs
Melting the Mars Bar!
  • When Mars Bar went to the West End to eat at the
    Pickwells with Manic, he must have been somewhat
    surprised at the way they welcomed him. Imagine
    you are Mars Bar. How would you complete the
    following sentences

I wasnt looking forward to going to the West End
because I thought When Maniac took me to the
Pickwells for dinner, I thought theyd treat me
like Instead, they treated me like and I
felt The kids there wanted to know all about
me and it made me feel . I thought a home on the
West End would be different than on the East End
because What I like best about the Pickwells
was. What I learned from this experience was
Living on Your Own
  • Maniac Magee makes the decision to run away
    several times. Each time he knows it means that
    he has to live on his own. Answer the questions
    on the handout and discuss your answers with your

  • Read the following similes and re-write them in
    your own words, telling who or what is being
    described explain briefly what is happening.
  • round, red blotchesThey looked something like
    little pepperonis. (ch. 13)
  • just his fingertipsgrazing and pecking away,
    like some little bird. (ch. 20)
  • Maniacs and Graysons ran like faucets (ch.
  • Beyond the tall pine, stars glittered like
    snowflakes reluctant to fall. (ch. 31)
  • They tore into the bags like jackels into
    carrion. (ch. 35)
  • But all he does is grab me harder, like hes a
    octopus or somethin. (ch. 45)