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Iodine In Human Health


Super saturated potassium iodide (KI) Physiology ... reacting with tyrosine or histidine on cell walls. ... Interesting facts ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Iodine In Human Health

Iodine In Human Health Disease ByDr. Erik
Von Kiel
Lecture 1-24-08, Allentown PA
  • Element 53 molecular wt. 126.9
  • (Very large element A challenge to
  • (In the blood stream done so by specific
    Thyroid hormone.)

Periodic Table of the Elements
  • Is A halogen 2nd last column to the right side,
    of the periodic table of the elements starting
  • F (fluorine) All have 7
    electrons in
  • Cl (chlorine) the outer
    orbit so are
  • Br (bromine) all very
    reactive but
  • I (Iodine) more
    reactive the
  • At (astitine) smaller
    they are.

  • (Greekviolet)
  • Is violet in the gaseous stage
  • Usually brown in liquid solution
  • Discovered in 1811 by Bernard Courtis while
    making gun powder, extracted from seaweed during
    Napoleons reign.

History of medical use
  • First used in the 1800s for goiter (enlarged
  • This was the first single element disease
    treatment and is still used for this purpose.,
    but minimally, as now goiter is (wrongly in my
    option) treated with thyroid hormone.
  • Example of goiter in picture

History of medical use
  • Used also in medicine for over 100 years as an
  • Initially topically but before the era of
    antibiotics (ww II on ) was used orally and
    intravenously in some times very large doses (as
    much as 400mg daily IV) with out significant side
  • Kills single cell organisms by binding with
    tyrosine , or histadine and breaking their cell
  • There is never resistance!!!

  • Iodine I-2 - is the elemental form
  • Iodide the salt form
  • Examples potassium iodide (KI)
  • sodium iodide (NaI)
  • Lugols solution (oldest and most popular form)
    10 Iodide
  • 5 iodine
  • Super saturated potassium iodide (KI)
  • is all KI form

  • Iodine is found in all fluids and cells or
    vertebrate animals
  • In the thyroid gland stored follicles in the
    colloid center bound to a large protein
  • The thyroid releases thyroxine (T-4)
    triiodothyroxine (T-3) both travel in the blood
    to all cells
  • Uptake into the cells by T-3 form only
  • TSH stimulates release from the thyroid

Classic negative feed back loop
In hypothalmus
TRH (thyroid releasing
In pituitary TSH (thyroid
stimulating hormone)?
In thyroid
Release T-4 T-3

Von Kiel no negative feed back
  • Cell uptake (T-3 attachment)?
  • Nuclear Mitochondrial uptake (Iodine uptake)?
  • DNA uptake
  • Regulation of all body function
  • This likely accounts for misleading
    understanding of blood tests vs symptoms.

Iodine ingestion in Japan vs USA
  • US average consumption per day 240mcg
  • US RDA 150mcg/day
  • Japan average consumption per day 12mg per day
  • This a 50 fold greater intake in Japan where
    breast cancer is still rare, and also they have
    much less prostate cancer!!!

Japanese source of Iodine
  • Seaweed
  • -Brown algaekelp
  • -Red algaenori (sheets usually with
  • -Green algaechlorella
  • Average iodine is 0.5-8.8mg per gram of algae

Other food sources
  • There is very little iodine in any other foods
  • land based (terrestrial) plants have trace
  • iodine (0.001mg/per gram of food)
  • Japanese consume seaweed 4.5 grams/day
  • At 3.1mg/gram of iodine x 4.5 grams/day of
    seaweed13.8mg of iodine per day consumption
  • Seaweed concentrates iodine 20x
  • Other sources would include fish, natural Celtic
    sea salt, iodized commercial salt, but as noted
    above these are relatively poor sources.
  • 30 years ago USA average iodine intake was
    480mcg/day and one in twenty women got breast
    cancer. Today average intake 240mcg/day and one
    in seven or more women get breast cancer.

USA Iodine intake
  • Primary source of iodine by US citizens today is
    iodide salt
  • 45 of US house holds still use non iodized
    refined salt and in the last three decades -
    thanks to American doctors most citizens have
    decreased their consumption of salt by 65
  • Also bread manufacturing stopped using iodine
    and the soil is more depleted
  • And pure sodium chloride inhibits iodine
    intestinal uptake

Problems with iodine absorption
  • inhibited by halogens
  • Chlorine salt/pools/showers/water/bevera
    ges etc.
  • Flourine water supplies/beverages dental
    treatments/tooth paste/RX-vitamins
  • Bormide- pools/whirl pools/bread bread
    products/medicines/soft drinks/energy drinks/pest
    control/fumigants in agriculture
  • Intestines can only absorb 10 of iodine in
    iodized salt but nearly 100 in unrefined sea

Breast cancer and iodine deficiency
  • Estimated that 15 of US women have moderate to
    severe iodine deficiency (defined as less then
    15mcg/liter in urine)?
  • About the same percent of women are getting
    breast cancer!!!
  • Women with goiter (large visible none cancerous
    thyroid gland) have 3x greater incidents of
    breast cancer

Bromine (Bromidereduced form)
  • Used to use iodine in bread production, aprox.
  • But was taken out for fear of too much iodine
    replaced with bromide (both used as anticaking
  • Now not only have decreased iodine but bromide
    further blocks uptake/absorption/utilization of
    iodine in the body

Bromine (Bromidereduced form)
  • Sources
  • Termite/pest control
  • Sprayed crops (Will have elevated
  • Soft drinks Mountain Dew
  • AMP Energy
  • Gatorade (Some
  • Medications
  • Atrovent
    inhaler/nasal spray
  • Ipratopium
    nasal spray

  • Pro-panthine

  • Pyridostigmide bromide

Bromine (Bromidereduced form)
  • Bromide is a toxic nonessential element.
  • Absolutely ridiculous to add this food or
    medicine and needs to be avoided.
  • Side effects delirium, psychomotor retardation,
    schizophrenia hallucinations, dullness,
    apathy, concentration difficulties , severe
    depression, head aches, irritability.
  • All can be seen with even low level toxicity

  • All halogens (except iodine)
  • Fluorine
  • Chlorine
  • Bromine
  • Astatine
  • Legumes
  • Soy bean products
  • (Non fermented)

Iodine uptake into all cells/fluids
  • Highest uptake is thyroid first, then breast,
    (women) then red and white blood cells. But there
    is a pump for nearly all tissues.
  • Thyroid stores iodine and gets first dibs
  • Estimated 20-50mg iodine stored in
  • Apx. 2-3mg/day uptake
  • Breast estimated 5mg iodine/day for 110lbs
  • woman. Larger woman larger breasted
  • woman need more.
  • Factor in obesity and breast cancer (wrongly
    tired to fat in the diet) except brominated
    vegetable oils.

Iodine is the elemental master body regulator.
  • Controls regulates DNA function hence all
    cellular functions of metabolism, protein
    synthesis growth.

Iodine severe deficiency
  • In the fetus severe deficiency is know as
    cretinism severe mental and physical growth

Thyroid function
  • The thyroid stores iodine in colloid center of
    the follicles bound to thyroglobulin threw
    hydrolysis iodine is released bound to
  • T-4/T-3 and released to the blood.
  • T-3 binds to all cell walls and iodine is
    uptaken to the nuclear mitochondrial DNA and
    controls DNA activity
  • Hence is the master element

Classic medical school instruction
  • In medical school it is taught that iodine is
    only utilized by the thyroid, to make thyroid
    hormone and thats it.
  • Since it only takes 70mcg/day to produce the
    requisite amount of T-4/T-3 that we should only
    consume mcg amounts -gt then 1-2mg/day is
    excessive and potentially harmful.
  • Other wise its only use in medicine is as an
    external antiseptic, which kills 90 of germs in
    a surgical wound in 90 seconds.

Iodine in the body
  • Found in all cells and all fluids of the body.
  • Some tissues concentrate iodine ie-have iodine
    pumps that concentrate iodine 30x
  • They include Thyroid, breast, all glands,
    (cystic structures), salivary glands, cerebral
    spinal fluid (CSF), brain (particularly the
    substantia nigra asc. With Parkinson's dz),
    chroid plxus, cilary body of the eye, bone, nasal
    secretions (natural antibiotics), cervical

Functions of iodine Dr. Von Kiels extensive
  • Anti infectious to most single cell organisms
  • Anti bacterial
  • Anti protozoan
  • Anti fungal
  • Anti viral
  • Mucolytic agent (breaks up mucus)?
  • Apoptosis
  • Cell death regulator
  • Kills cancer and
    bacterial cells apparently by
  • reacting with tyrosine or
    histidine on cell walls.
  • High concentrations of
    iodine in areas of body with high
  • apoptosis activity.

Functions of iodine Dr. Von Kiels extensive
  • Development
  • Apoptosis is also
    critical part of
  • all development. Ie
    fetal hand
  • - needs to form by
    killing cells
  • sort of sculpture
    it out.
  • All metamorphosis
  • catpiller to
    butterfly is example
  • of apoptosis
  • Anti carcinogenic (as above)
  • Anti cystic ie treats of prevents enlargement
    of cysts
  • (Dr. Von
    Kielism- you show me cystic any
  • any thing and I
    will show you an iodine deficiency)

Functions of iodine Dr. Von Kiels extensive
  • Deactivates poisonous venoms (ie snake etc.)?
  • Anti autoimmune (autoimmune at least in
    part is iodine deficiency.) (Makes proteins
    spilled into the blood non allergic )
  • Antioxidant for polyunsaturated fatty acids
  • Cervical tissue protector (Dr. Meyers used to
    apply it directly the cervix and uptake studies
    show uptake within 2 mins. )
  • Pregnancy - placental uptake to 5x more then
    mothers concentration
  • Fetal development very high apoptosis during
    development need very high concentration of

Functions of iodine Dr. Von Kiels extensive
  • Detoxifies chemicals
  • Halogens
  • Mercury
  • Others
  • Detoxifies other large poisons
  • Food
  • Snake
  • Others
  • Anti allergenic does this by making external
    proteins non allergic
  • Thyroxine appears to be independent of thyroxin
    in early fetal development. Also there is a surge
    thyroid hormone at birth for the conversion of
    mother to lung breathing,

Conditions iodine used for historically
  • Severe deficiency myxedema muous in all
    organ systems
  • Breast disease (cystic or cancerous)
  • Dupuytrens contractors
  • Excessive mucus production
  • Hemorrhoids
  • Migraine head aches
  • Keloids
  • Cystic conditions
  • Parotid duct stones
  • Salivary gland stones

Conditions iodine used for historically
  • Peyronies disease
  • Thyroid disease (less thyroid hormone
    made/needed the more Iodine)
  • Parkisons disease
  • Fibromylgia
  • infectious disease
  • Venoms
  • Allergies
  • Autoimmune disease
  • Cancer
  • Severe skin infectious disease (fungal eruptions
    used up to 900mg to 6 grams/day)

Conditions iodine used for historically
  • Inflammatory skin disease (nadular vasculits
    pyroderma gangrenosum)
  • Syphillis even tertiary stage
  • COPD
  • Asthma
  • DM
  • Essential in spleen liver and brain function
  • Appears to be necessary in fat metabolism
  • Aids in the assimilation of minerals calcium,
    silica, phoshorus.

  • It is my observation that the majority of the
    cases of iodine toxicity or adverse effects is
    because of selenium deficiency.
  • Selenium appears to be essential along with
    iodine for proper thyroid function.
  • Selenium works hand in hand with iodine in all
    chemical reactions that iodine is involved with.
  • Best form of selenium is selenomethionine
    (organic selenium)
  • Best source is nutritional yeast. (Saccharomyces

Meridian lines
  • Iodine coupled with glutamine controls urinary
    bladder meridian with coccyx disc reflex .

What did Weston Price say about iodine?
  • Certainly was very familiar with iodine as it
    was very well established nutrient in his day.
  • Mentions at least three times in the book
    Nutrition and Physical Degeneration pages 41,
    265, and 275.

What did Weston Price say about iodine?
  • Switzerland - known iodine deficiency region
    as is nearly all mountainous and other glacial
    regions such as the great lakes ie Weston
    Prices practiced dentistry in Cleveland, Ohio
    in an iodine deficient area as he was well aware.
  • Most of Switzerland had rampant tooth decay when
    he visited, but not in the high mountain valley
    (Loetschenthal valley)
  • For generations large numbers of Swiss people
    sufferd goiter other thyroid diseases but by
    the time Weston Price traveled in Switzerland
    iodine supplementation had resolved the majority
    of thyroid disorders but they still had tooth
    decay so he ruled out iodine deficiency as a
    cause of tooth decay.
  • Of course in the loetschenthal valley they had
    much higher intake of saturated fat rich in
    vitamins A D and butter rich in X- factor (Vit
    K-2) and he rightly connected this to the reduced
    cavities and other dental/bone disease.

What did Weston Price say about iodine?
  • However, no studies where carried out to check
    if a higher iodine content existed in the reduced
    dental disease area, of the high mountain valley
    and consequently whether iodine also was a
    factor. (especially a reduced infection if not
  • He did a study un the Herisau community to see
    if Vit D via sunlight reduced dental decay in
    children and it did not.
  • He did find a strong correlation with dental
    disease and tuberculosis in Switzerland and other
    parts of the world. But again could iodine also
    have played a roll here. We do not know because
    he did not research that possible correlation.

What did Weston Price say about iodine?
  • Page 265, high mountain people in Peru
  • Also know low iodine region, but they had good
    dental structure
  • They obtained their vit. D largely from guinea
    pigs they raised
  • But they also knew well of iodine as a protector
    from big necks that the non native whites
    commonly had and they would get as well if they
    did not get iodine rich food.
  • These sources where fish eggs and kelp which
    where traded with coastal natives and brought
    from the sea all the way up to the Andes
    mountains where they lived.
  • So could again iodine have played a roll in
    prevention of dental disease we do not know.

What did Weston Price say about iodine?
  • Page 275 (not indexed)
  • Weston Price analyzed the nutritional content of
    food of all cultures he studied
  • But the only group mentioned where he analyzed
    iodine content was Eskimos (inuits)
  • Their native diet was 49x greater in iodine
    content then westernized Eskimos diet!! This is
    the largest differential of all nutrients he
  • Again, could this have played a roll in
    maintaining healthy bodys/teeth, unfortunately
    this was not studied so we do not know.

Iodine and breast cancer Theory by Dr. David
Iodine and breast cancer Theory by Dr. David
  • Connection between fibrocystic breast disease
    and cancer
  • Two most hormonally manipulative tissues in the
    body uterus and breast
  • Throughout the menstrual life of a women
    continues build up and break down of the tissue
    and with out full saturation of iodine does not
    always get complete build up and break down and
    this is the development fibrocystic breast
  • Remember iodine critical for proper apoptosis
    both in build up and break down phases.

Iodine and breast cancer Theory by Dr. David
Iodine and breast cancer Theory by Dr. David
  • Dr. Derry believes iodine can prevent the
    progression of normal cells to cancer, and that
    high dose iodine treatment can reverse this trend
    up to cancer in situ
  • After invasion he believes it can be used in
    very high doses to prevent cancer growth
  • I have in clinical practice found this to be
    true and continue to correspond with Dr. Derry on
    this issue

Reported benefits of high dose (mg/g) iodine
  • Greater sense of well being
  • Increased energy
  • Lifting of brain fog
  • Feel warmer in cold environments
  • Need somewhat less sleep
  • Improved skin completion
  • More regular bowel movments

Suspected benefits of high dose (mg/g) iodine
  • Eliminate/reduce cystic breast disease
  • Eliminate/reduce breast cancer
  • Reduce cancer in general
  • Reduce cystic disease of any thing
  • Reduce/treat infectious disease
  • Improve allergies
  • Many other suspected benefits

Dr. Von Kiel on Iodine
  • I see iodine as DNA stabilizer. So probably a
    key factor in longevity/life extension planning.
  • Master element
  • An ever decreasing availability in food
  • An important part of anti cancer protection
    including brain, and other organs, susceptible to
    insult of micro/radio waves ie cell
    phones/micowaves etc.
  • Very important for infections of all types in
    safe but high doses potentially even IV (have
    used my self)

Potential or suspected adverse effects from high
dose iodine use
  • Allergy
  • Autoimmune thyroid disease
  • Detoxification reaction
  • Iodine induced hypo thyroidism goiter
  • Iodine induced hyper thyroidism
  • Iodism
  • Thyroid cancer

Potential or suspected adverse effects from high
dose iodine use
  • Review of the above slide
  • Allergy Rare (Except I-131)
  • Autoimmune - I dont believe exists If so
    small risk ironically the treatment is high
    dose iodine.
  • Detoxification reactions Iodism Is generally
    broime detoxification at least in many cases
    (increased salivation/sneezing/head
    ache/acne/sense of fever). The same can occur
    with Fl, Cl, rarely At (Astatine)

Potential or suspected adverse effects from high
dose iodine use
  • Review of the above slide
  • Iodine induced hypo thyroidism/goiter Rare and
    usually would be deficiency causing this. In the
    case of high dose it would have to be a high dose
    in a deficiency state, causing a transient
    decrease in thyroid hormone production and then
    would later correct.
  • Goiter in Japanese of Hokkaido Not caused by
    high dose iodine

Potential or suspected adverse effects from high
dose iodine use
  • Review of the above slide
  • Iodine induced hyper thyroidism Iodine intake
    in a previous iodine deficient person or
    population can cause a transient increase in
    thyroid hormones. If high enough could cause
    hyper thyroid state (palpations, nervousness,
    weight loss, even flare up under lying atrial
  • But these symptoms normally will gradually
    decrease or if very high iodine dose would
    diminish with reduction of iodine dose.

Interesting facts
  • Swiss researchers have found that replacement of
    iodine in deficiency state not only resolves
    goiter but thyroid toxicosis cretinism, but
    actually improved minor deficiency's of
    intellect! So now there is evidence of not just a
    all or none issue of cretinism or health but an
    all in-between states of marginal iodine
    deficiency and its more marginal effects on
  • I suspect is a factor in who is more susceptible
    to vaccine reactions among other issues of

Thyroid cancer
  • About 1 of all cancers in the USA women greater
    then men 31
  • Has increased in incident asc. With decrease of
    iodine in diet yet some literature attempts to
    implement iodine intake as a cause of thyroid
    cancer which is not consistent with the data at
  • Iodine supplementation has been shown to improve
    the prognoses of cancer (differentiates type of
  • Radiation exposure has been strongly linked to
    thyroid cancer. Radiation exposure during war and
    peace time accidents are examples of this . They
    are also examples of how if the thyroid is fully
    saturated with iodine there is great protection
    of thyroid cancer.
  • Residents in Poland who took potassium Iodide
    after the Chernobyl accident clearly showed a
    reduction of the expected amount of thyroid

Thyroid cancer
  • Hence Exposure to I-131 whether because of war
    time or peace nuclear exposure or from
    medicinal use - I-131 is clearly in my opinion
    very toxic
  • Hence I am greatly apposed to the use of I-131
    in medicine which is still used extensively
  • Dr. John Gofmans, Medicinal Radiation as the
    Leading cause of heart disease and cancer.
    Should be enough to scare any one into very
    carful with medicinal X-ray/nuclear exposure

Thyroid cancer
  • I-131 nuclear studies demonstrate a cold spot
    showing no uptake for cancer but hot spot for
    other thyroid conditions
  • Thus it is interesting when cancer develops
    iodine appears to be toxic to cancer. Esp.
    thyroid and breast (two very high uptake tissues)
  • I have found iodine in high doses an excellent
    treatment for these cancers. It doesn't dissolve
    the tumor but stops its growth.

Loading challenge test
  • First morning urine is discarded
  • 50mg iodine/iodide drink
  • Collect 24hrs urine and send to lab
  • If saturated will discharge greater then 90
    (45mg) in urine

  • Iodine is becoming ever more deficient in our
  • Iodine blockers are becoming more prevalent
  • Iodine is the master element controlling DNA
  • Deficiency is related to cancer esp. breast,
    thyroid likely prostate
  • Deficiency connected to many conditions even
  • RDA is dangerously low
  • Supplementation in higher doses in my opinion is
    critical for good health. In other words I
    believe the RDA should be 6-15mg/day
  • Remember the selenium connection
  • Proceeded cautiously and always remember
    Disclaimer - never do any thing with out
    consulting your doctor.