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Much Ado About Nothing


Wedding Scenes. The first one (in which everything goes awry) is backed by ... Beatrice has black hair (different from Hero) and also dresses up as a detective ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Much Ado About Nothing

Much Ado About Nothing

The Original
Major Characters
  • Benedick a lord friend of Don Pedro
  • Claudio a lord friend of Don Pedro
  • Don Pedro a prince
  • Leonato a governor
  • Hero Leonatos only daughter
  • Beatrice Leonatos niece
  • Don John Don Pedros scheming, jealous

  • Hidden Feelings Denial
  • Love is blind
  • Deception Belief
  • Social Status Reputation
  • Marriage

General Plot
  • Setting Spain, 16th century
  • 3 friends, Don Pedro, Benedick, and Claudio
    return from war victorious
  • Their good friend Leonato throws them a welcome
    back party
  • There, Claudio falls in love with Hero, daughter
    of Leonato, Benedick continues to trade insults
    with Beatrice, Leonatos neice
  • Pedros bastard half brother, Don John, shows up
    and tries to ruin everything

  • Claudio and Hero decide to get married
  • In the meantime, everybody plots to get Benedick
    and Beatrice together
  • Don John despises Claudio for being on good terms
    with his half-brother Pedro sets out to destroy
  • Don John gets his henchman Borachio to frame
    Hero, Claudio believes it to be true

  • Hero, ashamed, fakes her own death
  • Eventually, Don John is found out and Claudio and
    Hero get back together and marry
  • Beatrice and Benedick get together too, finally
    admitting their love
  • Don John is to be brought to justice after the
    wedding of Claudio and Hero, and that of Beatrice
    and Benedick as well

Our Adaption
  • Benedick the best detective who works under
  • Beatrice a detective Benedicks co-worker
  • Pedro the boss of Benedick and Beatrice
  • Claudio friend of Benedick and Pedro
  • Hero Claudios (shallow) love interest
  • Don John Pedros half-brother a stalker
  • Christie Heros sister replaces Heros maid in
    the original

General Plot
  • Original play is adopted into a cop/detective
    film, modern-day
  • Hero and Claudio do not immediately fall in love,
    but stay close to the original in that they do
    not date for long
  • John takes advantage of a misunderstanding, and
    frames Hero
  • Instead of faking her own death, Hero is then
    kidnapped by John
  • Pedro assigns Beatrice and Benedick to the same
    case, hoping to get them together

  • Only Claudio and Hero are married in the end, but
    the possibility of a relationship between
    Benedick and Beatrice is implied
  • Benedick does not claim to never want to be in a
    relationship, while in the original play, he is a
    very uptight man
  • (Same with Beatrice)
  • John is still jealous of his brother, but mostly
    of Claudio and Heros relationship

Themes Revisited
  • Deception and misunderstanding
  • Hidden feelings and denial
  • Reputation and social status
  • Shallow love

  • Introduction
  • Happy note to start off the film
  • Bar
  • Romantic music
  • Dates
  • Happy music to signify (temporary) happiness
  • Don John
  • Whenever Don John shows up, he gets angry music
    because he is jealous and upset that he cannot
    have what others have
  • Investigation
  • Epic music to match their epic entrance
  • Chase Scene
  • Fast-paced music to match the chasing and the
    climax of the film
  • Wedding Scenes
  • The first one (in which everything goes awry) is
    backed by sad music
  • The second (which succeeds) has happier music to
    match the mood
  • Credits
  • The credit music was chosen to be nondestructive
    and also lead to a calm ending

  • Benedick wears a trench coat and tie and yields a
    large gun shows his role as detective
  • Beatrice has black hair (different from Hero) and
    also dresses up as a detective
  • Claudio starts out wearing a funny shirt implies
    his simple-mindedness also wears casual attire
  • Hero has red hair to differentiate from Beatrice
    and her sister wears casual attire
  • Pedro wears a suit and tie (formal attire) shows
    his role as detective boss
  • John often wears strange clothing to show his
    strangeness and is portrayed as a stalker